【Extraordinary technology research and development】 Cheng Yuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd., previously a biomedical and agricultural biotechnology company, has been focused on development of health care products for decades based on the concept of “food as medicine” by combining Chinese and Western medical theories. 【The world’s first sugar-free extracted lemon enzyme】 Since 2000, we have signed contracts with farmers for “Taiwanese lemons”. The selected high quality lemons are used to produce the world’s first sugar-free lemon enzyme with our exclusive technology by using high concentration extract and sugar-free fermentation method. 【International inspections and certifications】 Cheng Yuan lemon enzyme products have passed SGS and TUV Rheinland tests, both international inspection as well as certification companies, and proven to be 100% natural without any additives. Besides, our lemon enzyme products are rich in pectic enzyme, SOD, total polyphenols, etc. and recognized as the No. 1 brand of lemon enzyme in Taiwan. Cheng Yuan Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is a safe and qualified food factory with Good Hygiene Practices (GHP) and got the sanitary certificates released by Food and Drug Administration. We have a one-stop operation and export our products all over the world. We welcome all inquiries about cooperation in ODM/ agency/ distribution.

Since 1920 FWUSOW INDUSTRY CO., LTD. has been established over 100 years, and is built upon its broad range of excellent products: Pet Foods and Livestock Feeds, Fertilizers and Edible Oils, Cereals and other Foods. Fwusow Industry group are committed to integrating innovation into the products, management, marketing systems and honored with ISO9001、ISO22000、FSSC22000、SQF、HALAL and HACCP quality assurance certifications.

ParaCypress Tea Co., Ltd is a global tea raw material manufacturer, supplying fine tea raw materials to bubble tea chain stores and restaurants. Since 1990, this family-owned tea processing factory has been built in Nantou, Taiwan, mainly targeting the domestic tea market. We accumulated 20 years of tea knowledge and consistent tea factory expansion, now we have enough experience and capacity to enter the global tea market. Let us be your partner in making your business brighter.

Founded in 1993, Sung Ghing is an advanced leader in developing wasabi products, providing customers with high-quality wasabi products to enrich food aroma and flavor. Over 26 years of experience, we found an effective way to reserve the wasabi pungent aroma and flavor, this makes our wasabi products have a hot sale. We uphold the principles of "Integrity, Professionalism, and Customer-First" while using only natural ingredients in our strict production process. Complied with ISO22000 and HACCP certification and ensure that no chemical preservatives are added. In addition to regular products, ODM and OEM services are also available. With over 80% market share in Taiwan, we are dedicated to providing healthy and safe wasabi products for sushi shops, food suppliers, restaurants, and exporters to serve customers worldwide.

Volks Cooperation has 11 years of industry technology and resource precipitation in the head office. We are immersed in new applications, we mainly focus on research, development , production , sales and operation for Automated Guided Vehicle and Automated Bubble Tea Machine.

Being a turnkey solution provider for Tofu & Soymilk with more than 31 years of experience in manufacturing, R&D, designing, and technology development, we've been standing side by side to our global customers with technical support and know-how transfer for the ongoing trend of High Demand of Tofu Consumption. We manufacture automatic and hygienic production lines to meet customers' needs in food safety and help our clients to apply our machines acquired to food regulation. With so many successful projects, our machines & technology are always your one-stop-solution.