ABERDEEN DECORATION COMPANY LIMITED ADD STONE ADD STONE is Aberdeen Decoration Co.,Ltd own brand, Aberdeen Company from Taiwan. We have ADD STONE Faux-Stone Coating factory and ADD STONE Faux-Stone Wall Panel spraying factory. Aberdeen, the Granite City, also known as Silver City. Take with its deep meaning of beauty and the way of company development to name our company. ADD STONE integrates the constriction market and developed the stone paint system of water-based environmental protection, high degree of simulation, simple process and weather resistant. We also develop professional stone paint spraying technology, providing several composite materials to achieve the imagination of stone paint. ADD STONE is one of the thinnest, the lightest, the softest, the most economical and the most environmentally friendly granite coating. At present, there is no any product which can compare with us in the world. We believe that ADD STONE can change the aesthetics of the interior and exterior walls of the world and it can reshape the infinite possibilities of innovation in the building. Create a kindly city for the earth with the innovative Eco-friendly coating Start with green and environmental protection and carry the coating dream of founder, we hope to do our best to create a nice planet of Earth. From the triple-win perspective of human health, construction site safety and environmental friendliness, the environmentally friendly water-based coating ADD STONE is developed by our own brand has created a highly simulated, colorful, simple process and durable faux-stone coating system. We have a professional R & D, production and marketing team, combined with skilled coating application masters, laying a solid foundation. The faux-stone coating production technology, which has been brewing for many years, has integrated the coating needs of the construction market; the continuous optimization of spraying technology has solved various spraying problems for manufacturers in Taiwan.

ABLY CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITION CO., LTD Take a client's needs for top priority, we integrate the corporate's culture and Taiwan's local characteristics in designing and planning the unique team building, GALA, CSR program and PR events. We help our clients to plan features activities in their exclusive tour also add Taiwan's local attractions and culture which makes your incentive travel levels up. Making your dreams about traveling come true, that's what ABLY does!

ADRONIC INSTRUMENT MANUFACTURE CO., LTD. Adronic Endoscope The former background of Adronic was started from mold making factory in 1987. It took constant reformation and adjustment, at the beginning of 2008, Adronic was engaged in the design of inspection instrument and fabrication, formally established company named Adronic Instrument Manufacture Co., Ltd. in 2011 .Unique design, state of art, human-friendly, better quality of image makes the user being able to clearly see what the problem comes from, while saving the money and time of unnecessary disassembly and reconstruction.With our wide range instrument covers from Medical and industrial, we're sure to meet various special requirement and customization services.Base on our mould manufacture background, we have absolute predominance to produce quick and high quality inspection instrument in which offering costless and in return back to our customers. We owned over 20 different patents in Taiwan、China、the United States and Europe.

ANNIE'S WAY INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. Annie's Way Annie's Way hopes to transform the skin through their highly effective and sensorial products. The brand's butterfly logo was chosen to symbolize the end result of achieving beautiful skin from using her products. Annie's global best-selling 100% silk sheet masks and jelly masks help transform and rejuvenate skin in as little as 20 minutes. Growing up in a family who has worked in the cosmetic manufacturing business for 30 years, Annie's Way founder Annie Wu was destined to become a brand founder. Her family's factory is now the Annie's Way's self-owned factory, which has also obtained the high standard of double ISO9001 and ISO22716 certifications. Her close ties to and expertise in manufacturing have allowed her to stay one step ahead of the game and to constantly innovate and provide her customers with the newest and best skincare products easily. ""My goal is to create and manufacture the highest quality natural products to best take care of everyone's skin in the world,"" says Annie. With unique ""silver ion"" technology and jelly masks, Annie's Way has become one of the most famous Taiwanese skincare brands in the world and the recipient of the Taiwan Excellence Award in 2018.

APEX MEDICAL CORP. Apex APEX Medical Corporation, founded in 1990, is a leading company in medical care industry and dedicated to wound care management and respiratory therapies. Its products include support surfaces for prevention of pressure ulcers, and the continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) systems for treating obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). APEX has built an extensive distribution network with sales in over 60 countries worldwide.

APPLE TRAVEL SERVICE CO., LTD. Founded in 1991, Apple Travel Service is proud to be the renowned DMC introducing Taiwan to thousands of guests from around the world by our professional and passionate team. Our service is extensively from tailored-made, joined holiday products, to thematic special interests (natural, adventurous, cultural, foodie…etc); cruise shore excursion & fly cruise holiday; MICE; corporate travel; educational student travel and industrial factory visits. Who knows Taiwan better than the local experts? We know the dos and don’ts; ins and outs about Taiwan. No matter you are coming alone, travel with your loved ones or family members young or elder, we are confident to deliver a safe, hassle-free and unforgettable experience for you.

