We are a new manufacturer and exporter, founded in 2019. Our main products is TTA, it is New Nano Composite Material Introduction, has been certified by a multinational laboratory nano-label, 100% safe and non-toxic, harmless to human body, Building materials, Car, cloth...ect. It is virus authoritative laboratory Microbac antiviral certification for effective removal of Enteroviruses, HINI and coronaviruses (SARS). In addition, TTA have Taiwan Patent, Invention patent, Green Building Mark, patent, European certificate, 100% non-poisonous material. we have manufacturing plants in Taiwan, main product are antiviral medical masks and antiviral spray, Because COVID-19 outbreak is continuing to grow, TTA can protects the safety of our lives. We are committed to providing excellent products, guarding you and your family health.

Yung Kang was founded in 2006. Since its inception, we have focused on disposable plastic medical device R&D as well as OEM and ODM services with GMP and ISO 13485 certifications. We mainly produce the medical consumable, disposable device and the correlation equipment research. The Airtight Suction Liner System of Yung Kang is indicated for use to remove or collect surgical fluids, tissue, bodily fluids or infectious material. Its safe and easy to use design can reduce the risk of contamination, creating an ideal and safer working environment for healthcare workers. The liner system has exported to more than 10 countries. The Airtight Suction Liner System of the global market has used in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Poland, Brazil, South Korea, Qatar, Bengal, Romania