Think DIFFERENT, it’s how we make fabrics glows! We never stop exploring new possibilities for textile even during COVIS-19 pandemic period. We also believe development shall be non-stop because it’s one of the most interesting parts of textile. Let’s see what we have prepared for TITAS 2020! ECO-Friendly We have only one earth. Glowtex keep finding ways to save our home planet. Let’s check our recycled polyester collections and OD tech made with natural materials. By fabric re-design, we are able to save the earth by different ways. Athleisure During recent 5 years, Athleisure has become most stylish elements in our daily life. Numerous brands start to combine function with fashion which We believe the boundary between both will disappear in the near future. Here we introduce Nu-stretch, an brand new quality will bring the comfort which you should never miss. Craftsmanship Only the best experts can do amazing products with very simple materials, and We will show you charming collections with beautiful design. Please try all new Glowtech Fleece with different textures if you feel bored about traditional fleece. Are you searching items equipped with both natural fiber and synthetic fiber? Come and experience dri-release series and natural hand feel qualities we created. Every brand has its own position with unique value. The world changes faster than ever before, and we still focus on details to grow with our partners – That’s why Glowtex Innovation exists.

Featured Products

94%Polyester+ 6%Spandex Fabric

Product No: US1821AR Composition:  94%Polyester+6%Spandex                           Weight: 260 g/m2 Remark: Fleece FUNCTION:  Stretch  Moisture & Wicking  Thermal APPLICATION PRODUCTS:  Fashion  Tops  Bottoms  Outers  Menswear  Womenswear  Sportswear

94%Polyester+ 6%Spandex Fabric

Product No: US1820AP Composition: 94%Polyester+ 6%Spandex                           Weight: 250 g/m2 Remark: Peach FUNCTION:  Stretch  Thermal

95%Polyester+ 5%Tencel Fabric

Product No: US1817AA Composition: 95%Polyester+ 5%Tencel                           Weight: 160 g/m2 Remark: Drirelease FUNCTION  Stretch  Moisture & Wicking  Quick Dry APPLICATION PRODUCTS  Fashion  Tops  Fitness  Sportswear

100% Polyester Functional Fabric

Product No: US1815AA Composition: 100%Polyester                           Weight: 120 g/m2 Remark: Breathable FUNCTION:  Moisture & Wicking  Quick Dry

100% Polyester Functional Fabric

Product No: US1812AK Composition: 100%Polyester                           Weight: 200 g/m2 Remark: NU Stretch FUNCTION:  Moisture & Wicking

100% Polyester Functional Fabric

Product No: US1793AA Composition:100%Polyester                           Weight: 155 g/m2 FUNCTION:  Moisture & Wicking APPLICATION PRODUCTS:  Fashion  Tops  Bottoms  Fitness  Menswear  Womenswear  Sportswear

100% Polyester Functional Fabric

Product No: US1784AA Composition: 100%Polyester                           Weight: 235 g/m2 Remark: Double Face FUNCTION:  Moisture & Wicking  Easy Care APPLICATION PRODUCTS:  Fashion  Tops  Outers  Menswear  Womenswear

83%Polyester+6%Spandex+11%Tencel Fabric

Product No: JS1777AA Composition: 83%Polyester+6%Spandex+11%Tencel                            Weight: 190 g/m2 Remark: Drirelease FUNCTION:  Stretch  Moisture & Wicking  Quick Dry APPLICATION PRODUCTS:  Tops  Bottoms  Fitness  Sportswear

94%Polyester+ 6%Spandex Fabric

Product No: US1821AR Composition: 94%Polyester+ 6%Spandex                           Weight: 260 g/m2 FUNCTION  Stretch  Moisture & Wicking APPLICATION PRODUCTS  Fashion  Tops  Bottoms  Outers  Menswear  Womenswear  Sportswear

93%Recycled Polyester+ 7%Spandex fabric

Product No: JP1747P2-10 Composition: 93%Recycled Polyester+ 7%Spandex                           Weight: 240 g/m2 Remark: Anti-Bacteria/  Eco Friendly/  Printing FUNCTION:  Stretch  Moisture & Wicking  Antibacteria APPLICATION PRODUCTS:  Fashion  Tops  Menswear  Womenswear  Sportswear