"Hello everyone I am the brand executive ""Ye Shengyu"", the brand was founded in 2017, and love wife after 8 years of love is still in love after marriage and children. We all know that a new life is not easy to be born, so we cherish this child very much, we love each other we try to think, In the future, when we are gone, we can leave future generations with something that will always remember us, but we think of that. Called the 'Bao Baby Mommy Brand', we have been working hard to develop baby food, but also in 2020 successfully our original baby biscuits can melt into food mud, sold to Penang, Malaysia, a record monthly sales of 900 cans, and now also continue to add new products, Our products are made on the same day as fresh ingredients, not frozen raw materials to make, after the production is completed, sterilization in the rapid freezing. Products can be frozen for 90 days without adding preservatives, so that the most antibody most sensitive baby to eat, but also at ease, Although we do not understand, but we are not afraid to learn, breakthrough is our long-standing spirit, has not added the way to make baby food is our constant brand mission. I hope that the bosses of all countries can give our young people a chance to cooperate, If you are looking for products that are unique and futuro-like in the market, please give us a chance. We currently have the largest mother and child platform in Taiwan, as well as two physical markets and Carrefour in four cities in Taiwan. "

We opened CemasKakanen Chocolate shop in Taiwan Chiayi City in February 2018. From this small craft shop we started to make chocolate from Taiwan PingTong aromatic cacao with Japanese craftsmanship and technology. Cacao was named Theobroma by Carolus Linnaeus–the father of modern-day taxonomic plant classification. Theobroma comes from ancient Greek and translates as "Food of the Gods". [Cemas Kakanen] means "Food of the Gods" in Indigenous Taiwanese language. We propose the possibility of Taiwanese cacao and local food combinations to you.

CHIAYO, the pioneer in professional wireless microphone technology and manufacturing, was founded in Chiayi, Taiwan in 1971. We earned our reputation, and achieved numerous Taiwan innovation awards, through our expertise and innovation. CHIAYO is now the largest manufacturer of wireless/wired/infrared microphones in Taiwan and our products are found all over the world. We provide a wide range of industry-leading solutions, perfect for your needs, by applying cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship.

"Started roasting in 2013 and establised the coffee shop in 2016, Evie’s Café provides great roasted coffee beans and beautiful coffee at Chiayi, Taiwan. Professional roasting and brewing brings thousands of people loving specialty coffee to come to enjoy the coffee of Evie’s Café. Through social media, internet and coffee exhibition, Evie’s Café has provided roasted coffee beans and drip coffee bags to Taiwan, Hongkong and other countries. Getting great Coffee Review scoreses(https://www.coffeereview.com), having CQI Q-grader license and SCA roasting and sensory licenses and keeping improving brewing techniques, we keep on providing greater and greater coffee. "

"LIAN SHING company was established in 1966 and has passed ISO22000 and HACCP recently. We mainly produce Alishan Oolong tea and Sun Moon Lake black tea, and export out products mainly to Singapore and the mainland. Specializing in the production of various tea bags, we account for more than 40% of the domestic hotel tea bag market. Moreover, LIAN SHING has acquired golden award in Taiwan Food award, Shanghai Tea Expo, and Beijing Tea Expo. We are one of the most well-known tea brands in Taiwan."

"Gelato Girl Italian Ice Cream Shop uses Chiayi’s highest-quality agricultural specialty products to make ice cream flavors to promote and let more people know and taste the best local ingredients in Chiayi. Gelato Girl Italian Ice Cream Shop continuously develops and develops the unique ice cream flavors of the ""Chiayi 18 Townships"" through small farmer cooperation, youth farmer cooperation, and government unit matching. We hope to use ice cream to let visiting guests taste the good ingredients in every town and city in Chiayi. "

Going Xiang Group was formed in 2020. Having 25 years of experience in food nutrition meals and health services. Our focus is on the beauty industry, and with the multiple management and strategies, we have now successfully set up our own line of Chinese herbal body care brands. The future development will be involving different types of products.

"Since 1983, buyers in Europe and North America have sourced our hygienic dispensers. ISO 9001:2015-certified, we at Harvest Cosmetic Industry use top-notch materials from Europe, Japan and the US to give our clients durable goods meant to stand the test of time. Random unit samples are selected by our QC department for temperature testing to make certain that products remain secure and stable in under 45-degree Celsius conditions. Our soap dispensers, air freshener s and urinal screens come in many sizes to help you meet the needs of your market. With our Silver Bell and Scent-O-Tone brand lines, you can enjoy faster turnaround from immediate sourcing. Harvest Cosmetic also offers a host of services to handle your custom OEM projects. And , with efficient equipment such as homo mixing impulsion machine, we are able to manufacture your products in the quickest time possible. "

