Asia Power Laser Maker Co., Ltd. (APLM) is a well- known laser equipment manufacturer in Taiwan with more than 20 years of experience in this field. We have dedicated ourselves to fabricate the laser equipment on the basis of professional technology as well as effective management. Moreover, we highly respect the communication and consultation with our customers, which leads to the qualified equipment that meets our customers’ requirements. We always put our customers’ benefit as the priority, and we reinforce our staff with well trained and technical experience, this provides our customers with high-quality products, of course. In addition to this, we also strengthen our after-sales services, this will eliminate your perplexity when you encounter any troublesome issues.  Manufacturing of industrial laser equipments  Automation and integration planning  Customized fabricating with precise specifications  AOI imaging system

"BYTE Group was founded in 1993 and has a history of more than 25 years. A metal processing company that manufacture and sell standard component for press die, aerospace part machining, metal part machining. Our product sell to China, Japan, USA, Thailand, Southeast Asia ,Europe, etc."

Chang Shen is a professional manufacturer and supplier that specializes in seamer, filler and can making machines. We acquired many patents as well. All of our parts and equipment have passed a thorough inspection and strict quality control before shipment. With stable quality and continuous innovation, many well-known brands have chosen to cooperate with us, ex: Coca-Cola, King Car Industrial, etc. With the goal of constant innovation and support growth with clients, we aim to develop a more complete product range and line, to lead the company towards international distributions and to achieve the goal of sustainable operation

Digisine Energytech Co., Ltd., was founded by our CEO David Wu here in New Taipei City. In twelve years of journey, we grew up to 100 employees and an in-house manufacturing unit in Kaohsiung (Tax-Free Zone), Southern Taiwan. Our company, Digisine has a range of products from health care to green energy and has been exporting our products to the USA, Europe, Japan, and worldwide countries with FDA / CE medical / ISO certifications.

Rechi collaborated with China Steel Corporation to invest and establish DynaRechi in 2013. The establishment of DynaRechi was a vertically strategic collaboration with several partners, including Sharp, Sanlux, Richtek, and Ablek Technology. We focus on developing and manufacturing highly efficient and low-noise BLDC motors with customized motor-driving control solutions as well as offering total solution services. The synergy of DynaRechi and Rechi aims to provide high energy-saving products as well as inspire and join with our customers and suppliers to create a clean and green environment for the earth.

Eulife Technology was established in October 2004, in Taiwan. Our management philosophy is being professional, innovative, and customized, leading the company to create the best and the most suitable products for our customers. We focus on developing solid-state lighting, dimmable LED drivers, and LED traffic lighting. By using our products, you can create any kind of lighting effect without any concern about safety. We own a strong research and development team, possessing specialized technology and experience of proficient product design quality, along with its specialized market analysis and strict manufacturing quality requirement. We insist on creating environment-friendly products. We also put emphasis on developing energy-efficient products. Eulife only provides top-grade products to our customers. In order to make the customers have more faith in our products, we’ve obtained the international quality certification (ISO 9001:2008 certificate). Also, as technology changes with each passing day, we cooperate with the medical team to develop new health care equipment. We hope to convey more messages of innovation and complete service through our products.

Ferro-Carbon established in 1989 and has specialized in building tools. As one of leading manufacturer and exporters of building tools, we leaded industrial suction cup technology into household suction cup products and combined with aesthetic design.


FORSOUND, fsc, walklover

FORSOUND CORP. is a Taiwan-based professional gel products manufacturer, designs and manufactures the gel products with the leading technology. We are specialized in manufacturing gel pads for bed sores, medical gel seat cushion, pressure relief cushion for wheelchair, ergonomic gel seat cushion for rehabilitation, gel mattress topper, motorcycle gel pad, motorcycle gel seat cushion, gel seat cushion for car in automotive interior accessories, gel comfort floor mat.


Great Auto Parts Industrial Co., Ltd.

Great Auto is known for its Ball Studs, Ball Pin and pillow ball CNC machining components which are very critical and safety concerned parts used in automobiles steering and suspension systems. This includes Tie Rod Ends, Rack ends, Ball Joints, Stabilizer Links, Control Arms, Drag Links, Idler Arms, bushings and numerous other chassis parts used in automobiles. GAP also has assembly lines, manufactures Tie Rod Ends, Rack ends and Stabilizer Links and ball joints.

HCP Pump Manufacturer Co., Ltd. was established in 1979, HCP is the most successful Submersible pump manufacturer in Taiwan. HCP pumps widely used to various range applications. Such in simple dewatering, gardening, agriculture, aquacultures, construction, plant sewages, flood control station, and mining. Where there is water, there is HCP Pump. “Make Future Flow” is the vision of HCP focusing on pump technology for water resources development. We are inspired to provide efficient pump technology to our partners to ensure sustainably in water recycling, which in turn provides a brighter future for the environment.

Hong Xing Abrasive Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1965. With consistently steady growth, Hong Xing expanded its market to Mainland China and set up an office in Guangzhou in 2008. We moved in 2012 to Pingtung Export Processing Zone to get the full benefits of manufacturing and exporting. Always aiming to surpass customers’ expectations is our core business philosophy. Hong Xing has dedicated itself to the abrasive field for over 50 years. As a leader of the abrasive segment, Hong Xing has built its reputation by offering advanced products. We follow ISO 9001 international quality standard to establish our quality.

Modern architecture should move towards the concept of century-old architecture, co-exist and co-flourish with the environment, and achieve sustainable development, so as to create a pollution-free environmental space. Through special mature technology, we create a new generation of coatings, which can be applied in modern architecture and traditional architecture to avoid the mining and destruction of nature. To imitate the coating of stone-alike material, replace real natural stone material, with the fire resistance first level. Named as the Greek goddess “Medusa”, whose ability to turn onlookers to stone. With Medusa Paints, you can make everything just like stone. Medusa focuses on sustainable development, builds pollution-free environment space, creates a new generation of coatings by the aging technology used in modern and traditional architecture. To avoid the destruction of nature, we create the artificial stone paint in place of the real natural stone.

