HCP Pump Manufacturer Co., Ltd. was established in 1979, HCP is the most successful Submersible pump manufacturer in Taiwan. HCP pumps widely used to various range applications. Such in simple dewatering, gardening, agriculture, aquacultures, construction, plant sewages, flood control station, and mining. Where there is water, there is HCP Pump. “Make Future Flow” is the vision of HCP focusing on pump technology for water resources development. We are inspired to provide efficient pump technology to our partners to ensure sustainably in water recycling, which in turn provides a brighter future for the environment.


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FEATURES Best structure design, has a dry motor, IP68, double mechanical seals, equipped with an auto-cut protector, pump casting, outer cover is stainless steel, and acid-resistant silicon carbide seals. The Stainless series is suitable for all light acid, corrosive and/or sea water application fluid in pH value between 4~10pH. For Strong Acidity and Alkalinity applications, please use the specified chemical pump. Investment Casting Precision casting with the use of an advanced stainless investment casting method, that produces the highest quality with a smooth surface finish. Viton O-rings are used throughout the pump to give better pump life in corrosive acid and aggressive media. Austenitic Stainless Steel(SUS300 series)is used in SF/SA series. SUS316/SCS14 is better than SUS304/SCS13 in water application of light acid-base. APPLICATIONS Suitable for wastewater treatment in food and wine-making industry. Suitable for wastewater treatment for petroleum industry, dyeing industry and mining dewatering contain acidic fluid. This series is suitable for all, light acid, corrosive and / or sea water applications. ↑ website


FEATURES U / P type impellers are designed in maximizing the difference of wastewater applications performance needs. FN-UL non-clog models, capable passing larger solid. HCP's professional production assembly line, combined with synthetic testing and monitoring, to ensures each IP68 motor enclosures and the highest level of pump quality. Standard accessories include : epoxy resin sealed cable base, Auto-cut Protector, dual mechanical seals, Food grade lubricant and lip seal design. APPLICATIONS Drainage of sewage from the building basements, hotel industry,and waste water from factories. Drainage of sewage from industrial process factories. Emptying of septic tanks,cesspits and sewage pump stations. Pumping surface and drainage water from garages and sprinkler systems. ↑ website


FEATURES Pump body is made of casting iron and with hight solids epoxy coating whith make pump firm, reliable,durable and long service life. Triangular handle is designed for easy handling on guide rail system (model above 7.5HP). An oil lifter is located in the oil chamber, which ensure the lubrication of mechanical and extend the service life of pump. A Food Grade Lubricant is filled in mechanical seal chamber. The Lubricant meets standards, such as FDA, REACH and so on. This lubricant is toxicant free, eco-friendly, and low impact on agriculture & aquaculture farming. Non-clogging impeller designs : APPLICATIONS Residential building, hospital, commercial building and household usage. Livestock farming, pig farming, dairy farming and sewage treatment. Food industry, pulp and paper industry, mining, dyeing and finishing factory, leather factory, steel manufacturer, electronics industry and wastewater treatment. Hydraulic engineering and flood control. Sanitary sewer pumping. ↑ website


FEATURES Radial cutter and cutter ring are specifically designed for grinding purpose. Radial cutter and cutter ring is made of SUS440C which hardness is HRC 55-60 and provide good wearing resistance. Fully equipped including, Epoxy resin sealed water-tight cable base,Auto-cut protector, double set mechanical seal, double set lower bearing for nhancement of rotation balance. All components are produced with strict quality control. 1Ø Centrifugal Switch and capacitor motor design. 5 times higher starting torque Extrem Grinding Ability. APPLICATIONS Drainage of wastewater of household, apartment building and hotel. Transferring wastewater from commercial building, industrial area and amusement place. School, hospital, government building and park. ↑ website


FEATURES Designed for construction and civil engineering applications: its easy portability, double outer casing and water cooling motor make it possible to run the pump in low water levels. The pumps are durable and leakproof structure with automatic resetting motor protection and double mechanical seals made of silicon carbide. The internal casting is coated with High Solid Epoxy coating to prolongs metals from corrosion and oxidization. Multi-impeller design with High Chrome Alloy steel (HiCrFC) impeller, wear plate and wear rings with a hardness of 55 - 60 Rockwell. It is the hardest and toughest impeller among the construction pump and against abrasion. The pumps are durable with Epoxy Resin Cable, IP68 waterproof structure, automatic resetting and double mechanical seal made of silicon carbide. APPLICATIONS Civil engineering, dewatering, tunneling, ground works, mining and manhole sewer. Industrial wastewater dewatering or recycling fluids containing solid sediments for Gravel pit, Sand and Gravel plant. Mobile use for contractors, installers and industries. ↑ website