QUEN LIN INSTRUMENTS CO., LTD. Quen Lin Instruments Co., Ltd, mainly in the dental units and chairs manufacturing, patented new generation dental chair design, making it more suitable for physicians and patients to use. We have a well-experienced service team for nearly 30 years. Quen Lin has established its own brand of “GRACE” dental units and chairs; with superior manufacturing technology and strict quality control policy, actively expanded our business worldwide. Moreover, we have successfully obtained the ISO13485:2016 quality assurance system and the Taiwan GMP medical equipment superior manufacturing specifications. We continuously innovating state of the art models, with the most updated control panel, so that our dental treatment chairs wins excellent reputation for both domestic and overseas markets, such as: Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, China, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom… etc. By keeping the foothold in Taiwan as a foremost dental equipment manufacturer, to promote “GRACE” brand to global and become an internationally renowned brand.

RESS GROUP CO., LTD. Ress Group Co., Ltd established in 1995, owns a number of production-oriented Factories. At the beginning of the establish has been actively engaged in a full range of Taiwan market and expansion the foreign trade of gas appliances. Products : Gas/electric water heater、combi boiler、heat pump、Induction cooker、rice products、squid ink power、Textured vegetable protein、bathroom supplies、 Medical device We provide high quality and technical support,and provide individual product selection and company-specific professional services.

RICE EAR LTD. This compact filterless air purifier can destroy pollutants in life, such as molds, bacteria, odors, allergens, fungus, virus, and toxic chemicals through patented Solid-State photocatalysis purification(SPP) nanotechnology into harmless water and carbon dioxide. No more maintenance, no more filter-replacements, no more charging batteries! It is your ultimate personal air purifier you want to bring everywhere! LUFT, the German word for “air”, is founded as a personal crusade to cure one’s own allergy. Titus, the Co-Founder of LUFT, who has been working for a German company and the largest LED company based in Taiwan, had first-hand experiences in dealing with uncomfortableness caused by allergies. Being inspired by the precision and minimalistic design of German as well as the experiences gaining from working in the LED industry, LUFT was created to be a rebel in the air purifier market. Rice Ear Ltd. cultivates faithful doer spirit and co-creation culture. Key activities are “Design- Brand-Marketing W.W.” and 100% Made-In-Taiwan. Branding “LUFQI” brings “Wellness on the go”. Features of team members are cross-domain, high-mix experiences, and highly emphasis on individual value and long-term enterprise value.

SANS CHUAN CO., LTD. KOLM Sun Train Corporation(KÖLM) that was established in 1968, is specialized in manufacturing sanitary ware, related products’ development and manufactory. Over the past 50 years, KÖLM now has been an excellent manufacturing company which products are sold all over the world and affil-iated companies are in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines. KÖLM is the leading manufacturer of bathroom equipment, and investment in the introduction of the most advanced manufacturing equipment, including CNC Automatic lathe, 4-axis CNC, mill-ing machine, Japanese car milling composite machine, machining center cutting machine, gravity casting, polishing and other consistent production technology and equipment, efficient resources and equipment integration. Enables KÖLM to move to global markets and provide high levels of products and services. KÖLM continue to introduce innovative design, so far has been designed to produce a variety of leading market trend of sanitary products. KÖLM was inspired by California's AB1953 Act (Cali-fornia Lead-free Act). For copper, lead, aluminum, and other materials made of faucets, in addition to the production process produced by wastewater pollution of water, soil, affecting drinking water and crops, the human organs more lethal toxic "lead", damage to human health, damage environ-mental ecology. In view of the innovative development of 304 stainless steel faucets, to build lead-free non-toxic products, in order to highlight the visibility of stainless steel faucet, mountains and rivers Company specifically launched the KÖLM brand for the Green representative as the identifi-cation, and KÖLM brand in Singapore is a high-end bathroom faucet, and there is a romantic impli-cation is that keep on Loving me. Differed from other companies, KÖLM design group is dedicated to bringing people’s health by manufacturing 304 stainless steel faucets in recent years and making it like delicate workmanship. Our aim is to create modernized and trend leading sanitary ware company. After the implementation of IS09001 and CNS8088 system, KÖLM believes that precision ma-chinery, high quality, delicate and trend leading sanitary ware in association with good manage-ment and products tracking system which can greatly satisfy the customers by providing safer, com-fortable, efficient service. As a person’s wearing reflects his/her good taste of fashion or style, the customers’ choice of interior decorating, furniture and sanitary ware also reveals their life style and taste. For example, imagine that you are in a bathroom using KÖLM sanitary ware which will show your unique, deli-cate and trend-leading taste. We are dedicated to make user-friendly products with its high stand-ard and reliable quality.

