We are a professional company that has specialized in no lead brass and stainless steel faucets and plumbing products for over 20 years with a reputation for maintaining good business as a primary asset. Unrivaled service, zealous R&D, efficiency and quality that conforms to the demands of our customers,are never-ending constants in our business model. With our prestige, approved products,and advanced business models, we will be the most convincing partner to your market competition. Any interested parties are welcome to contact us for more information.

DELUXE BRASSWARE CO., LTD. has been focusing on producing designed and exquisite kitchen and bathroom faucets and sanitary accessories in Taiwan since 1987. In the beginning of company establishment, a team of water craftsmen devoted themselves in applying sophisticated experience to faucet manufacturing. Now, our brand Lolat-classic is well-known for outstanding quality and customer service; exporting to worldwide markets. We are proud that our products were awarded with Japanese GOOD DESIGN and many other design awards. In addition, our faucets are certified of UPC, CUPC, NSF for US market; WRAS for UK market. Quality assurance and customer satisfactions are not only our first priority, but also a faith of our company. Just contact us for any faucet demands, we will take care of everything for you.

We are production mainly as Tungsten Carbide cutting tools, provide high quality cutter to improve client productivity and tool efficacy. we have been working on research and development high precision, high speed and high hardness end mills. The material that we using are from Germany and Japan, all the machine are high precision tool and cutter CNC Grinding Machines, with top quality coating precision machining technology, let our product have most highest efficacy and performance. we also provide customized production, and all the end mills will have complete check report. Supply top quality and first rate service are we always persist, we will keep working on this faith with our integrity and passion, bring more wonderful things to give back the person who we meet.

INNOWIN is a professional bathroom integrator specializing in Faucets, Shower accessories , Bathroom accessories and the products to develop and implement the ultimate enjoyment and luxury for our customers. We have been delivering new trend and functional products since 1978.

FALALI BATH BOUTIQUE CO., LTD. was founded in 1999. It is a professional factory for producing faucet, toilet, basin and bathroom accessories.

“Kong Hsin Enterprise” was established as a valve manufacturer for Taiwan market in 1974. In 1977, Kong Hsin Enterprise increased its capital and registered as “Kong Sheng Valve Industrial Co., Ltd”(KSV). With years of new product development and quality consistence, the reputation of “KSV made” was heard in the international market. It was a starting point for KJV when oversea orders were received. Therefore, “Kong Jih Valve Industrial Co., Ltd” (KJV Plant#1) was established in 1990 and Plant#2 was established in 2009 to handle export business for OEM/ODM products. In 2013, we’ve also complete the supply chain integration by establishing the lost-wax casting foundry for investment castings. KJV has more than four decades in manufacturing, from a small machining shop in Shilin, Taipei City and Danshui, New Taipei City residential area to precision CNC machine, efficiency assembly conveyor lines, temperature & humidity control warehouse and modern office building in Dajia, Taichung City. We appreciate the support from our dedicated employees, loyal customers, and value suppliers. KJV has created a harmonious and joyful working atmosphere between KJV and interested parties. KJV is full of experienced employees, customer trusts, and reliable supplier chains. In our belief, it is a right business culture to acquire the maximum balance point among interested parties. Thank you for visiting the KJV website. You are more than welcome to join us. KJV is expecting to share the thriving experience with you.

