Fashion+Function by Taiwan Textiles

Taiwan Textile Federation holds this project aims at promoting a high-quality image of Taiwan’s Textile products through integrating Taiwan’s textile and apparel industry.

Taiwan’s textile industry has been devoting efforts to research and production of functional textiles including Stretch, Moisture & Wicking, Quick Dry, Lightweight, Waterproof & Breathable, Cool Feeling, Water Repellent, Easy Care, High Tenacity, Antistatic, Wash Durability, Windproof, Ultraviolet Protection, Reflective, Waterproof, Thermal, etc.

By focusing the core competitiveness of Taiwan’s textile and hot topics of development, such as sustainable, environmental protection, function, and quality demands of innovative design would be important to buyers who can look for the quality of products they are buying.

Taiwan Textile Federation also has been expanding more opportunities for the market.



A strategic business tool that all retailers as well as brands around the world can be helped to source qualified Taiwanese textile mills who supply those functional fabrics with health-care, comfort, safety, and sustainability.


● Easy access to sourcing and matchmaking.
● Latest developments and megatrends.
● Network with suppliers and buyers.

Think DIFFERENT, it’s how we make fabrics glows! We never stop exploring new possibilities for textile even during COVIS-19 pandemic period. We also believe development shall be non-stop because it’s one of the most interesting parts of textile. Let’s see what we have prepared for TITAS 2020! ECO-Friendly We have only one earth. Glowtex keep finding ways to save our home planet. Let’s check our recycled polyester collections and OD tech made with natural materials. By fabric re-design, we are able to save the earth by different ways. Athleisure During recent 5 years, Athleisure has become most stylish elements in our daily life. Numerous brands start to combine function with fashion which We believe the boundary between both will disappear in the near future. Here we introduce Nu-stretch, an brand new quality will bring the comfort which you should never miss. Craftsmanship Only the best experts can do amazing products with very simple materials, and We will show you charming collections with beautiful design. Please try all new Glowtech Fleece with different textures if you feel bored about traditional fleece. Are you searching items equipped with both natural fiber and synthetic fiber? Come and experience dri-release series and natural hand feel qualities we created. Every brand has its own position with unique value. The world changes faster than ever before, and we still focus on details to grow with our partners – That’s why Glowtex Innovation exists.

We are founded since 1986 and has been a proudly reliable supplier for our buyers including many well-known brands.More than twenty years of continuous improvement, constant innovation and high standard of quality control make us become a well-established company of textile industry today. In recent years, due to the worldwide green wave, we constantly develop environmental-friendly products with our corporate responsibility.We believe effectiveness, innovation and sustainability will work up more possibility between our partners and us. COMPANY PRINCIPLE Ours company principle is formulated for complete personnel management of developing skills, improving the efficient achievements and competitive advantage. The personnel managements are formulated under government rules and policies. IDEOLOGY Until today, we have strictly complied with the principle of "ECO-friendly & green concept", and develop the products to reduce usage of compositions. We are committed to continuing improvement research, developing fabrics with varieties of compositions, and enhancing our competitiveness in the markets for sustainable advancement. Our internal procedures are streamlined by digital system to improve the efficiencies and avoid personal negligence.

Honmyue is a global advanced fabric supplier with over five decades of experience in functional and high value-added products. In line with our core values of Development, Service and Care, our goal is to keep a spirit of craftsmanship in our products and personal service with our clients. We became public in 1997 and are now one of the biggest woven fabric manufacturers in Taiwan. In order to expand our business scale and scope, we maintain full ownership of our total production processing system. Being a leader in industrial textile means that we fulfill our social responsibility and our commitment to sustainable textile production. As a result, we own the bluesign® system certification, GRS and ISO9001. Our product lines are as follows:  Pack'n Bag and Soft Equipment Fabric  Apparel Fabric  Solar Screen and Furnishing Fabric  Medical Textile  Eco-friendly Fabric

Dare to Discover Discovery: the driving force behind TEXXAR’s relentless pursuit of improvement Fabric is a staple product that comes in a wide variety of textures and meets a wide variety of needs. Fabric adds depth and style to our everyday lives. As a medium that links fabric and brands, TEXXAR has held to its commitment to be flexible and adapt. With boldness and the passion to explore and discover, TEXXAR strives to push fabric boundaries and deepen the link between fabric and life. Over the past twenty years, we have come to know the importance of exploration. Exploration is not just the willingness to try something new; it’s about effort in thought and practice and the art of knowing what to retain and what to discard. Unique textiles help shape the direction of our industry. We care about solving our clients’ problems and meeting their needs. We find inspiration in a product beyond seeking new textures, styles, and processes so we can develop a bond between fabric and daily life. Continual exploration means more to us than just exploring the world of fabric. TEXXAR dares to use new practices in the face of difficulties, and this is the original TEXXAR mindset that we continue to improve. We remain keen and open, striving to bring fabric to the world and add a new touch to life.