SHENG TAI BRASSWARE CO., LTD. JUSTIME JUSTIME is Taiwan’s premium brand for faucets, showers, and bathroom accessories. Winning numerous international design awards – our brand’s products symbolizes elegant and functional designs, innovative technology, and superior quality. The company has been serving its clients since 1976 with pride and joy, offering a new level of customer service. The company’s history started earlier when young and enthusiastic Michael Pan decided to establish a bathroom brassware manufacturing facility to develop better and cleaner living spaces. Michael founded Sheng Tai Brassware Co., LTD (which became known as ST-Group) to supply the market with these innovative goods. The JUSTIME brand was created later by Michael’s younger brother, Chinger Pan, who had a vision in functional and aesthetic product designs. Taiwan’s and Ancient Chinese’s heritage in architecture & design lives on in every single JUSTIME product that we create today.

SHENG YUAN ELECTRIC CO., LTD ALASKA Sheng Yuan established in 1950 and originated from Taiwan. Based on excellent technologies and R&D capability, we manufactured and provide a wide range of ventilation fans with ‘’ALASKA’’ brand. As a professional manufacturer of ventilation fan, Sheng Yuan gained many patents in Taiwan and dedicate to provide the best air solution for living area, commercial space, public space, warehouse, agriculture, and greenhouse. We help customers succeed in their businesses by giving advice about our products, and expand our business globally by building partnerships. Our goal is to produce better air quality, and pioneering future smart living. In the event of an epidemic, the ALASKA various products take indoor ventilation to the next level.

SHINY PACIFIC BIOTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. We are a new manufacturer and exporter, founded in 2019. Our main products is TTA, it is New Nano Composite Material Introduction, has been certified by a multinational laboratory nano-label, 100% safe and non-toxic, harmless to human body, Building materials, Car, cloth...ect. It is virus authoritative laboratory Microbac antiviral certification for effective removal of Enteroviruses, HINI and coronaviruses (SARS). In addition, TTA have Taiwan Patent, Invention patent, Green Building Mark, patent, European certificate, 100% non-poisonous material. we have manufacturing plants in Taiwan, main product are antiviral medical masks and antiviral spray, Because COVID-19 outbreak is continuing to grow, TTA can protects the safety of our lives. We are committed to providing excellent products, guarding you and your family health.

SINPRO ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. SINPRO Founded in 1995, Sinpro Electronics has been committed to designing, producing switching power supplies. Sinpro Electronics is a professional switching power supply manufacturer. We offer ITE, Medical, Industrial power supplies, DC/DC converters, chargers, LED driver and multi type power supplies to mating with adverse environment.

SUNMAX BIOTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. SunMax Founded in 2001, with technology out of the benchmarking collagen experts from United States, Sunmax has grown into a universally recognized, public-listed biomedical company in Taiwan. With the capability to develop, manufacture and market high standard collagen-base medical devices, Sunmax is dedicated to have more and more patients to benefit from our innovations in the field of regeneration. So far Sunmax has developed a series of high compatibility, high quality and non-immunogenic products applying for aesthetics, dentistry, orthopedics, and other medical fields. Sunmax also provides contract manufacturing and development services. We help our customer to develop their own products with expertise and experience in developing collagen-based products. We would like to welcome partners for expanding our market all around the globe for our collagen products. Founded in 2001, with technology out of the benchmarking collagen experts from United States, Sunmax has grown into a highly recognized, public-listed biomedical company in Taiwan. With the capability to develop, manufacture and market high standard collagen-base medical devices, Sunmax is dedicated to have more and more patients to benefit from our innovations in the field of regeneration.

