Binshyh was established in 1988, we focus on research and produce different kinds of high quality and patent lenses. Binshyh are professional in Sunglasses and Lenses OEM&ODM. We have strong supply chain and experience can help our customers produce and improve their products. Creative, Passion and Professional Knowledge keep Binshyh maintain the position as a leading manufacturer in lens industry.

Long-Time Biotechnology Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the current model of consumption and integrates production, and sales for a direct and virtual business platform. We have a supported manufactured plant, all the steps of manufacture are followed by Taiwan, the products will be entered into the healthcare market directly and legally, providing consumers a simple and safe selection.

We are an export company about defensive medicine. The main products are antiviral masks, antiviral spray, antiviral scarf ……etc. COVID-19 has become a pandemic, we have sufficient inventory and good export services for you.

In 2000, Taiwan Advance Bio-Pharmaceutical Incorporation (TABP) received the technology transfers and assets from The Development Center for Biotechnology (DCB) of Taiwan, including the related laboratories, factories, equipment, 7 key techniques, 34 products, and 46 patents. As the food safety issue has become more and more emphasized in the whole world, we provide less expensive and fast biotech based food safety ELISA or Rapid Test (Lateral Flow Test) Kits which includes detecting the materials such as β-Agonist, Antibiotics, Aflatoxins and Pesticides in livestock, aquaculture products and crops that provided for either food exporting or domestic control. Furthermore, TABP has also been working on developing a few new kinds of IVD (In Vitro Diagnostic) Test for human diseases, e.g., COVID-19 Test, Oral Health Indicator Test, and Arthritis Test.

WELLSOON –One well experienced manufacturer for Skin care, Personal hygiene products. Natural & Organic are at the core of who we are. To honor our body and the world we live in, we’ve created an extraordinary range of truly effective personal care products that are inherently safe, and certified to the ISO 22716, GMPC standard, SNQ Standard, and Halal certification standard. What you can trust, our products are 100% Made In Taiwan. We have been active in OBM, OEM, ODM fields for decades, please contact us free for more information.