In 1988 Mr. David Peng established KUCHING INTERNATIONAL LTD(KCG). With a history of heritage, it has accumulated more than 20 years of professional experience in the production of ceramic cartridges. Now, Mr. Peng Hao-Nan and Mr. Peng Chien-Te continue to operate the company. KUCHING INTERNATIONAL LTD. (KCG) focuses on the design and manufacturing of precision ceramic cartridges. We are proud of its unique global processes and equipment, it conducts the design and development of sanitary water taps for major brands in the world through the high precise plastic injection, manufacturing of ceramics, composite machine and highly automatic assembly machine. KUCHING imported production automation, which was leading the industry in 1998, and gave priority to the production equipment which was safe and reliable mechanical arms that fully met customer requirements. The quality system with the advanced inspection equipment can be measured precisely and product quality can be most seriously checked. In addition, in 1999, the quality system constantly passed the international certifications of IAPMO of North America, NSF, WATER MARK of Australia, ACS of France, WRAS of the UK, KTW & W270 of Germany, SS375 of Singapore, etc. The management team in KUCHING has shown the required responsibility for its products. From the design development of ceramic cartridges, machining, assembly, on-line testing, quality inspection, quality assurance management of precise components to on time delivery, KUCHING shortens the manufacturing process, reduces production cost to acquire the maximum benefit for its customers. Under the operating philosophy of keep improving and customer first, we require the attitudes of honesty and professional responsibility to protect each customer of KUCHING, and provide them with top-quality services. We fully meet our customer demands with a customer-oriented attitude, and enhance development efficiency through the advanced computer-aided system of CAD / CAM and the 3D model printer. We have a professional lab of inspection examination (tensile machines, 2.5D checking machines), a multifunctional life test station (a destructive testing machine of water hammer, test for flow and comfort degree, electric strength test), a test machine for noise, etc. With the concept of the computer integrated manufacturing environment, the engineering team with rich experience for R&D design and the skill of materials feeding which are developed by KUCHING accomplish on-line production and detection only one time from the all-electric forming articulated machines, which are imported from Japan, to the high-precision production with the fully automatic mechanical arms, I.P.Q.C routing inspection of the full process, and F.Q.C (one hundred percent complete inspection of air pressure). We have customized products of Standard type, Outlet in Front type, Side-Outlet type, On/Off Only type,Diverter type, Rotary type, Joystick type,2-Step type,Water-Saving type,Cold Start type, Pipe Connected type,SIC ceramic disc,NF type, Auto-Return-To-Cold type,Customized products. A full range of products are designed by water saving, energy conservation, environment protection and go with the sound quality assurance system to make each one of our products meets customer demands. The professional laboratory in KUCHING meets the standard functional testing of the USA, Europe, Japan, China, Taiwan and other countries. KUCHING’s customers who need apply for certifications can carry out completed testing in the laboratory of KUCHING first to make sure that their products can pass the certification, and then their products will be able to be sent to test for certifications which can save the cost of testing. KCG is fully aware that adhering to quality, innovating technology and adopting advanced equipment to vertically integrate the related technologies are key factors for successful business operations for us and customers.

Liang-Ping was established in 1994. Our factory is located in Lugang where is famous for manufacturing bathroom and showering equipment. With many years of experience in this field, we put more effort into designing the new product with useful functions and hope to help improve the user experience well. In recent, Liang-Ping focuses on designing the outdoor faucet with several functions and try to provide a different but useful design to people and make them have a more convenient experience when using these products. We have participated in famous design award competitions over the world such as the iF design award, Good design award, Taiwan Excellence, and so on. We try to introduce the different products in this field. Brand Story: With many years of experience in manufacturing bathroom sanitary equipment, we start considering the problems that users may face in everyday life and try to build a better connection between users and water. Under this core value, we build a new brand name "人水" which means "people and water" and try to create more useful faucets that can help provide a better user experience to users. That is the story behind the brand name and we keep doing the design with this core value.

PO JIA LI Enterprise Co., Ltd. is recognized as a professional faucet manufacturer.. Since 1985, PJL has been dedicated to developing and manufacturing faucets. Throughout the period of constant expansion, PJL has developed a series of mid- to high-end mainstream products. One of the leading PJL products, POJIALI®, designed and developed in-house, is an exclusive and lead-free faucet incorporating ultra filtration membrane. PJL provides integrated production line, perseveres in manufacturing MIT products, closely monitors product quality, and, is committed to pursuing customer satisfaction. Improving the value and security of household water continuously is our permanent mission and commitment.

