Alpha Brass Controls

Alpha Brass Controls was established in 1989. We are expert manufacturer in gas valves used in commercial cooking equipment. We are ISO 9001:2008 qualified; Our products are certified by CSA, Delta C, CE, AGA / GasMark and JIA. Our full product ranges include thermostat, safety valves, and various gas valves, solenoid valves for the professional cooking industry. We also offer complete solution packages for cooking equipment.

Best Ring Industrial Corporation was founded in 1981, over twenty years with the spirit of professionalism and persistence in manufacturing and R&D of rubber products. Our main product lines include O-rings, packing, rubber cord, rubber hose and various other products made of rubber that are widely employed on automobile, motorcycle parts, machinery equipment parts, bath and toilet device parts, etc. Best Ring products are well recognized both domestically and abroad. Under the able leadership of our president Tony Hsiao, the entire Best Ring team upholds our corporate belief of quality first, customer satisfaction, timely delivery and competitive pricing in full endeavour. Today the consolidated teamwork has put Best Ring on the shortlist of Taiwan's top three rubber-product manufacturers. In lieu of augmenting market competition, Best Ring (Xiamen) Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was set up in 1992 in Xiamen (China) to boost production capacity and bolster product competitiveness, driving up daily production capacity from 10 million pieces to 12 million. We have also set up business bases in Canada, Australia, and France, to provide fast, quality service to meet with customer needs. Quality is the lifeline of Best Ring and the symbol of our corporate reputation for more than two decades. With comprehensive quality inspection system, we are able to assure that every Best Ring products is standard-specific and reliable. Professionalism and efficiency are pivotal to Best Ring's field leading position. Through stringent cost control and standardized production process, we are able to accommodate customers' diverse product demands. Stringent quality control begins with material inspection to ensure the stability and reliability of raw materials. And during manufacturing, various precision instruments are employed in compliance with international standards. With new products, 3D measurement device is applied to double-check specification before the final FQC inspection. The quality assurance mechanism has earned Best Ring sound field reputation. To upload our rigorous quality standards, Best Ring has been ISO-9002 certified since 1994, and in 1998 further recognized with QS-9000, and in 2018 certified as an IATF 16949. The dual international quality certifications are endorsement of the world-grade quality of our rubber products. R&D is the drive to continuous corporate growth. Without R&D, there is no future. Over the years Best Ring has committed considerable resources into developing rubber raw materials, particularly the long-term property resistance to heat, cold, oil, wear, acid and alkaline. The goal is to achieve low-cost, high-quality rubber products. Innovation means more than technical breakthrough; market predictability and expansion lie on the core of Best Ring's field leading niche. In light of China market's tremendous potential, Best Ring plans to set up service bases in Shanghai, Chongching, Wuhan, Guangzhou and Tienjin in the next three years. Moreover, distribution be built at selected cities worldwide to weave our product supply net.

The Chang Shen Machinery Co., Ltd. established in 2011, is a professional manufacturer and supplier of can seaming, can making and filling equipments, such as the Automatic Double Seamer, Automatic Liquid Fillers, Automatic Vertical Type Necking & Flanging and Beading Machines, etc. Our plant performs strict quality control before shipment, any equipments shall be subject to strict test and trial run. The machines, including standard or customized models, shall be properly adjusted to meet the conditions required by clients. Chang Shen develops many equipments to satisfy clients' demand. Fillers we start from Gravity Filler to Piston Filler and Vacuum Filler. Can making machines start from producing small size tin cans likes beverage cans, to bigger size tin cans for Powdered Milk Cans. Chang Shen always dedicates resource to get better choice for our clients! We want to get the WIN-WIN with clients and let the World knows Chang Shen Machinery get the Best Machines for can making, seaming and filling!


chen meng VVT-I Camshaft Timing control valve

Start with weakness, climbing weak, lack of torque ladle jitter? The horsepower torque and re-acceleration are improved significantly and effectively. The load reaction produced by high speed engine is reduced! Cheng Meng Ltd., a professional oil control valve manufacturer, announces the launch of its latest product Camshaft Timing Oil Control Valve to the global markets. The patented control valve dramatically improves the thermal efficiency of vehicles especially during climbing by increasing the car’s horsepower torque force and accelerating the feedback. In order to increase the engine efficiency, the oil control valve needs longer operation for the air intake and to clean the car exhaust when running at high speed. Chen Meng’s patented D166964 uses the ball bearing design to reduce the friction resistance which obtains a better horsepower and torque performance. The product materials combine US aluminium and titanium to make it lighter and reduce car oil sludge pile up problems. With over 30 years of practical machinery experience, we dedicate to develop the most efficient option to improve automobile engine performance while maintaining the original manufacturer's warranty.

We, CiangShuo Machinery Co., Ltd., focus to develop versatile spring formers, and we has more than 30 years of manufacturing experience in the field of versatile spring formers. Our machines precision, quality and production stability have reached the same level of similar Japanese spring machines. So our machines have very good advantages in the field of high precision and micro springs. We have various model of versatile spring formers from basic 3 axes of CNC versatile spring formers to over 11 axes of camless type of CNC versatile spring formers, and from small machine (wire capacity 0.13mm~0.8mm) to big machine (wire capacity 2.3mm~6.0mm). And we also have relevant external equipment, like the hook station, servo spinner, servo cutter…etc. to assist our customers to realize automatic production for torsion springs, extension springs, wave springs, wire forming parts, strip forming parts, air coil parts…etc.. All our machine models have CE certification. We have many agents in the world, like USA, Korea, China, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey…etc.. Our agents and customers give us very good evaluation for the quality of our machines.