INSHENG's own brand provides customized energy-saving and carbon-reducing pumps. The company insists on product design based on the EU high-efficiency pumps and low-carbon C40 standards. The company's energy-saving pump series products have obtained the Taiwan Bureau of Energy's C40 high efficiency pump certification and the EU's C80 highest standard energy efficiency pump certification. The pump efficiency reaches 89.34% (general design efficiency 84% ~ 87%), and INSHENG is the only Taiwan manufacturer that can produce plastic pump with caliber of 25mm-250mm. INSHENG has become the leading brand of customized energy-saving pumps with its excellent energy efficiency.


Jiu Zhen Nan Taiwan Pastry

Jiu Zhen Nan was founded in 1890. We have upheld the spirit of "joy and trust" to embody the cultural depth and convey respect and care for consumers through exquisite handmade Chinese pastry and offers consumers products that they can "eat with ease" and that are "trustworthy." With the ideal of "Taste Local ‧ Link Global," Jiu Zhen Nan is devoted to promoting the aesthetics and culture of Han Bing, and aims to share Taiwanese flavors and local features with customers in Taiwan and abroad as the best brand of Han Bing in the Chinese world

KFS provides High Pressure Processing(HPP) Technology as a service to the food industry. We offer the full HPP experiences from product development to the launch of new, innovative products-- KFS offers HPP total solution to our customers. In increasing the shelf-life as well as the quality of these products, HPP can help customers broaden markets, increase consumer confidence, and strengthen brand reputation. Our factory complies with the FSSC22000 standards and ensures the quality is stable with the highest specification. We cooperate with the well-known international sales channel and provide high-quality products to consumers.

Trust is a branch company of Kerichem Materials Science that specializes in the material of golf balls and the only brand that designs balls with 4 ball compression options. With the background of material science for golf balls, Trust started to make our own Urethane covered golf ball in 2016. After continuing research and development, we proudly announce that Trust provides the best quality Urethane covered ball for our golfers around the world with an affordable price.

Rooster is the leading lighting design and manufacturer of lighting fixtures in Taiwan. The business was established in 1989. “Light your city, Light your mind.” is our highest vision. We will understand your needs and through consultation, we will use the unique design approach to build a total lighting solution that creates unrivaled brand value for you. We trust “The seconds when the light is switched on, it's the moment what we are all working hard for you.

Founded in 1995, Sinpro Electronics has been committed to designing and manufacturing switching power supplies. With more than 25-year expertise in engineering, designing, manufacturing for power electronics, Sinpro offers excellent quality ITE power supplies,Medical power supplies, Industrial power supplies, EV, Chargers, DC/DC converters, Motor drivers and LED drivers for harsh environment

A manufacturer of high-quality chainsaw guide bars and bar accessories. Soleil's factory, located in the Taichung Harbor Export Processing Zone (Taiwan), is an ISO-9001 certified facility. With over 30 years in the industry, Soleil has consistently operated on the principle of “Manufacturing the Highest Quality Products” to supply guide bars to our customers. Some of our customers include global leading brands such as ECHO, Homelite, TTI Group and Carlton. In 2005, Soleil entered a strategic partnership with Carlton, which became Soleil's exclusive distributor until 2011. Furthermore in 2008, Soleil began working with Blount, a leading chain saw manufacturer in the USA, and became one of Blount's key suppliers. 2012 marks the beginning of a new era for Soleil. We will begin marketing our "Soleil" brand and endeavor to become one of the best suppliers in the global chain saw industry.

Founded in 1995, Sun Rise E&T Corporation is among the leaders in providing the highest quality of HDPE pipes for chemical, pharmaceutical and other advanced material transport piping systems both domestically and abroad. The development of net fish cage in 1999, further “Solar Floating System” in 2010, is an exploration into alternative energy for operating reserves of electricity, further propels us to engage in fishery and energy sector. Main Product: • Piping System for water, chemical, cable connection, pharmaceutical transportation. • Off-Shore Farming Fish Cage. • Floating Solar System.

Taiwan HiPoint Corporation engaged in the manufacture of laboratory equipment for more than 30 years, our clients cover national academic, research institutions, and large private enterprises. Taiwan HiPoint Corporation mainly produces Climate Control Equipment such as Plant Growth chambers, Walk-In Environment Control Chambers, Greenhouses, with the latest Phenotyping System and Smart Agricultural Sensors, the whole factory implements the ISO9001 comprehensive quality control policy, our products have passed CE safety certification and UL certification, with these certifications, Taiwan HiPoint Corporation becomes the leader in the agricultural research field.

Founded in 1991 in Taichung, Wise Center Precision Appliance Co., Ltd. specializes in developing and manufacturing a variety of agricultural, gardening tools for both DIY (do-it-yourself) users and professionals, mainly offering garden shears, lopping shears, hedge shears, pruners, grass shears, extended tree pruners, water pipe shears, branch pruners, and saws, as well as flower scissors, grafting shears, small tools and related gardening accessories. President Thomas Lin insists to run quality tools. With a focus on IQC (input quality control), IPQC (in process quality control), and QA (quality assurance), Wise Center has achieved ISO9001:2015 certification and our products meet Germany's GS (GeprUfte Sicherheit) standards. Moreover, over 27 years experiences, know-how in strong and effective R&D and production and owned over seventy patent products, Wise Center has earned an incredible reputation for high quality, prompt delivery, competitive prices and good service in the market.