King Car strives to achieve perfection. The raw materials and packaging for all products must pass inspection by the TAF certified King Car Research Institute to ensure product quality and food safety for consumers. Dedicated to doing our very best in everything we do. King Car was established in Taiwan; it now has sales locations in the European and American markets. This allows consumers across the globe to enjoy more quality products, which is why the King Car name is well-known internationally.


Featured Products

Mr. Brown Premium Coffee Series

Ethiopian Coffee: Ethiopia is the birthplace of specialty coffee.  The beans grown in the Yirgacheffe and Sidamo regions are known for their unique black tea and mild tangerine flavors. Brazil Cerrado Coffee: The Cerrado coffee beans from Brazil offer mild acidity with a hint of nuttiness, complemented by a velvet texture, and sweet aftertaste.  Indonesia Flores Coffee: A unique coffee nurtured from the nutrient-rich volcanic soil of Indonesia. Brewed with select beans from the lush, tropical island of Flores, Indonesia, the coffee exudes an exquisite floral bouquet with a   soft  sweetness and smooth texture; the finish is chocolatey, with elegant woody notes. Using Cold Brew technique to preserve pure and refreshing, with a delightfully mellow sweetness.

Mr. Brown Canned Coffee Series

Package: 240mL (8.12 FL OZ) x 24 CANS / CTN Shelf Life: 24 moths / 18 months(Mocha) From manufacturing cans to roasting, grinding, extracting, blending, filling and quality controlling of our coffee, all under automatic process.

Mr. Brown 3-1 instant coffee

Flavors:Blue Mountain , Caramel Macchiato, Mandheling, Cappuccino, Milk Tea, Italian Latte Spec : 15 x 30 bags x 6 bulk / CTN Shelf Life:24 months