Liang-Ping was established in 1994. Our factory is located in Lugang where is famous for manufacturing bathroom and showering equipment. With many years of experience in this field, we put more effort into designing the new product with useful functions and hope to help improve the user experience well. In recent, Liang-Ping focuses on designing the outdoor faucet with several functions and try to provide a different but useful design to people and make them have a more convenient experience when using these products. We have participated in famous design award competitions over the world such as the iF design award, Good design award, Taiwan Excellence, and so on. We try to introduce the different products in this field. Brand Story: With many years of experience in manufacturing bathroom sanitary equipment, we start considering the problems that users may face in everyday life and try to build a better connection between users and water. Under this core value, we build a new brand name "人水" which means "people and water" and try to create more useful faucets that can help provide a better user experience to users. That is the story behind the brand name and we keep doing the design with this core value.


Featured Products

34-080 self-cleaning faucet

Unique design, each time you switch on and off the water, you can clean yourself and clean the handle that touches your hand. The switch handle in contact with the hand is made of brass, which can eliminate residual bacteria.