BUILD RAY Co. Ltd. Ltd. Is located in Taichung City, Taiwan since year 1998, who is one of leading suppliers in manufacturing, developing, researching for foreign branded clients…. Our main markets are in Europe, Southeast Asia, United States, Japan, South Asia markets etc....... Our main products including Fitness (Home gym, Rawing machine…), Fitness accessory (exercise wheels, hand grip, jump rope, weighted training products, hula hoop, dumbbell, push up, resistance tubes, door exercise, bar exercise, aerobic step, stepper, rowing machine…) yoga, pilates (yoga mat, yoga ball, yoga roller, yoga block, yoga strap,yoga bloster, yoga elastic band, yoga bag, yoga stretch board, yoga set, pilates ring, pilates mat…), Healthy care products (vibration machines, massage rollers, massage bars, body slimmer, twister board) Sport training products (basketball, soccer…) Stretch, core training products (balance boards, stretch bords…), and Ballet training products recently etc… Many our products are patented worldwide ! We are keeping developing newest products by our R&D team to benefit our clients ! Till now, we have more than two thousands products, and keeping developing new products. Except our R&D team, we also have our internal Designers to create the packages, Such as color box, poster, user manuals…. For our clients, all these designing are free of charge for our clients. With above professional teams in manufacturing, and designing, researching, we do would like to benefit our clients to work with us !


Featured Products

Healthy Inversion chair & table

*Reverse benefits stretch and relax the spine, reduce back pain, ease tense muscles and also beneficial to improve circulation.
*With safety belt, ankle locking and safety bumper system prevent from sudden reverse for comfort and security.
*With easy-to-use 5 fixed angle adjustment, maximum inversion angle 140 degrees.
*Have a sturdy frame and easy to assemble and use.
*Can be used as an exercise chair that do yoga poses or do exercise when sitting.

Multi-function aerobic step

This MULTI-FUNCTION AEROBIC STEP is designed to provide you with elevated, slant, balance and push up that can be altered according to your personal needs.
It is very useful for the purpose of different exercises which are essential to your workout. Our stepper has a flexible, slip resistant top which provides you with a firm, solid foundation which is safe and comfortable when workout. This Fitness Step will help you get closer to achieve your health and fitness goals. You can even workout at home.

Multifunctional Stretch Stick with Exercise Wheel

*Can help stretch every part of your body, like shoulders, thigh, leg…etc. according to the use way.
*Also can use as an exercise wheel to strengthen abs, arms, shoulders and back muscles.
*Soft TPR foam for great non-slip and comfortable use.
*Can adjust the length by twisting the stick.
*Lightweight, easy to use, and suitable for all ages.

Stretch Board

Stretch board is good for back bending, stretching, extending and hamstring pull stretch, this aslo can stretch the feet, the waist and back muscles. This product has acupressure points function, according to the human foot to activate parts of the body. The angle of the stretch board is adjustable.

1. Anti-slip plug
2. Stretch the feet, the waist and back muscles
3. Use it for back bending, stretching, extending and hamstring pull stretch
4. Acupressure points function, according to the human foot to activate parts of the body
5. The angle of the stretch board is adjustable-6 levels

Jelly Expander

The product can do different stretching exercise, help fix hunchback posture and so on.

Board with Dual functions

1) Stretch out calf and foot muscles and improve flexibility.
2) Beneficial for smoothing muscle pains and recovery.
3) Also, excellent for improving balance and stability.

Rowing training trimmer

* Easy to do rowing exercise to shape up abs, arms, and entire body.
* Stimulate back muscles and upper arms by putting the tube, and train abdominal muscle by the return force of tube.
* Available to do exercise when sitting, also suitable for people who are elderly or overweight.
* Stand and do pulling exercise to train back muscles.
* With comfortable foam handles and pedals.