SUNNY SCREW INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Sunny Screw Industry was established in 1984 (originally named Jae Mie Works CO., LTD) by Mr. Sunny Chen, the current president. He started as hammer-wielding entery-level technician and acquired a broad range of knowledge and experience after working for three decades in the fastener industry. Our main production is custom-made and manufactured according to the customer's purchase orders and drawing specifications. The factory does not warehouse already-made parts without a customer's purchase orders and drawings. This OEM production mode affords great agility to satisfy particular demands and to meet tight deadlines.


SUNRISE INTERNATIONAL PACKAGE CO., LTD. Sunrise Sunrise Package Co., Ltd. has been in the jewelry window display and jewelry packaging industry around 30 years. As a leading company in Taiwan, we emphasize the quality a lot and that’s the reason why we can earn lots of branding clients’ trust and honorably become their reliable long-term partner. We also extend our business to world- wide basis since 1998, and build stable steps to become a world- wide packaging design manufacturer for the enhancement of a variety of merchandise including jewelry, watch and life-style products. In addition to providing a wide-range standard collection, we also specialize in creating unique packaging solutions in cooperation with our worldwide customers to enhance their corporate identity. Our company mission is best service, efficiency, professional, honest and creative to fulfill our client’s request and expect ourselves to create the paragon. Our success is based on closely working with our clients, providing various design ideas and quality control at all levels of production. Our extensive services range from initial design concepts through production and delivery worldwide. Our clients are from all over the world – U.S.A, Japan, China, Europe, Chile, Middle East….etc. Our reputation is built on extensive customer service, high quality products at very competitive prices as well as the flexibility of a business headquarter in Taiwan with its own production facilities in China. As a full-service system-provider, we ensure that the final product perfectly reflects our customers’ brand. “We don’t satisfy until you do; we are not successful until you are.” If you have any comment or question, please feel free to contact us! "The world’s most exquisite good in the world, Sunrise will pack it for you." Sunrise Package Co., Ltd. has been in the jewelry window display and jewelry packaging industry around 35 years. As a leading company in Taiwan, we emphasize the quality and design a lot and have launched so many exclusive products. That’s the reason why we earn lots of luxury brand clients’ trust and honorably become their reliable long-term partner. We’ve also extended our business to 35 countries since 1998, and build stable steps to become a world- wide packaging design manufacturer for the enhancement of a variety of merchandise including jewelry, watch and luxurious products. “We don’t satisfy until you do; we are not successful until you are.” If you have any comment or question, please feel free to contact us! Email: pack.sunrise@gmail.com Line ID: sunrisep Wechat: sunrise_tw Whats app: +886974199530 Skype: pack.sunrise

TA TUNG ALUMINIUM CO., LTD. TATUNG Our company, TaTung Aluminum Co., Ltd was established in 1969 at Taiwan for which have been specialized in the manufacturing of aluminum extrusion door and window products for more than 50 years. We have extrusion and cutting machinery, coating & painting plant include assembly lines that can produce and offer customers the aluminum extrusion door & window, curtain wall and big glasses door products completely all from our company. Our patented products design is very beautiful & elegant that got IF design award. We also joint ventures and technical cooperation with Japan Sankyo Alumi as well which the latest STG series of Sankyo aluminum doors and windows were introduced very successful. In addition, we made Nano-Coatings technology development cooperation with ITRI(Industrial Technology Research Institute) as well and we are the first company to pass high weather resistance aluminum test in Taiwan. We are ISO company that have CNS, Nano, TAF, PVDF certificated and also include the Green Building Material of 870/1270 series as well. The core business of TaTung is expected of "first-class team, first-class talent" and “Do the best to make your family better. " are the motivation for TTA’s group to work hard. So in order to conform to the trend of the market and manufacture high-quality products, we well-planned in the equipment renewal and purchased inspection equipment to improve the water tightness to 1500pa and passed NCKU sound insulation test above level 35..etc We have professional R&D team that can do OEM/ODM for customers to complete their products range and we look forward to providing customers with the most advanced and high-quality services and being a sustainable business.