"Tao Chicken, a well-known Taiwanese fried chicken brand originated in Chia-yi. Founded in 2000, starts as a heart-warming little street-stand. Its fresh, crispy and tender fried chicken cutlet had caught the taste buds of many people of all ages. For many students, it has become the memories associated with their youth time as they grew up. The charm of the fried chicken cutlet made it hard for people to resist. The small stall always gathered many people around after school or work. As time passed by, it settled on Zhong Zheng Road, and there were still lining-up with huge crowds in front of the old little wooden house. What they are having is a heart-warming memories associated with every bite of the hot crispy chicken. The choice of fresh raw materials, the ratio of breading, the well-controlled frying time and temperature creating a not-so-greasy deep-fried food represent the skills of all our well-trained staff. With the ambition to satisfy more customers, a new product - Doral chicken, fried whole chicken is launched in 2017 which is a fusion of exotic taste and innovative presentation. It is a delicacy worth tasting and become an instant hit in Taiwan. Tao Chicken not only makes efforts cultivating physical stores and online e-commerce in Taiwan, we would also like to share and introduce our best products to the world. Tao Chicken has been creating a wide variety of delicious and popular fried food that have been a part of our lives for the past 20 years. Every piece of chicken cutlet was prepared with care for every details to provide our customers a taste and experience of their own with the inherits of the tradition in mind. We will endeavor to uphold the spirit of Tao Chicken to create a Taiwanese Fried Food Brand with Stable Quality, Enthusiastic Service, and Clean Environment for you. "

We are HOBA from Taiwan, producing high quality EPDM rubber seals for brake system/brake cylinders/repair kits. Our rubber parts beats competitors with better duration, stability and heat resistance; having outstanding performance especially in heavy-duty automobiles. Every single product meets ASTM and JIS specifications. We provide a 5-year warranty worldwide for our unused rubber products. Our expertise in the following aspects: 1. Specialize in high quality EPDM rubber parts. 2. Link product manufacturing with customer design to fulfill the requirement. 3. Core technologies of molding and unceasing innovation of rubber recipe provide highly qualified products to customers. Our product groups: 1.2 Chassis (axles, steering, brakes, wheels, shock absorbers) More details: http://www.hoba.com.tw

For over 12 years we have been offering products and full skincare treatments including facials, traditional skin tightening massage as-well-as full-body massages. We are proud to offer and promote istenno products as our exclusive brand. IsTenno is quality products that help reduce the signs of aging and brightens your skin tone.

Jiayi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was founded in November 2011. The founder’s immune system was weakened, which caused vasculitis. After three chemotherapy treatments at Chiayi Veterans Hospital, although he was suppressed from recurring, he felt a general feeling both physically and mentally. Lack of energy and powerlessness! So on an occasion of fate, after being exposed to a compound natural vegetable and fruit blended with Chinese medicinal materials, the whole mind was changed. So the couple entered the industry together! Although the entire company is still at a loss (due to fierce market competition, the channel has yet to be developed, and the cost is too high due to insistence on real quality), the couple is happy because this is an industry that helps others to be healthy and happy. !

"Since its establishment in 2012, JTQC Digital Education Co.,Ltd. is committed to the development of interactive digital teaching products, digital content design and production. The team includes professional teacher consultants, planning department, multimedia design and R&D engineering departments, and makes good use of technology to break the standard learning model. So far, the JTQC team has accumulated a number of digital technology expertise and solid development experience. It is a rare team in the field of digital education in Taiwan and has the complete implementation of R&D capabilities. JTQC takes the lead in the industry to develop AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), MR (mixed reality) interactive digital teaching materials: natural science teaching animation (completely produced according to the natural science curriculum and knowledge points of middle and high schools in Asian countries, including Physics, Chemistry, Biology , Geography 4 categories), escape room APP and interactive virtual laboratory, etc., and extend the development of language learning, medical technology, tourism and other areas."

"Located in the heart of Chiayi city under Alishan.(hometown of tea) We effort have led to the enrichment and diversification of tea tools. We began from an idea: tea ceremony is a culture also is a fashion. Using tea utensils, adding aesthetic experiences. Teapot may be the simplest vessel, but it is also the best channel which can show off your personal style. "

"L’AURORA is created to let all women to maintain their beauty with the best situation and its core concepts are based on natural plant extract 、loving Earth, and beautiful life. L’AURORA is aurora in French, the meaning behind the letters is like pursuing ultimate, and just like the goal which women look forward the ideal beauty 。 We insist of health and beauty so we use natural extracts and don’t use harmful ingredients to products and focus on natural、simple、sincerity and professional to create effective and safe skin care products. Our team dedicates to develop products with high quality and standard but reasonable price to let everyone can enjoy the high level skin care with affordable price. With professional attitude and the purpose of caring every woman, we develop products devotionally to make L’AURORA is like the treasure and let all women love to give it themselves as a gift."

