DELUXE BRASSWARE CO., LTD. has been focusing on producing designed and exquisite kitchen and bathroom faucets and sanitary accessories in Taiwan since 1987. In the beginning of company establishment, a team of water craftsmen devoted themselves in applying sophisticated experience to faucet manufacturing. Now, our brand Lolat-classic is well-known for outstanding quality and customer service; exporting to worldwide markets. We are proud that our products were awarded with Japanese GOOD DESIGN and many other design awards. In addition, our faucets are certified of UPC, CUPC, NSF for US market; WRAS for UK market. Quality assurance and customer satisfactions are not only our first priority, but also a faith of our company. Just contact us for any faucet demands, we will take care of everything for you.


Featured Products

TRI- WAY Kitchen Faucet

Features- WE ARE THE BEST!!

         Dual Function- A Perfect Combination with Water Filter System!!

         One faucet to supply Hot & Cold Tap Water and Filtered Water. No                  need to install an extra small faucet for filtered water. Suitable for                   every kind of under-sink water filter system. Stylish and Convenient to           use.

  • Two IN one Spout for Tap Water and Filtered Water
    Independent filtered water way inside. Made of 99.99% Copper, Lead Free and ensures the quality of drinking water.Separated Waterways & Outlets for Tap Water and Filtered Water.
  • Designed with Your Health in Mind
    Filtered water handle is designed in the end of spout; seals the entire filtered water way.
    This design prevents the water way and remaining filtered water from being contaminated by air contact. Making sure the filtered water is safe to drink from the first drop.

  • 360 ° Swivel Spout 
    Elegant goose neck design with 360 ° Swivel function; easy and convenient to use in kitchen.

  • Durable Surface Treatment Exceeds 4-Hours CASS Test –Good corrosion resistance. We are professional.

  • List of certificate quarantine of Lead-Free- Safe for your drinking.
          certificate of NSF(USA,Canada) Lead-Free
          certificate of Taiwan CNS 8088 Lead-Free
          certificate of Canada CUPC

  • 100% Inspection Before Shipment.

Cold Tap

Features - WE ARE THE BEST!!

  • Japan Good Design Award 
  • Taiwan Golden Pin Award
  • High Quality Ceramic Cartridge: Life time test exceeds 500,000 cycles.

  • High Quality Surface (Cr : 0.2~0.25um/Ni : 10~15um) – good corrosion resistance, longer lifetime for you to use.   

  • Unique U Shape Handle
         Easy to grab. Index ON & OFF clearly.
         90° degree rotation handle, fast to turn on & off to save water.
         Ergonomically U shape handle fits the thumb perfectly, easy to use.

  • LOLAT AERATOR - Soft and smooth water flow, minimize splashing area.

  • Brass: Made of Cu 59% high grade brass: Good materials!! Average Thickness: 2mm: Thick!!

  • Brass Flange Cover
         We make Brass Flange Cover from solid brass bar (CNC turning parts).
         Thick, durable and beautiful !

  • 100% Inspection Before Shipment

Thermostatic Shower Faucet


  • Patent Nano-Coating Thermostatic Cartridge
          Nano-coating prevents water minerals adhesions (lime scales), effectively 

          extend the thermo cartridge lifetime and temperature control performance.

  • Safety Showering (Anti-Scald)

    Automatically compensate the water pressure fluctuations.
          Maintains stable temperature to prevent scalding.

  • Safety Button
          Pre-set water temperature
          100°F (38 °C )-104°F(40°C).

          Press safety button for higher temperature.

  • Smart Spout Diverter - Turn to Switch!

          Precision diverter inside. Drip-Free, Long lifetime.

          Easy & quick to switch between hand shower and tub filler.

          Turn the spout to the right side, water from hand shower.

          Turn the spout to the front, water from spout.

  • Patent Dual Function Hand Shower Support
          Adjustable hand shower support plus additional hook to hang shower ball , 
          towel. etc. 

  • Threaded Decorative Cover
    Thread design makes the cover closely attach against the wall.

Thermostatic Shower Mixers

1. Chrome finish
2. Body Material Brass
3. Brass check valve
4. Zinc Alloy handles
5. French Vernet​ thermostatic​  sensor cartridge
6. KCG ceramic cartridge (500,000 times life guarantee) ,Made in Taiwan.
7. Safety stop at 38℃
8. Connection to water supply​  via ½” thread
9. With anti-water returned check valve​ connector
10. Centre distance 150 mm ~ 180 mm
11. Adjustable hand shower bracket
12. Stainless steel​ flexible​  shower hose 1500mm (won't leakage)
13. Speed clean (Anti-​ Limescale​ system) of the shower head.
14. 5 year manufacturer guarantee​ ​
15. Term of trade: FOB Taiwan
16. 3 kinds of model hand shower