ASIA POWER LASER MAKER CO., LTD. Asia Power Laser Maker Co., Ltd. (APLM) is a well- known laser equipment manufacturer in Taiwan with more than 20 years of experience in this field. We have dedicated ourselves to fabricate the laser equipment on the basis of professional technology as well as effective management. Moreover, we highly respect the communication and consultation with our customers, which leads to the qualified equipment that meets our customers’ requirements. We always put our customers’ benefit as the priority, and we reinforce our staff with well trained and technical experience, this provides our customers with high-quality products, of course. In addition to this, we also strengthen our after-sales services, this will eliminate your perplexity when you encounter any troublesome issues.  Manufacturing of industrial laser equipments  Automation and integration planning  Customized fabricating with precise specifications  AOI imaging system

ASIATIC FIBER CORPORATION EVER SAFE, ACLEAN, ESD PLUS Asiatic Fiber Corporation (AFC) focuses on specialized and high-function fiber materials. We offer industrial textiles and high-tech fiber products to critical environments such as cleanroom, ESD, PPE, medical and even surgical workplaces. We are a pioneer in the field of cleanroom and anti-static products in Asia. Today, AFC has been successfully moving to smart textiles through the sub-brand iQmax ®. We are a founding member of Taiwan Smart Textile Association. We’ve emerged as a leader of textile industry in Taiwan and a major player in the global market, not to mention that AFC has obtained 32 patents to date and has our products being exported to 62 countries worldwide. Pioneer and Leader in Cleanroom and Anti-static Products in Asia Asiatic Fiber Corporation (AFC®) was founded in 1973. Over the past four decades, we’ve emerged as a leader in the Taiwan industry to a player in the global market. Due to our extensive experience in the industry, we have become a pioneer and leader in the field of cleanroom and anti-static products in Asia. Using Specialized and High-function Fiber Materials We use specialized and high-function fiber materials for our wide range of products, including cleanroom textiles, surgical barrier clothing and, healthcare goods, and even outdoor and leisure items. Exporting Products to 60 Countries Worldwide Today, we export these products to 60 countries worldwide. With branches in various countries throughout the world, we have become a major supplier of these products to Europe, the US and Asia. Since we started producing fiber materials, our medical and recreational textiles have been functionally superior to those of our competitors. Operating Based on Integrity, Innovation, Teamwork and Satisfaction In our facilities, we operate according to a four-point mission based on integrity, innovation, teamwork and satisfaction. We apply that to our major product lines. Our AFC®Clean products are applied in contamination-free and bacteria-free environments; our AFC®Safety high-tech fiber products are for industrial protective wear; our AFC®Medical & Healthy products are for surgical barrier and healthcare applications where clean and safe working environments are vitally important; and our AFC®Outdoor products such as sportswear, heated and cooling clothing and safety items with LEDs are for athletes and children. Helping Businesses and Individuals Succeed We endeavor to help businesses and individuals succeed in their goals. We do that through the hard work of our excellent management team and motivated AFC associates, who stay abreast of the latest R&D technology and market trends.

AV LINK GROUP LTD. SMARTVIEW / AV LINK/ LIGHTCASSO AVLink, headquartered in Taiwan, has been established in 1981. AVLink provides professional solutions for distribution, extension and conversion of audio and video signals. AVLink is an innovative company with a strong commitment to R&D. AVLink offers a wide range of products for distribution, conversion and extension of as well analogue as digital AV signals. HDBaseT is used for extension and distribution of digital signals. HDMI and DisplayPort signals are supported in as well HD as 4K formats.

BESOVIDA CO., LTD. Beso Vida, Spanish term of “kissing life”. In the face of different forms of life, we respect and treat inclusiveness; gaze at the beauty of nature in a humble heart, and longing to live in balance with it. We are committed to innovation, detailing, choosing pure materials, careful design & thinking, returning to a simple and gentle nature, avoiding unnecessary waste of resources and production processes. We expect ourselves to continue to create simple and practical products to accompany you, so that enjoying the beauty of life, environmental protection and using products with peace of mind is no longer out of reach! Original Intent Patrick, founder of Beso Vida, has acquired lengthy experience in the industry and is skilled in product and architecture generation. He deeply believes that there is a particular meaning for each life to come into this world. Every life is unique and worthy of praise and equal treatment. It was after his first child was born that he realized the feeling of being a parent and the love and sacrifices parents give unconditionally. Children become the first priority in life and parents are willing to sacrifice their favorite things and activities to fulfill their needs, even if that means they need to give up sleeping. Due to his love for life and children, he is now a proud father of three beautiful children. During the past six years of parenting, he has participated in the entire process and has acquired many special experiences. Story Over the years of children's upbringing, the product that parents come into contact the most is the feeding bottle. However, common problems exist in commercially available bottles, that is, glass-made bottles are heavy and fragile, while plastic bottles raise concerns about petrochemical products and also occupy a lot of space. From time to time, he may forget to bring the bottle brush with me while we head out. Although he tried to rinse the bottle repeatedly with boiling water, it is still heartbreaking to see my baby suffering from diarrhea discomfort. On top of that, the appearance of the bottles remains plain and ordinary over the years without much variance. Based on these personal experiences, he felt that there is still room for improvement in the feeding bottle market. Given his abundant experience in product development, the new generation of this childcare product has gradually formed in his heart.