Multi-functional Wooden Stretch ladder, Ballet, Stretch stand With foam protector

Build-up size: H114XW68.5XD71.5cm   
Contains 2 wooden bars. (Metal tube, in wood looking)& foam protector.
Wooden bar length in 59.4”, bar dia. 3.5”
Material: Iron tubes with powder coated.   
With non-slippery rubber pads for steady.  
With transparent washers to avoid the scratch!
Portable, Light weight, convenient carry!
Easy assembly, and storage!
Wooden bars, never break!
Help the people who want to increase their flexibility.
Suitable for Ballet Dancers, gymnasts, martial arts fighters, yoga enthusiasts, Aerial artists, cheerleaders, circus artists…
Stretching the heel for increasing flexibility.
Available with detachable foam protector provide the comfort for heel.
Detachable foam protector: Dia. 5.6XL30cm
MOQ: 1000PCS
Packing: 1set/carton

Slide board

  • Used for core and leg training/ hockey training/racing skating training.
  • Suitable for training legs, knees, hips, waist and abdomen, arms, balance, etc
  • Smooth and durable sliding surface.
  • The training mat can be bundled and stored, small size does not take up space.
  • With Nylon slide board booties (*Replaceable Lycra booties and mitts (additional purchase required)).

Multi-function exercise cushion

* Help to improve posture especially office workers.
* Help to stretch your whole body by put the product in different positions to release stiff muscles.
* Use as a pillow, and can help relieve neck tension
*  Help to exercise the muscles around muscles by putting the product under the hip and then shaking left and right.
*  Easy-to-use whatever your age.

Healthy Pedal Exerciser for Arms & Legs

● Used for arms and legs cycling exercise to increase circulation and relieve tension easily.
● 8 Levels of adjustable resistance for customize exercise, easy to adjust the intension by turning the knob.
● The adjustable strap can flexibly adapt to users' feet and hands of different sizes to meet different requirements.
●  Suitable for people who has lack of exercise, the elder, and people who are in rehab.
●  A large screen displays time, distance and calories burned.

3-in1 Foam Massage stick

• Unique designed trigger point zone for massage and acupressure therapy. 
• Foam points help with core strength exercising.
• Soft exterior and strong inner tube provide stability. 
• Mini size good for travel use or use at any time due to convenient carry. 
• Can be used with massage sticks foam rack.

Massage Cleaner

◎ Specially designed to stimulate, clean, massage .
◎ Resists bacteria and mildew to grow on your feet.
◎ Powerful suction cups securely hold the mat to the tub & prevent movement. Carefully stand on mat to make sure it is fixed on the floor.
◎ Suitable for all foot sizes.
◎ It won’t take much space and stand on the mat easily.
◎ Several sizes of massage bumps with perfect hardness make you relaxing totally.
◎ Built in loop for easy hanging, storing and drying.

Leg Deep Muscle massager

  • Four stereoscopic floating-point rollers provide deeply massage.
  • Perfect for thigh, calves and even muscle around the knees.
  • Finger shape handle groove designed for anti-skid and durable.
  • Light weight and convenient to carry.
  • With the flexible bracket and adjustable width, it is suitable for diverse body types.

Macaron Foam roller

● It is the best recovery tools to treat muscle pain.
● Increase flexibility and circulation.
● Easy to use on most muscles.
● Great for warming up before exercise and for recovery after exercise.

Health balance ball chair

● Encourage better posture: A Good replacement for office chair or school chair. So that can improve your posture easily. Also can prevent back pain and release muscle fatigue. 
● Engage your core and balance: Even while you are watching TV or slipping the smart phone, can move your pelvis or raise your foot up and down to improve balance and strength your core. 
● Stretch your body: Surely can use as a gym ball. Can stretch body parts that you cannot stretch on your own! 
● If use with safety resistance puller, can also train your arms, shoulder and back. 
● Flexible microfiber cover give you a comfortable feeling when sit on the product.

5 in 1 massager roller set

A) 3 in 1 Multifunctional massage roller
*Can be detachable into 3 parts, and combines 3 functions: pinpoint  massage, mini foam roller and massage roller stick. 
*Mini size good for travel use due to convenient carry. 

B.C) Hollow foam roller 
*Roll before and after your work out can prevent muscle injury.
*Help increase your  body circulation and massage deep tissue muscle.

High Quality Multi-Functional Massager Device


Size: L14xW8.5xH7cm

Material: PP

High Quality Neck Stretching Device


Size: L14.5xW7.5xH7cm

Material: PP

Made in Taiwan Adjustable Muscle Massage Stick


Material: PP