Taiwan has been a melting pot for several ethnic groups, and it creates Taiwan’s unique culture. Welcome to visit Taiwan and experience theses historical and cultural heritage, you will be deeply amazed.

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Welcome to Taiwan, we could please you at once with the features of nature, ecology, romance, lohas, cuisine, shopping!

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Taiwan Green Products Launch—Renewable Energy & Environmentally Friendly Products

TAITRA helps Taiwanese industries promote their products and services internationally through marketing, exhibition and trade missions. In response to COVID-19 and the diverse environmental challenges that we are facing, now we have brought together 5 Taiwanese companies in environmental technologies to share their technologies with you online. Here are 5 companies: 📌Speedtech Energy is a total solution provider specialized in design, development and manufacturing of solar PV and LED power solutions Ever-Clear specializes in industrial wastewater treatment, especially in advanced wastewater treatment solutions that have obtained several patents. 📌Voltronic Power has been providing Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) services for over 20 years in UPS, on and off-grid inverters, and solar charge controller. 📌Zirco Applied Materials focuses on insulated building materials, and its One Solar Film reaches close to 100% UV rejection. 📌Active Technology Engineering provides environmental engineering, energy efficiency engineering, automation engineering to its clients. 👉Click on the link to register: ✨14:00~14:09:31 Active Technology Engineering Inc./Jason/ Boiler + Economizer & also Rotor + Oxidizer System.力技公司/空汙解決方案 ✨14:09:32~14:17:29 EVER CLEAR ENVIRONMENTAL ENG. CORP/Dr. Huang/ an EPC and advanced WWT supplier /萬年清公司/水處理設備 ✨14:17:30~14:25:15 SPEEDTECH ENERGY CO., LTD./ Ms. Emma Huang / solar PV & LED solutions./ 宣德能源/ 綠能產品 /太陽能及照明解決方案 ✨14:25:16~14:32:04 VOLTRONIC POWER TECHNOLOGY CORP./ Ms. Vivian Ke / including inverters & UPS /旭隼科技/不斷電系統及逆便器 ✨14:32:05~14:41:14 ZIRCO APPLIED MATERIALS CO., LTD/ Ms. Stephanie Tsai / Uplus The One Solar Film /億高公司/綠色建材