HV Apollo Industries Corp. has been a quality manufacturer and supplier of window coverings, blind components, and blind equipment, as well as Medical Equipment Face Mask production line , PIPE FITTING …etc. Our client group includes worldwide window covering fabricators, wholesalers, distributors, traders, builders, and chain stores. We specialize in supplying all kinds of quality components, fabrics, and machines for custom-made business. Our Business Lines: 1. Apollo Brand Blind Making Machines 2. Motorized Blinds 3. All blinds/curtains components parts 4. Alum. Metal tube and machine 5. Medical Equipment (face mask ) 6. PIPE FITTING HV Apollo’s head office is located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan . We have very strong sales and marketing team and service support team who are dedicated and highly motivated in serving our clients located in more than 60 countries across the globe. We take pride in being part of our clients’ success, and we are determined in always achieving our corporate mission.

Featured Products

Wood Slat Blinds

Wood Slats For Wood Venetian Blinds Width: 25mm, 50mm, 35mm Thickness: 2.5mm, 2.8mm Color: Natural, Pecan, Maple, Mahogany, Walnut, Cherry, Dark Length: 3ft/pc, 4ft/pc, 5ft/pc..... 8ft/pc Timber: Basswood, Africa wood, Brazil Wood, Cedar wood
Real Wood With Print No color different, can be long piece Width: 25mm, 50mm, 35mm


50mm Wood Venetian Blind Components High Profile: 58mm * 50mm head rail Low Profile: 58mm * 38mm head rail Wand control and Cord control are available Standard Ladder string or Wide ladder tape are available We supply all wood venetian blind components


Classic Wood Blinds For 50mm wood venetian blinds Control Unit and Tilt hook, Tiltrail support, Pulley, End Bracket HEAVY DUTY IS AVAILABLE

Chian Type Wood Venetian Blinds 50MM WOOD BLIND CHAIN CONTROL

Vertical Blind Rail

Vertical Blind profile: Low profile (25mm * 44.5mm), High profile (32mm * 44.5mm), Curve type, 28mm * 28mm type


Vertical Blind 89mm, 100mm, 127mm W. more than 300 patterns VERTICAL FABRIC for Vertical Blind 89MM PVC VANE FOR vertical blind


Vertical Blind ALL VERTICAL BLIND PARTS Control Housing, Carrier, Spacer, Shaft support, Cord Drive Runner, cord weight, plastic chain, metal chain, Bracket


Vertical Blind Carrier in Row Plastic spacer or metal spacer are available


Vertical Blinds Components Vertical Blind Wand contro vertical blinds We can supply wand control for High profile, low profile, curve type


Vertical Blind Spares Vertical Blind Scissor (4&8 prong) vertical blinds


Vertical Blinds Accessories Vertical Blind 28mm * 28mm We can supply Chain control and Cord control

Taiwan Wooden Blinds Manufacturer

  • Wooden slats: hardwood, ramin, basswood Size: 25m/m, 50m/m Ready made and made to measure size Heavy duty Aluminum/steel headrail, component parts Wooden wand tilt control, valance Select ladder string/woven tapeSample Charge for reference please contact our E-mail address


1. Fully pneumatic controls: 8 Yarn Fingers on main feed and 15 Yarn Fingers on 5 motif colors.
2. 2 fine precision air actuated elastic yarn fingers feeding system(Option)
3. 6 Sets of 16 flaps high speed durable and low maintenance actuators assure fine patterning.
4. Double pickers and double down pickers for fast alternating movements.
5. Computerized stepping motor control on cylinder, stitch cam and elastic yarn assure fine quality.
6. Automated oil feeding according to knitting condition ensures the machine's lubrication cycle.
7. Advanced UPS backup system for self-protection and automatic error detection.
8. High speed, high memory CPU capacity on board provided by Deimo for handy modifications on chain programming, 8 sizing, and patterning. Multilingual: featuring Chinese, English and various major languages.
9. B.T.S.R.(Option) 

Electric Wire Connector

We have developed a PATENTED New Generation Electrical Wire Splice & Junction. It features plug-and-play feather with add-on waterproof cover. Our product will reduce the wiring time significantly and require no twisting, taping or crimping. Visually it looks tidier for visual inspection as well. Most importantly, our product yields greater connectivity and efficiency because we make the surface point of contact curvy to accommodate the shape of wires. 

Assembled Vertical Track

any length available