Sun Train Corporation(KÖLM) that was established in 1968, is specialized in manufacturing sanitary ware, related products’ development and manufactory. Over the past 50 years, KÖLM now has been an excellent manufacturing company which products are sold all over the world and affil-iated companies are in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines. KÖLM is the leading manufacturer of bathroom equipment, and investment in the introduction of the most advanced manufacturing equipment, including CNC Automatic lathe, 4-axis CNC, mill-ing machine, Japanese car milling composite machine, machining center cutting machine, gravity casting, polishing and other consistent production technology and equipment, efficient resources and equipment integration. Enables KÖLM to move to global markets and provide high levels of products and services. KÖLM continue to introduce innovative design, so far has been designed to produce a variety of leading market trend of sanitary products. KÖLM was inspired by California's AB1953 Act (Cali-fornia Lead-free Act). For copper, lead, aluminum, and other materials made of faucets, in addition to the production process produced by wastewater pollution of water, soil, affecting drinking water and crops, the human organs more lethal toxic "lead", damage to human health, damage environ-mental ecology. In view of the innovative development of 304 stainless steel faucets, to build lead-free non-toxic products, in order to highlight the visibility of stainless steel faucet, mountains and rivers Company specifically launched the KÖLM brand for the Green representative as the identifi-cation, and KÖLM brand in Singapore is a high-end bathroom faucet, and there is a romantic impli-cation is that keep on Loving me. Differed from other companies, KÖLM design group is dedicated to bringing people’s health by manufacturing 304 stainless steel faucets in recent years and making it like delicate workmanship. Our aim is to create modernized and trend leading sanitary ware company. After the implementation of IS09001 and CNS8088 system, KÖLM believes that precision ma-chinery, high quality, delicate and trend leading sanitary ware in association with good manage-ment and products tracking system which can greatly satisfy the customers by providing safer, com-fortable, efficient service. As a person’s wearing reflects his/her good taste of fashion or style, the customers’ choice of interior decorating, furniture and sanitary ware also reveals their life style and taste. For example, imagine that you are in a bathroom using KÖLM sanitary ware which will show your unique, deli-cate and trend-leading taste. We are dedicated to make user-friendly products with its high stand-ard and reliable quality.

Changge Industrial Co., Ltd. mainly produces high-end bathroom equipment (faucets) for export to Europe and the United States; secondly, it produces other domestic faucets, and other small hardware and construction hardware products and has passed ISO9001 certification in April 2002. The company adheres to the principle of customer first, service satisfaction, and continuous improvement of the quality management system, in order to seek mutual help and mutual benefit, and seek business prosperity.

Yi-Feng have been a manufacturer and exporter of sanitary fittings and gardening accessories that require CNC precision milling for parts of solid brass, stainless steel, and aluminum since 2000. We undertook a major facilities upgrade in 2012. Our new factory is equipped with state of the art machinery in addition to a dedicated staff of skilled craftsperson. in order to reduce production cost and improve efficiency. Thus we always offer competitive price and superior quality to help our customers to get advantages in their markets. We are dedicated to using cutting edge technology to level up quality and provide a superior product. Our sophisticated engineering department is passionate about applying experience and research to drive development of our products. We have set the trend by using lead-free, environmentally friendly recyclable stainless steel which is hygienic and easy to maintain. Yi-Feng also focuses on contemporary stainless steel ware design that is sensitive, dynamic, aesthetic and lastly, ergonomic. We firmly believe that honesty and confidence are the principles at our company's core. We also believe our exceptional quality will continue to improve our market share as well as satisfying our customers. We further emphasize competitive pricing and premium quality supplies to meet and exceed our clients desires.

YO Bronze is professional plumbing manufacturer, specialized on plumbing fittings for water-ware related industry. The parents company of YO Bronze is Yung Shun Industrial Ltd. who founded in 1981 as a foundry. The Yung Shun specialized in providing cast roughcast manufacture in brass and bronze material for Taiwan factory. The max. capacity have 70tons per month by two casting boiler and 15 sand casting workers. After 2nd generation took over business in 2003, YO Bronze begun enterprise transformation from sand casting service into own products with “OY” logo and sold to around world.