GATX Industrial Co., was established in 1982, specializing in the production and supply of various pneumatic tools. The GATX and STID brand pneumatic tools produced and supplied by our company are all produced in Taiwan, with excellent performance and stable quality, good after-sales and maintenance services. We have established a good reputation in the Asia, European and American markets. Our company has also passed ISO9001, and all tools are also in compliance with the content of CE & EAC. Other than the above two brands, we also accepts orders from OEM and ODM. The design of various parts, professional-level performance, strict quality control, and reasonable prices, these are the target we have pursued for 40 years. These are also the most important factor recognized by our customers around the world. Our quality assurance will make your sales easier. Inquiries and comparisons are welcome. Let us have the opportunity to work with you.

HCP Pump Manufacturer Co., Ltd. was established in 1979, HCP is the most successful Submersible pump manufacturer in Taiwan. HCP pumps widely used to various range applications. Such in simple dewatering, gardening, agriculture, aquacultures, construction, plant sewages, flood control station, and mining. Where there is water, there is HCP Pump. “Make Future Flow” is the vision of HCP focusing on pump technology for water resources development. We are inspired to provide efficient pump technology to our partners to ensure sustainably in water recycling, which in turn provides a brighter future for the environment.

HV Apollo Industries Corp. has been a quality manufacturer and supplier of window coverings, blind components, and blind equipment, as well as Medical Equipment Face Mask production line , PIPE FITTING …etc. Our client group includes worldwide window covering fabricators, wholesalers, distributors, traders, builders, and chain stores. We specialize in supplying all kinds of quality components, fabrics, and machines for custom-made business. Our Business Lines: 1. Apollo Brand Blind Making Machines 2. Motorized Blinds 3. All blinds/curtains components parts 4. Alum. Metal tube and machine 5. Medical Equipment (face mask ) 6. PIPE FITTING HV Apollo’s head office is located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan . We have very strong sales and marketing team and service support team who are dedicated and highly motivated in serving our clients located in more than 60 countries across the globe. We take pride in being part of our clients’ success, and we are determined in always achieving our corporate mission.


Industrial Safety Glasses、Magnifying Safety Glasses、Bifocal safety glasses

We are professional development & producing "Bifocal Safety Glasses" & "Reading Glasses" &"Industrial Safety Glasses"&"Goggle"&"Magnifying Safety Glasses"&"Safety glasses" supplier in Taiwan, all products meet with International Standard : ANSI Z87.1 / CE EN 166 / AS 1337. The quality of our products has gained plenty of positive feedback in the market, our products are exported to markets including the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia, we have an experienced and talented RD team and we welcome OEM/ODM partnerships Our packaging bags, eyeglasses ropes, eyeglass boxes, carton ... and other related items, as well as the sea and air transportation business, are designated cooperative companies for well-known big manufacturers, you can rest assured to purchase goods with us. If you are interested in the company's products, please contact us, we will send you the product catalog or samples with you, thank you for your support, thank you! E-mail:

NOVAX is No.1 air pollution controller of NOx in Taiwan and famous brand in Asia Pacific. In view of more than more serious haze and PM2.5 due to globalization, NOVAX as a pioneer and leading company of De-NOx industry by professional and qualified urea solution since 2006. We closed trace local and global progress of regulation of environmental protection due to diesel cars with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction ) system are increasing daily. When we face the obviously trend of innovation from manufacturing servitization to technology informationization, our i-Depot with AIoT management system is the most key point to win the market. And we’d like to share and copy such successful experience and business model to India and South-East Asia etc to help out with you enlarge your business scale. Clean air for everyone would be our mission forever. We will be happy YOU could be our valued and trustworthy partner to create mutual benefits and synergy cooperation for each other. Contact: Janformy Wu E-Mail: Tel: +886-358-3289#101 Phone:+886-953-080-908

Sunny Screw Industry was established in 1984 (originally named Jae Mie Works CO., LTD) by Mr. Sunny Chen, the current president. He started as hammer-wielding entery-level technician and acquired a broad range of knowledge and experience after working for three decades in the fastener industry. Our main production is custom-made and manufactured according to the customer's purchase orders and drawing specifications. The factory does not warehouse already-made parts without a customer's purchase orders and drawings. This OEM production mode affords great agility to satisfy particular demands and to meet tight deadlines.

Being a turnkey solution provider for Tofu & Soymilk with more than 31 years of experience in manufacturing, R&D, designing, and technology development, we've been standing side by side to our global customers with technical support and know-how transfer for the ongoing trend of High Demand of Tofu Consumption. We manufacture automatic and hygienic production lines to meet customers' needs in food safety and help our clients to apply our machines acquired to food regulation. With so many successful projects, our machines & technology are always your one-stop-solution.