AVLink, headquartered in Taiwan, has been established in 1981. AVLink provides professional solutions for distribution, extension and conversion of audio and video signals. AVLink is an innovative company with a strong commitment to R&D. AVLink offers a wide range of products for distribution, conversion and extension of as well analogue as digital AV signals. HDBaseT is used for extension and distribution of digital signals. HDMI and DisplayPort signals are supported in as well HD as 4K formats.


chen meng VVT-I Camshaft Timing control valve

Dengan pengalaman dalam pemprosesan CNC sebenar selama 30 tahun, Syarikat Chen Min Machinery merupakan salah sebuah syarikat pengeluar pelbagai jenis enjin bagi kereta, motoskal, kapal, jentera angkat-susun, mesin rumput, kereta kawalan jauh dan bot yang menawarkan kualiti produk yang setanding dengan syarikat-syarikat Amerika Syarikat, Jepun dan Jerman Barat dalam industri pengeluaran. Mesin Pemprosesan 5 Paksi Jenis Kepala Berpusing #Meningkatkan sambutan pendikit pada kelajuan rendah #Memperbaik keadaan pendakian perlahan #Menguatkan kesan penarikan segera #Meningkatkan kuasa kuda dan tork dan seterusnya memecutkan suap balik dengan berkesan #Mengurangkan sambutan beban yang disebabkan semasa enjin berada pada kelajuan tinggi #Tidak merosakkan komputer asal dan mana-mana geganti persisian serta meningkatkan kecekapan bahan api

We, CiangShuo Machinery Co., Ltd., focus to develop versatile spring formers, and we has more than 30 years of manufacturing experience in the field of versatile spring formers. Our machines precision, quality and production stability have reached the same level of similar Japanese spring machines. So our machines have very good advantages in the field of high precision and micro springs. We have various model of versatile spring formers from basic 3 axes of CNC versatile spring formers to over 11 axes of camless type of CNC versatile spring formers, and from small machine (wire capacity 0.13mm~0.8mm) to big machine (wire capacity 2.3mm~6.0mm).


Link Fiber with Ficer

Ficer is a professional Fiber Optical Transceiver, Cable, Component & Equipment supplier in Taiwan since 2005. The core team members of Ficer have been devoted to Fiber Optics & Telecommunication industry for more than 10~30 years. Our features are strong technical support, excellent quality, high compatibility and good with customized solution. With various Fiber Optical product lines, Ficer supports customers win business in OEM / ODM, System Integration projects and E-commerce platform. We always believe “Customer Win First“ as our top mission and support customers link Fiber with Ficer !

Our company was founded in 2015. Wireless audio and video transmission is our main technique, focusing on home entertainment, business meeting, and education market. How to increase home-life convenience, improve business efficiency, and popularize mobile-learning education is our main value, and we extend our brand by this core. Our company started to develop the smart home industry last year. Smart home is a kind of application of IOT. It uses your house as a platform and communication technology to integrate devices related to home life. It constructs an efficient management system for residential facilities and family schedules. Our products can improve home safety, achieve environmental protection and energy saving effects. Recently, with the global epidemic outbreak, people stay at home longer. We hope to make everyone have a more convenient and comfortable life.


Industrial Safety Glasses、Magnifying Safety Glasses、Bifocal safety glasses

We are specialized in developing & producing of “Industrial Safety Glasses” & Magnifying Safety Glasses” manufacturer in Taiwan for many years, had got positive feedback in the market about quality products, our eyewear meet with ANSI/CE/AS International Standards. Our main markets are in U.S.A. / European / Asia. We approval with FDA and ISO 9001 Standards, especially our unique lens in Magnifying Safety Glasses : Ballistic Impact Testing OEM/ODM/New Project are more welcome working together to produce/develop or achieve both collaboration aim. Our main products as follows : (1) Magnifying Safety Glasses (2) Industrial Safety Glasses (3) Bifocal Safety Glasses (Top & Bottom segment) (4) Clip-on Magnifying Lens. Main Testing Equipment as below : A) Definition Power Test Appearance B) Prism Degree Test Appearance C) Computerized Lensmeter D) High Velocity Impact Tester

iAmech Technology Inc.(iAmech) was established in 2009, headquarter based in New Taipei Industrial Park, Taiwan and oversea offices are in China and Malaysia. With the advantages of products made in Taiwan, reliable quality products, years of professional experiences, high efficiency and world-class customer support, iAmech achieved partnership with different famous brands across Taiwan and overseas, cooperated with e-commerce, convenience stores, online and offline retail, clothing, pharmaceutical, manufacturing industry upgrading logistical efficiency.

Hello! We are the JDK team. We continue to work hard to create our own brand, insist on launching high-quality and practical audio peripheral products, so that every consumer that use our products has a better experience. The brand spirit of JDK is joy, happiness, and harmony, and we look forward to increasing the happiness index of every family. As the environment changes, modern people face more and more pressures in life, so they need more leisure and entertainment to adjust their mood and relieve stress. KTV is no longer a high-consumption entertainment activity. We hope to shape Karaoke-singing into a cheap, simple, and high-CP entertainment social activity. JD power is an expert at music KTV Wi-Fi projects! And we are Welcome for OEM & ODM services: 1. Customized branding Logo 2. Customized Bluetooth Pairing Name 3. Customized Professional Packaging and User Manual 4. Provide industrial design / Electronic design / software design / Acoustics Engineering Services OEM / ODM service.