"We are from the southern Taiwan, Chiayi, which is located at the downhill of Mount Ali. Our jam and dry fruit, combined with local ingredients, produced by simple natural method without putting artificial food coloring or flavoring. 渼橘客:MAGIC, as if the fancy magic that comes with the mouthwatering taste. In that year, we made friends with the land. To our amazement, within different seasons, farmers, and processing methods, and in the eyes of the travelers, we turn the grace from mother nature into magic treasure embeded in their food diary. Blended with the fragance of the fruit, the bouncing savory tastiness touches your heart. As the travelers say, it's a blessed loving flavor that reminds you come back again...... "

Chia-Yi, an amazing city with full of humanities. Every historical architecture has its own story, it will show what and who they were by just watching them. Shell-Ginger Story House has utilized of CO2 Supercritical Fluid Extraction technology, and combines ecology and life closely to create new value of native plants. Shell-Ginger is an original Taiwan grow plant; Shell-Ginger Story House take this opportunity to apply this plant into people’s daily life, and help them to light up their lives and bring out the energy and beauty. ECOLOGY, PRODUCTION AND LIFE FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT HEALTH, SUSTAINED AND LOHAS TO PROTECT THE EARTH

The mission to keep and pass on. The responsibility to make the best and memorial flavor. The origin and the startup of the brand “Yi Yi”was founded in 1958 by the first generation, Grandpa Xing-Tang ,Shih. He follows the idea of the Chinese traditional snacks, candied sweet potato and develops his own sweet potato crispy crunch. This sweet potato crispy crunch has been sold to the ancient traditional market and grocery stores. The business was taken over by the second generation, the son of Grandpa Shih. Only at the age of 36, Neng-Yong, Shih becomes the owners of the company. He has given the brand another name, “ Yong Bo”, means Uncle Yong , a name that feels like being an uncle for all who loves the brand. By the effort of “Yong Bo”, the selling channel has widened to wholesalers, retailers, convenience stores and chain stores. “ Yong Bo” becomes the brand that everyone chooses for the sweet potato crispy crunch. And now, the well-known sweet potato crispy crunch has leveled up, having their sub-brand, “SHU,JHIH-REN “, means the craftsman sweet potato, established by the third generation.As the current owner, Ying-Chieh, Shih has brought the company worldwide. Making business with China, HK, Malaysia and Macau are the missions he has completed.His vision is not only sharing the good taste but also the insistence on the local hometown spirit. Ying-Chieh, Shih has opened the flagship store right in the brand origin Jia Yi county. No matter how far your travel, how much time you have left your home, the memories always stand in the store, every single bite is your memory.

Xianglong grass soap brand to Jiayi City Luojia village, the Republic of China in the early 50th century grandfather is engaged in penang wholesale, from watching the family together for the Betel nut industry struggle, to grow up when the salesman once accidentally to the customer's home to watch the penang industry gradually fell, their own willingness to make penang more healthy, not a cancer pronoun, when the initial sale of Taiwan grass handmade soap, and then through expert advice to go brand must apply for trademarks, before the official application for professionals, because the name can not be applied for. He later proposed to change his name to Xianglong grass art soap.

Tang Cosmetic ~ The leading Chinese herbal cosmetic brand in Chinese world. Beauty ~ start by heath from inside to outside. After got fame and experience, Teacher Su considered 「Nature and every creature can generate also can destruct each other , beauty must based on heath, and the heath is included inside and outside, the meridian system nursing is the necessary treatment to make energy blood work become heath and beauty 」, based on this conception, Teacher Su try very hard to find out the way to make women heath and beauty, finally she got the answer and proof from Chinese five thousand years traditional herbal medical theory. Teacher Su established 「Chinese herbal treatment center for problem skin」in 1980, she involved full mind in the Chinese medical and herbal nursing area, through many clinical experiment tests and amends, after eight years, finally produced the first Chinese herbal cosmetic product~~ 「Royal skin face cream」 in 1983, at same year, she also invited as professional overall design and style artist by TV station, to promote the new conception about Chinese herbal medical treatment.

THE ONE TEA is a brand created by Alishan tea farmer. We aim at making the tea beverage a wonderful accessory of our daily lives. We are the first one to create a compound store selling premium tea leaves and tea beverage. The designs and textures of our products are refreshing and delicate, keeping amazing customers. Our products have great potential in tea market. THE ONE TEA is ODM & OEM, not only offering services of tea raw material wholesale and international franchise opportunities, but also looking for overseas distributors. Welcome like-minded friends to join us.

Town-Chen goose store is located at Da-Lin, Chiayi, Taiwan, which is operated by third-generation of goose farmer. Having the support and resources from the family business, the owner and his sister have decided to create a brand with goose cuisines and products. In practice the idea of ""From Farm to Table"" alteration, using fresh ingredients with exquisite cuisine skills to present to customers is refreshing as well as promoting Taiwans food flavor; Let’s continue the innovation of traditional food culture.