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For more than four decades, Yung Chia Furniture Co. Ltd. (YCFCL) has been committed to excellence in innovative furniture design, specialise manufacturing and sales services to our clients in Taiwan and around the globe. When we first established in 1980 by Mr. Chen Yung Chuan, we provided fabricated metal products, Fibre-Reinforced Plastic (FRP)-made dining seating and FRP beam seating for the Food & Beverage and Healthcare Industries. Our products are not just restricted to these industries, we also cater for clients across various industry types. Our company produces Classroom Desks and Chairs, Lecture / Auditorium/ Arena Seating, Beam Seating, Dining Seating, Conference tables & Chairs and Customised Metal Component. Currently our main production base is at Headquarter in Taipei. In order to provide more timely service, we set up two sale offices in Taichung and Kaohsiung respectively. As demand in domestic and overseas market increases, we established second factory in Hsinchu for supplying stable production. Over the past few years, our products to Japan and Philippines have been increasing and this makes us believe that we have a market in oversea other than Taiwan. We have started to expand our business in South East Asia market and have set up our Sales and Marketing office in Thailand in 2018 and in Singapore in 2019. We were awarded with an Honorary Senior Membership Title by Taipei Metal Furniture Commercial Association “TMFCA” and were also presented with an award of excellence company by our local government which was solely attributable to a consistent delivery of high-quality products and services over a period. We were also awarded with a Taiwan Best Manufacturer Title by Taiwan Best Manufacturer Committee “TBMC” on 2018 and the 2019 Chinese Entrepreneur Award on 2019. As per our corporate culture, we always expect that every user can feel our PASSION and INNOVATIVE attitude through our SAFE and STABLE product and service. We not only specialise in fabrication but also develop and design new product in order to meet various demand across the world. Products are carefully engineered and customised to meet the exact clients’ specifications. Our company believe in only using the highest quality raw materials in our products which are well designed, innovative and ergonomic furniture and most of all the comfort for the user. Production is executed under a strictly controlled manufacturing processes, where our quality control department will ensure our product is produced strictly to the design specification. As we pursuit of nothing less than excellence, dedication and client satisfaction, we owe a major part of our success to our loyal customers where we have consistently maintained status of being one of top Taiwan metal furniture manufacturers since the 80’s. In order to let the users and buyers feel safe and comfortable doing business with us, We had 8 patent certificates and also passed both test CNS 14430 Furniture -Desks and Chairs for General Classroom and CNS 11677 Furniture-Safety requirement and test methods for hazardous substance of furniture surface. We take great pride in our product and sales services. Our product designers, production, logistics, and service personnel are a highly competent and motivated team. Due to their continuous hard work, we are able to deliver our products within set contact time frames. As always, we will continue to uphold our motto “We Specialize in Comfort” and create a win-win situation for end-users, including our customers and clients. We will continue to work hard to be a top global furniture manufacturer and provider.


Featured Products

709A-2 HDPE Foldable Table

.Application: Community Center and Public Space

.Hidden legs design

.Easy to storage

.Spring foldable mechanism with patents


.With leveling screws

.With durable switch

709A-2 HDPE foldable table is designed to meet the needs of community center and public space. The lightweight characteristic and hidden legs design offer users to storage and move easily. These practical features makes this foldable table the best choice for you.

108H-1 Hexagonal Student Desk and Chair

.Application: School, Academic Center and Collaborative Space

.Suit for different grades students

.Multiple configurations make classes more interesting

.With a basket and leveling screws

.7 color options for the table top

705Fsm Trapezoidal Training Table

.Application: Collaborative Space / Classroom and School 

. 8 colors options

. Easy to move with mobile table leg

. Multiple configurations make classes more interesting

204H-1 Arena Seating

.Application: Sport Venues/Stadium and Spectator Seating

.5 color options

106G-1 Lecture Chair with Writing Table

.Application: School, Academic Center, and Learning Institution

.Raised edges design to prevent stationery from being dropped

.With a pencil slot

101A-1 Adjustable Height Classroom Desk and Chair

.Application: School, Academic Center, and Learning Institution

.Adjustable height function 

.Raised edges design to prevent stationery from being dropped

.Large-capacity basket

.Leveling screw to maintain balance

.Scale in centimeters is set at front

101A-1 adjustable student desk and chair provide practical functions to meet your demand. The steel frame with adjustable height design enables schools to change height along with different grades children. It uses high-quality materials and ergonomic design that will provide a convenient and pleasant experience.

501Q-1_6P Dining Table and Benches(FRP Table Top)

.Application: Food Square, Canteen and Service Area

. Waterproof FRP tabletop and seat

. Easy to clean

. Durable goods

. Up to 7 colors options

E0302 Foldable Chair

.Application: Community Center and Conference Room

. Easy to storage

. Lightweight

203E Auditorium Seating

.Application: Hall, Conference Center

.Able to customise color

.Heat dissipation design

.Foldable tablet

.Bottle holder

.Sound-absorbing holes 

203E auditorium seating is a multifunctional chair that is available for conference centers, hall, and art-related places. To increase the utilization of auditorium seating, we have a foldable tablet and a bottle holder. All in all, 203E auditorium seating is a good seating solution.

701L Conference Table(K Shape Leg)

.Application: Conference Room, Collaborative Space and Office

.Flippable table provides more storage space

.Easy to move with mobile table leg

.8 color options for the table top

304O_3P Beam Seating(U Shape Leg)

.Application: Public Space and Waiting Area

.Able to choose from 2 to 6 seater as required

.4 seat colors: Orange, Blue, Dark Green, Yellow

Looking for public chairs? Please take the 301O FRP beam seating into account! There are four selection of colors, and the steel frame offers a better protection. It is a wise investment for both appearance and safety concerns.

36-E001 Stackable Lockers

.Application: Sport Center, School, Swimming Pool, Dormitory and Office

.Multiple configurations by stackable feature

.With locker

801K-1_6P Dining Table and Benches(MFC Table Top)

.Application: Food Square, Canteen and Service Area

804B_4 Storage Trolleys

.Application: Community Center and Public Space

102Jb-1 Adjustable Height Student MFC Desk and Chair

.Application: School, Academic Center, and Learning Institution

.Adjustable height function

.Leveling screw to maintain balance

109B-1 Trapezoidal Student Desk and Chair

.Application: School, Academic Center and Collaborative Space

.Suit for different grades students

.Multiple configurations make classes more interesting

.With a basket, and leveling screws

.7 color options for the table top