We are production mainly as Tungsten Carbide cutting tools, provide high quality cutter to improve client productivity and tool efficacy. we have been working on research and development high precision, high speed and high hardness end mills. The material that we using are from Germany and Japan, all the machine are high precision tool and cutter CNC Grinding Machines, with top quality coating precision machining technology, let our product have most highest efficacy and performance. we also provide customized production, and all the end mills will have complete check report. Supply top quality and first rate service are we always persist, we will keep working on this faith with our integrity and passion, bring more wonderful things to give back the person who we meet.

Featured Products

High efficiency shock-proof Carbide End Mill

Product line:CED/CEB/CER Apply the material:stainless steel, titanium alloy, alloy steel, general steel, Heat-resistant alloy steel, copper alloy,Mold steel.

Carbide End Mill Aluminum Alloy

Product line: AE / ACB / AR /AEC Apply the material:Aluminum Alloys、Copper Alloy、For processing Copper and Aluminum Alloys. 1.AEC Product Features:Excellent verticality、Big cut deep, high-level、The processing surface is fine.

Heat treatment is specific Carbide End Mill

Super Micro Grain 0.3u m/m Co8% ,ith high heat resistance and high wear resistance NB coating. Especially suitable for Alloy Steel、Die Steel、Heat Treatment HRC45_HRC68

High-efficiency shock-proof Carbide End Mill

Product line:EAVD/ERVD/ERVR Apply the material:Difficult to cut, stainless steel, titanium alloy, alloy steel, general steel, pre-hard steel, Heat-resistant alloy steel, copper alloy, aluminum alloy.

Tungsten steel anti-seismic shank / Tungsten steel pulls the extension bar

Product line:GL (Tungsten steel anti-seismic shank), HDC、HUC(Tungsten steel pulls the extension bar)and The rear puller clip