TA YA ELECTRIC WIRE & CABLE CO., LTD. TAYA, DRAGON 1955 - "Ta Ya Enterprise," the Company's former entity, was founded in Tainan City. 1967 - Changed name to Ta Ya Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd., and began production of magnet wires in addition to high-voltage rubber-insulated cables. 1986 - Relocated to the current address at Kuan Miao Dist. With a headquarter in Taiwan, Ta Ya has since begun constructing production facilities in China and Vietnam. In the last 60 years, the Company was fortunate to have a team of employees who worked diligently with mutual benefit, and who are constantly exploring and seeking diversification into new businesses. Despite being a 60-year old business, Ta Ya continues to move forward and expand into the world. The Company has given its logo a complete new design, presenting the name Ta Ya with a metallic, copper-ish color in addition to the traditional red to symbolize sustainability and the Company's specialty in metals. The pen stroke resembles the figure of a dragon with its head turned back, which implies respect to our legacy. The group has adopted the brand value of "Sustainability through Technology," and the new logo provides Ta Ya with a new corporate image, one that includes tradition and modernism. The brand logo is designed based on the name TAYA. It features a single stroke turning and twisting to resemble the shape of a rising dragon. The use of red symbolizes Ta Ya's transcendent spirit, while a copper-ish color was added to stress the Company's specialty in the cable business and its emphasis on innovation. Chinese characters in the logo were printed in black, and have been refined and adjusted into a style that is exclusive and most appropriate for our image as a modern, professional business.

TAICEND TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. TAICEND Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2014. It is a new generation of biomedical materials company that combines clinical trials, biomedicine and scientific materials to develop professional medical grade oil-water amphiphilic polyurethane biomedical materials, solvent-free technology and precise Molecular weight control, and obtained a number of patented technology certifications. Using innovative material technology to help the medical industry improve efficacy, improve medical quality and shorten the course of treatment is the original intention of TAICEND Technology establishment. The team combines various innovations and knowledge of wounds to conduct in-depth development and research on four major areas: stress relief materials, wound care, wearable devices and drug release, etc. Raw material development→ formulation research and development→ process design→ complete products. From raw materials to products, you can quickly and flexibly respond to market customer needs to create front-end products. TAICEND TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. was established in 2014. Dr Gordon Zhu, the chairman specializes in aviation composite materials. Most of the experts in the field of materials are actively engaged in major industries such as sports, electronics, etc., but the medical care field. There is a lot of room for research and development of biomedical materials. Because the clinical experience and financial support from a group of medical practitioners, Chairman Zhu led the TAICEND team in 2015 to make more innovative and advanced biomedical materials available and to benefit patients and to fulfill corporate social responsibility.