BIG GOOD DESIGN CO., LTD. “Unlimited creativity, sustainable development” is the core spirit of BIG GOOD DESIGN CO., LTD. We’re composed of a group of passionate and professional Taiwan designers and global sales team. We are dedicated to creating better life experiences and at the same time, making green products for sustainability of environment. Based on the our inclination towards “innovation, simplicity, and people-orientedness”, we contribute to the community and take the responsibility to protect mother nature from the time of our company's inception. Since our establishment in 2011, the products of BIG GOOD DESIGN have not only won international awards aligning to creative design of fashion trends but also for making our products series sell exceptionally well in as many as 20 countries all over the world. The smart tourism product VAGO launched in 2016 which was an international brand combined the essence of technology and fashion.

BIN SHYH ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. PHOTOPLY Binshyh was established in 1988, we focus on research and produce different kinds of high quality and patent lenses. Binshyh are professional in Sunglasses and Lenses OEM&ODM. We have strong supply chain and experience can help our customers produce and improve their products. Creative, Passion and Professional Knowledge keep Binshyh maintain the position as a leading manufacturer in lens industry. Binshyh was established in 1988, we produce different kinds of lenses, and pass the AS/NZ, EN, ANSI standard. Binshyh maintain the position as a leading manufacturer in lens industry by collaborating with research institutes and top universities. Our lenses are sold worldwide, included Korea, Japan, USA, Brazil, France, Italy, Australia, UK, Greece, Poland, Mexico....etc.

BINTRONIC ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. Bintronic Bintronic Enterprise Co., Ltd was founded in year 1989, the head quarter located at Gangshan, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. We have specialized skill in wireless control and Radio Frequency Identification professional system for more than 30 years and also registered at OTC GISA (Stock Code:7541) in Taiwan. Totally integrate with R&D, production, sale and service as a service chain to our customers. Manufacturing and selling remote system for door &window, motorized curtain, smart curtain smart home system and so on. We were approved with many international certification such as CE, FCC, NCC, ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems and acquired more 80 kinds of patents. Our products are applied for commercial and home space and best-selling more than 30 countries in the world and bring a smart, comfortable and safe high-quality life people to our customers.

BIOZYME BIOTECHNOLOGY CORP. Expert in nutrition fermentation, the largest professional fermentation factory in Asia Founded in 1981, Biozyme is the No. 1 enzyme brand. We own the largest professional fermentation factory in Asia. We devote ourselves to microbial nutrition and advocate that the secret of life and health comes from the nutrition of the earth. Biozyme buys fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers, choosing only the best quality of raw materials. Not only that, Biozyme uses the exclusive patented MFS™ ""Microbial Fermented System"" to deeply extract the nutrients from fruits and vegetables. We insists on ""providing for the most important people"", producing the most natural and true beauty from nature. Biozyme is ISO, HACCP, TQF and HALAL certified, we are also awarded with the national quality SNQ certification for 8 consecutive years, and has been ranked first in the Enzyme category by Common Health Magazine Reader Trust Brand Survey for many years. In order to promote high-quality products all around the world, we also provide OEM services. We have professional R&D personnel and nutritionists to help clients develop their dream products that meet market needs and with theoretical convincing selling points. Together, let’s show the beauty of enzymes to everyone!

BRITEMED TECHNOLOGY INC. BriteMED is established since 2009, dedicated to manufacturing and marketing innovative medical devices and electronic medical solutions that improve clinical workflow and enhance patient care. As an affiliate of IEI Integration Group, a reputed industrial application provider, we leverage the hardware and software strength to develop complete solutions covering medical device, medical display and mobile nursing workstation. With the trained in-house R&D, production and sales & marketing team, we aim to develop reliable and technology-driven solutions that make people's lives better- whether they are doctors, nurses or patients. At BriteMED, all the solution are designed, tested and refined with the clinical environment in mind.

