Annie's Way hopes to transform the skin through their highly effective and sensorial products. The brand's butterfly logo was chosen to symbolize the end result of achieving beautiful skin from using her products. Annie's global best-selling 100% silk sheet masks and jelly masks help transform and rejuvenate skin in as little as 20 minutes. Growing up in a family who has worked in the cosmetic manufacturing business for 30 years, Annie's Way founder Annie Wu was destined to become a brand founder. Her family's factory is now the Annie's Way's self-owned factory, which has also obtained the high standard of double ISO9001 and ISO22716 certifications. Her close ties to and expertise in manufacturing have allowed her to stay one step ahead of the game and to constantly innovate and provide her customers with the newest and best skincare products easily. ""My goal is to create and manufacture the highest quality natural products to best take care of everyone's skin in the world,"" says Annie. With unique ""silver ion"" technology and jelly masks, Annie's Way has become one of the most famous Taiwanese skincare brands in the world and the recipient of the Taiwan Excellence Award in 2018.

Caoyansuo is established by a small to medium-sized enterprise with 50 years of history, which supplies motorcycle parts to well-known domestic and international motorcycle brands. During the company’s long-term industry-academia collaborations, the founder of Caoyansuo came across the natural liquid soap developed by academia. After trying out the soaps, the dry itching problem that had been troubling him for many years disappeared surprisingly. He soon discovered that more than 90% of the cleansing products on the market are chemically synthesized and will bring negative impact to the human body and the environment which cannot be underestimated.

Based on our experience cleaning thousands of homes, we have developed superior, professional-grade cleaning products for any household, work together with a 30-year local cleaner manufacturer. Completely made in Taiwan, naturally effective, we have transformed the cleaning experience to maintain your spaces for as little as thirty seconds a day.

Back to basic, simple care, Eauin’s product announced from moisturizing series, Eauin brand name is based on water, Eau from water in French, Eauin with all nourishment inside! Eauin‘s product hopes to bring light and no burden experience for everyone's skin, we work with the factory who has over 40 years in beauty career, to offer the best and the most suitable product to all of our friends. Since 2018, Eauin is not only has our own product, we can gather all skincare lab and factory to offer OEM service.

We are a professional OEM/ODM GMP pharmaceutical factory with more than 50 years of experiences. Our innovation dwells at combining Taiwanese high-quality agriculture, traditional Chinese medicine and essential oil to make pain relief products by form of patch / roll-on / cream and spray.

ForCean’s innovative team has spent more than 20 years to discover marine natural products and use them to create skincare products, cosmetics and even drug discovery. We have isolated precious coral natural product (Laboral XB2®) to create Coral Calm® Series skincare products. These skincare products can provide long-lasting hydration, repair, nourish and are perfect to soothe the skin disorders such as itchy, dry, sensitive, etc. It also helps restore the skin's barrier function to maintain skin's hydration and health. Based the above advantages, Coral Calm® series skincare products are suitable for sensitive skin, dry to itchy skin and even atopic-prone skin. Besides, they have also won several awards all over the world. For example, the Skin Coral Ultra Soothing Moisturiser is certificated as Five-star seal by famous Dermatest® in Germany (clinically testing) and Coral Calm® Series skincare products are also awarded by 2019 The Pure Beauty Global Awards-Finalist, 2020 & 2019 Monde Selection-Gold Award, 2019 The Pure Beauty Awards London-Shortlisted, etc.

Hua-niu Co. Ltd. is founded in 1997. We have been researching and producing 100% natural products that contain zero chemical additives ever since. Zou-Shou-Xiang is our most amazing finding: a natural way to contain and inhibit inflammation and bacterial growth without damaging healthy tissues. A completely different approach maintaining a healthy body environment: to solve the problem at its root.

LENA INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. is dedicated to find natural and innovative skincare and cosmetic product. Simple, fast and effective are the basis of all LENA products. We use natural ingredients to balance our skin and adjust skin metabolism, makes skin healthy and beautiful.

The raw materiaI of our series beauty care products has been imported from Germany. It ingredients were pure natural essence extracted from the plant root, stem leave fruit and calyx ect., parts. Therefore, It contains rich gelatin, fiber and protein DNA starch glucose, fat, ect.,to have the function to prevent from wrinkling and enhance cell metabolism and regeneration. Those products of pure natural plant extracted essence liquid are clear, less oily, and can be easily absorbed and applied by cells. Also, they enable skin to produce natural and fine gloss. All series beauty care products have been designed researched and developed for different characteristic skin so as to achieve the effects of skin adjustment, cure and care.

Shaan Honq International Corp , established in 1985, as the leading role in professional MIT brand in the global hair industry , developing worldwide multivariate services with manufacturing, marketing, education, fashion hair books and magazines and hair salon chains. The founder aws dedicated to providing innovative and exceptional high-quality products for hairdressers and consumers , assisting them in creating beautiful works of art. As a global beauty corporation with our own R&D Laboratory , we offer a wide selection of high quality luxury hair products, all proudly Made in Taiwan. From product development to customer service , our goal is to provide all our customers with a unified and satisfaction guaranteed experience The high quality products are popular worldwide since its establishment in 1985. Beginning from Taiwan, SHAAN HONQ penetrates to 50 countries, hairdressers and clients could find SHAAN HONQ BRANDS (SH-RD, CHIHTSAI, N.P.P.E.& ESUCHEN in professional salons , brand flagship stores and e-commerce shops . Since our inception, our mission to achieve that vision has remained resolute. We have dedicated all our research and development into creating the best hair care products in the market and aim to make them available to salons and homes around the world.