TBS GROUP CORPORATION AROFLY Cycling as a sport has a low barrier of entry, but many self-trained beginners and enthusiasts had doubts on where to start. Most power meters on the market are costly and inconvenient in installing the device. AROFLY tells the story of over 40 years of hard-work and experiences in the global sporting goods industry. Our innovative cycling power meter is tailor made for the general public who wants to receive insights and data on their performance. Unlike traditional mechanical power meters, AROFLY utilize our patented Dynamic Pressure Variation Technology and algorithm to generate the data, for users to correctly monitor their performances and training conditions. Our mission is to promote the sport of cycling and popularized the usage of power meter. Most importantly, we want to showcase the value and expertise of “Made In Taiwan”. Passion, Attitude and Quality are the core values of Arofly. Passion– Our previous experience from the first generation gave us a better understanding of customer needs. We want to know where our customers are coming from and what they are thinking. We are confident that we will overcome the challenges from previous experiences and provide a much innovative product for our customers. Attitude– We deeply value users input, our attitude in taking every suggestions to heart and tried to resolve the issues ASAP shows our commitment to our customers. Every single updates and troubleshoot is with the goal to achieve the acceptable standard by the professional users. Quality– Starting with “Made In Taiwan”, we are committed to provide the best quality product to our customer and have an exceptional customer services. We will never give up on our mission to promote the sport of cycling to everyone. We are determined to improve our products to the highest standards. We will continue to put our heart and soul into creating the value for our customers. The AROFLY team appreciates everyone’s feedback, and we have transformed ourselves to make the 2nd generation better. We are hoping more users can support us, and with our products, it can help promote cycling to more people. We are looking to publish more customer testimonials on our 2nd generation “MIT” AROFLY. With your support, we will together reach a new high.

TEXXAR CO., LTD. TEXXAR Dare to Discover Discovery: the driving force behind TEXXAR’s relentless pursuit of improvement Fabric is a staple product that comes in a wide variety of textures and meets a wide variety of needs. Fabric adds depth and style to our everyday lives. As a medium that links fabric and brands, TEXXAR has held to its commitment to be flexible and adapt. With boldness and the passion to explore and discover, TEXXAR strives to push fabric boundaries and deepen the link between fabric and life. Over the past twenty years, we have come to know the importance of exploration. Exploration is not just the willingness to try something new; it’s about effort in thought and practice and the art of knowing what to retain and what to discard. Unique textiles help shape the direction of our industry. We care about solving our clients’ problems and meeting their needs. We find inspiration in a product beyond seeking new textures, styles, and processes so we can develop a bond between fabric and daily life. Continual exploration means more to us than just exploring the world of fabric. TEXXAR dares to use new practices in the face of difficulties, and this is the original TEXXAR mindset that we continue to improve. We remain keen and open, striving to bring fabric to the world and add a new touch to life.

TRONCO ELECTRIC MACHINERY INC. TRONCO TRONCO was established in 1994. We mainly develop and manufacture infrared sensor products in the beginning. Our stable performance built up a good reputation in Taiwan. Thereafter, our product development has begun to extend to automatic-door systems and their peripherals. Currently, our product include: Intelligent Automatic Door System, DC Brushless Motor, Electronic access control system, wireless system and related accessories. Other Businesses include: the development of access control systems, electrical motor manufacturing distribution business. In order to maintain innovation and characteristics in the market of automatic doors field, TRONCO relies on stable professional experience over years, continuously expands product lines to provide customers more system services and product options. Before TRONCO establishment, we had had more than three decades of practical experience in the field of construction engineering; currently, we are one of the best application vendors of integrate systems. As one of the professional automatic doors family, TRONCO sees the responsibility of maintaining product quality and keeping reliability of reputation. How to provide the most advanced products and excellent service will never change and always be the highest standard of TRONCO. In technology development, Tronco often cooperates with international companies, exchanging technology and experience with international manufacturers, absorbing advanced technology and innovative ideas around the world, supplying our customers apart from other suppliers of goods and services. In the future, we will continue to enhance our professional skills and work hard on offering good after-sales services. With a faith of never giving up, we create demand-oriented products so that customers can be satisfied and happy. We also hope to become customers' first choice of automatic-door consultant.

TSANGKUO INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Changge Industrial Co., Ltd. mainly produces high-end bathroom equipment (faucets) for export to Europe and the United States; secondly, it produces other domestic faucets, and other small hardware and construction hardware products and has passed ISO9001 certification in April 2002. The company adheres to the principle of customer first, service satisfaction, and continuous improvement of the quality management system, in order to seek mutual help and mutual benefit, and seek business prosperity.