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Alpha Brass Controls was established in 1989. We are expert manufacturer in gas valves used in commercial cooking equipment. We are ISO 9001:2008 qualified; Our products are certified by CSA, Delta C, CE, AGA / GasMark and JIA. Our full product ranges include thermostat, safety valves, and various gas valves, solenoid valves for the professional cooking industry. We also offer complete solution packages for cooking equipment.


Featured Products

Pilot Burners

Alpha Brass have more than 104 types pilot burners available. 

Gas On/Off Valve

Gas Valve applicable for wide variety of gas cooking equipment such as range, griddle, stockpot and Wok.   

Gas Safety Valve

The innovalues of Alpha Brass Controls Commercial Gas Range Total Solution are as below. 1)Ribbon burner is with Taiwan/China inventive patents and under examiner process of US inventive patent: reduce burner production cost and prevent waste of material during manufacturing process. 2)AJ02 safety valve provides five level flame control of both inner and outer rings, which is more user friendly with flame failure protection. 3)High combustion efficiency: 30% higher than traditional Range which save energy. 4)Dual outlet of AJ02 safety valve: sleek design with flame failure protection is different from traditional valve without flame failure protection in the market. 5)AJ02 safety valve is certified with CE approval and soon will be certified with CSA and JIA approvals. It complies with ROHS requirement as well. 6)Replaceable ribbon burner design reduces maintenance cost.

Gas Safety Valve

Compact size and easy to install Internal/external gas supply Pilot can be shut off  Huge flow rate can supply two AG thermostats  Applicable to griddle, oven, wok, range, braising pan

Commercial Gas Heating Control Valve

This product is a large flow heating control with the patent, integrated megnetron ignition control system. Its max flow, 300,000BTU, is the breakthrough and one of the innovalue to meet the need of large flow for the commercial cooking equipment. Other innovalues of this product is automatic heating control, low volt low energy consumption, flame protection, gas pressure adjustment, and automatic ignition system.

Commercial High Capacity Mechanical Thermostat

The thermostat with patented mechanism design could adjust the temperature by end users to decrease after-sale cost significantly. For its manufacturing process, it produces by specific vacuum filter machine to save 80% time than traditional manufacturing process and to increase 5 times daily capacity. It rises the product profit and the competitiveness. The innovation of this product is on simplified the mechanism design of flow adjustment, maintained high reliability and stability, needless power supplying, avoided contact oxidation under the harsh environment, extended product life cycle through decreasing free mechanism design.

Proportion Valve

The innovalues of Alpha Brass Controls Gas Chinese Wok Total Solution are as below: 1)Low noise:operational noise below 65 dB which provides well protection of chief's aural comprehension. 2)Easy operation:embedded with ignition module, one touch user friendly activation 3)Superior safety:gas and air ratio mixed proportionally and achieve complete combustion. 4)Combustion efficiency is 30% better than traditional Chinese Wok: it takes only 2 minutes and 20 seconds to boiling 5 kg cold water which is more energy saving compare to traditional Chinese Wok - usually takes 3 minutes and 30 seconds. 5)Replaceable ribbon burner design reduces maintenance cost. Burner is with Taiwan, China and US inventive and new type patents. 6)Min./Max. Capacity is 4KW~50KW satisfying all Chinese meals' required flame power. 7)Low exhaust emission:exhaust emission during operation is 0.002% only. (Carbon monoxide) 8)Flame failure device:in the event of flame out, gas supply will be cut off completely. 

Commercial Gas Safety Valves

Safety valves with flame failure device are with ON/OFF functions and SAFETY mechanisms to allow the valves to shut off the system when the thermocouple does not detect any flames. They are mainly used in professional low pressure cooking ranges, griddles, braising pans, boiling pans, and stock pots. Safety valves with flame failure device can be suitable for burners from 36,000 BTU to 200,000 BTU depending on the valves selected.(A60/A60S/A62/A63/AJ02/ATS-70).

Tubular Burners

Alpha Brass Controls® designs and recommends tubular burner models with the build most suitable to each application based on individual needs, thus optimizing performance and making installation easier.   The flame is particularly stable, making for silent operation, and you can use the burner either on its own or in assembled units.  Available in W flame and V flame type.

Mechanical Thermostat

1) Universal design for global market: A64T thermostat is certified with CE, CSA, Delta C and JIA approvals.   Exposed dual knob design is in line with European new requirement, users may shut down gas supply completely by switching off fryer panel external knob in the event of accidents in the kitchen.     2) Built-in auto ignition. 3) Snap function with maximum flow rate up to 200,000 BTU/hr. 4) Simplify assembly process and reduce maintenance cost: A64T thermostat combines gas valve, temperature control, auto ignition and pressure adjustment functions which reduce installation and maintenance cost.