BUILD RAY ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. BUILD RAY BUILD RAY Co. Ltd. Ltd. Is located in Taichung City, Taiwan since year 1998, who is one of leading suppliers in manufacturing, developing, researching for foreign branded clients…. Our main markets are in Europe, Southeast Asia, United States, Japan, South Asia markets etc....... Our main products including Fitness (Home gym, Rawing machine…), Fitness accessory (exercise wheels, hand grip, jump rope, weighted training products, hula hoop, dumbbell, push up, resistance tubes, door exercise, bar exercise, aerobic step, stepper, rowing machine…) yoga, pilates (yoga mat, yoga ball, yoga roller, yoga block, yoga strap,yoga bloster, yoga elastic band, yoga bag, yoga stretch board, yoga set, pilates ring, pilates mat…), Healthy care products (vibration machines, massage rollers, massage bars, body slimmer, twister board) Sport training products (basketball, soccer…) Stretch, core training products (balance boards, stretch bords…), and Ballet training products recently etc… Many our products are patented worldwide ! We are keeping developing newest products by our R&D team to benefit our clients ! Till now, we have more than two thousands products, and keeping developing new products. Except our R&D team, we also have our internal Designers to create the packages, Such as color box, poster, user manuals…. For our clients, all these designing are free of charge for our clients. With above professional teams in manufacturing, and designing, researching, we do would like to benefit our clients to work with us !

BYTE TOOLING ELECTRONICS & TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. BYTE TCM "BYTE Group was founded in 1993 and has a history of more than 25 years. A metal processing company that manufacture and sell standard component for press die, aerospace part machining, metal part machining. Our product sell to China, Japan, USA, Thailand, Southeast Asia ,Europe, etc."

Baoer Mummy Baby Food Works "Hello everyone I am the brand executive ""Ye Shengyu"", the brand was founded in 2017, and love wife after 8 years of love is still in love after marriage and children. We all know that a new life is not easy to be born, so we cherish this child very much, we love each other we try to think, In the future, when we are gone, we can leave future generations with something that will always remember us, but we think of that. Called the 'Bao Baby Mommy Brand', we have been working hard to develop baby food, but also in 2020 successfully our original baby biscuits can melt into food mud, sold to Penang, Malaysia, a record monthly sales of 900 cans, and now also continue to add new products, Our products are made on the same day as fresh ingredients, not frozen raw materials to make, after the production is completed, sterilization in the rapid freezing. Products can be frozen for 90 days without adding preservatives, so that the most antibody most sensitive baby to eat, but also at ease, Although we do not understand, but we are not afraid to learn, breakthrough is our long-standing spirit, has not added the way to make baby food is our constant brand mission. I hope that the bosses of all countries can give our young people a chance to cooperate, If you are looking for products that are unique and futuro-like in the market, please give us a chance. We currently have the largest mother and child platform in Taiwan, as well as two physical markets and Carrefour in four cities in Taiwan. "

CEMAS KAKANEN CO., LTD. We opened CemasKakanen Chocolate shop in Taiwan Chiayi City in February 2018. From this small craft shop we started to make chocolate from Taiwan PingTong aromatic cacao with Japanese craftsmanship and technology. Cacao was named Theobroma by Carolus Linnaeus–the father of modern-day taxonomic plant classification. Theobroma comes from ancient Greek and translates as "Food of the Gods". [Cemas Kakanen] means "Food of the Gods" in Indigenous Taiwanese language. We propose the possibility of Taiwanese cacao and local food combinations to you.

CENTURY HARDWARE INC. CENTURY In 1992, Century Hardware, Inc. was established in Taipei, Taiwan, which mainly exports cabinet hardware, furniture fittings and other home improvement products to the international market. We also specialize in product design and innovation, which allow us to provide ODM and OEM services. As our business continued to expand, we relocated to Taichung, Taiwan in 1995. In 1998, our North America distribution center was established in Grand Rapids, Michigan, giving us the ability to provide customer service and same day shipping for Century Hardware and Builder' s Choice decorative hardware brands to customers in USA and Canada. In addition, we are the exclusive distributor of well-known cabinet hardware brands from Belgium and Turkey for the interior design demand in Taiwan. These exclusive brands include Cebi and Metakor. In 1992, Century Hardware, Inc. was established in Taipei, Taiwan, which mainly exports cabinet hardware, furniture fittings and other home improvement products to the international market. We also specialize in product design and innovation, which allow us to provide ODM and OEM services. As the business continued to expand, we relocated to Taichung, Taiwan in 1995. In 1998, our North America distribution center was established in Grand Rapids, Michigan, giving us the ability to provide customer service and same day shipping for Century Hardware and Builder’s Choice decorative hardware brands to customers in USA and Canada.

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