EPED Inc. is a value-added medical navigation solutions supplier which provides surgeons with high quality, cutting-edge navigation technologies. As a leading company in 3D space positioning technologies, EPED Inc. created the SimEx dental training system to standardize dental practical training across many countries. This system has provided dentists and dental students with clinical training preparation in multiple fields and various procedures. Simex is also leading the way in increasing impartial results during student and dentist assessments by the elimination of subjectivity involved during clinical examinations. EPED Inc. has leveraged key 3D space positioning technologies in order to develop “IRIS” and “Retina” stereotactic surgery navigation systems to assist surgeons to achieve minimally invasive surgical applications. The company is focused on delivering technologies to a wide variety of surgical fields that include Neurosurgery, Craniofacial, ENT, Plastic, Aesthetic and Oral Surgery. Products of EPED Inc. features "precise, minimally invasive and safe technologies", with a key aspect of presenting these features in “real time”. EPED Inc. is in constant pursuit of technological innovations and flexible product portfolios to meet the challenges of the medical, clinical and educational market.


Featured Products

Retina Stereotactic Surgery Navigation Systems

The “Retina” is a stereotactic surgery navigation systems for Neurosurgery, Craniofacial, ENT, Plastic, Aesthetic and other types of minimally invasive surgical applications. The “Retina” reduces unnecessary tissue injuries, to aid in minimally invasive surgeries, improve surgical quality, which provide overall better medical service for patients. 1) Precise 3D space positioning Doctors can monitor the position of the instrument tip in real time during surgery in order to increase the accuracy of surgery. 2) Minimally invasive surgery Faster recovery with less trauma. 3) High compatibility The “Retina” is equipped with a universal adaptor which works with a variety of surgical instruments and it also has multiple solutions to adapt to various operating rooms and equipments. 4) High price-performance value Along with a high price-performance value, the improved surgical outcomes provide better medical service for patients.

Implant Real-time Imaging System

No More Blind Surgeries!  Iris-100 is an Intra-bone GPS system designed for dental implant surgery, using dental CBCT imaging to plan the implant position, angulations and depth in a real time 3D environment. Our developed system in conjunction with the implant tracking system and software provides doctors with the accurate navigation and guidance needed during surgical implant procedures. There are no more blind surgeries. Doctors can see on screen in real time while drilling, making them feel more confident about the procedure, as well as producing safe and reliable results.  Patients can be confident knowing that the doctor is placing the implant in the most accurate position, minimizing risks, complications and even recovery time, due to minimally invasive surgery. Navigating the Future of Dental Implants. For more information, please visit our website at www.eped.com.tw.

SimEx Dental Augmented Reality Simulator

SimEx is the most adaptive Augmented Reality Simulator in today’s marketplace, enabling dental schools to select what typodont to use, and to customize the technology to their school’s curriculum.SimEx is the most adaptive Augmented Reality Simulator in today’s marketplace, enabling dental schools to select what typodont to use, and to customize the technology to their school’s curriculum. 1. 3D real time visualization enables more effective and objective learning experiences. 2. SimEx Augmented-Reality maintains the instructor method of teaching and enhances the teaching experience by providing real time feedback with customized evaluation of students’ work. 3. Develops self-assessment skills early in training, resulting in more effective and independent students entering the clinical years. 4. Best technology for testing examination and instructor calibrations. 5. Real multi-disciplinary modules enable its use throughout the entire dental curriculum, from D1 to D4 as well as OSCE. 6. Reduces the instructor's workload, allowing dental educators to more effectively distribute the instruction time during preclinical simulation clinics. 7. Customizable solutions from typodont selection to dental procedures with the smallest footprint available in the market.