ADD STONE is owned by Aberdeen Decoration Co.,Ltd. from Taiwan. ADD STONE manages faux-stone coating and wall panel spraying factories. Aberdeen is the Granite City in Scotland, also known as Silver City. In order to carry forward our mission of creating modern, elegant and eco-friendly building designs, we chose the name of “Aberdeen”. ADD STONE developed exclusive water-base faux-stone coating system; it is capable to create high simulation of the stone in both appearance and texture. We also develop professional faux-stone coat spraying technology, which achieves the imagination of stone coating above different materials. ADD STONE has the thinnest, lightest, and the most economical granite texture coating in the customization market. We believe that ADD STONE can change the aesthetics of interior and exterior of the buildings and it can redetermine infinite possibilities. We aim to create the triple-win perspective of human health, construction site safety and environmental friendliness. We have professional R & D, production and marketing teams, combined with skilled coating application masters, laying a solid foundation. The faux-stone coating production technology, which has been brewing for many years, has integrated the coating needs of the construction market. The continuous optimization of spraying technology has solved various spraying problems for manufacturers in various countries.

GINDA NEW-TECH CO., LTD is a company founded by the founder Chang Jui-Lung in 2014 in order to promote bicycle safety brake system. Mr. Chang Jui-Lung is a physics teacher at St. Dominic Catholic High School in Kaohsiung in Taiwan. Hearing the feedback from colleagues, he analyzed the accident of the bicycle rollover with a purely physical structure, and calculated the safest braking method. In order to achieve the best braking efficiency, Mr. Chang spent six years developing a variety of methods to automatically generate the braking time lag and the distribution of the braking force, and eventually invented a brake system with the safest braking technique and the shortest braking distance.

HUA YI CHANG Co., LTD has been established for about thirty years which is located in Taiwan. We concentrate on designing and manufacturing different types of LED escape hatch signs and emergency exit lights. We have continued to seek a way to advance our products in order to adapt to the rapidly changing business environment. Besides, we provide much more advanced, safer, accessible, and energy-saving items. Therefore, we are highly competitive in the market of Taiwan, and manufacture high-quality products to meet the different requests and resulting in a win-win situation for both our clients and us.

Item Plastic Corp. (IPC) was founded in year 1995 and acted as an importer for the graphic supplies. Facing the incipient domestic and increasingly competitive markets, the company has embarked on manufacturing and achieved ISO 9001 certification for the graphics and digital printing Industries. IPC manufactures a wide range of products such as Color Vinyl; Digital Printing Media for Aqueous ink, (Eco)-Solvent, Latex, UV ink and HP Indigo press; Screen/Laser Printing film; Carbon Fiber Vinyl, Decorative Film; Glitter film; Metallic Chrome film, Frosted etch glass window film; Anti-graffiti; Dry Erase; Application Tapes; Sandblast Stencil; Static Cling Vinyl; Mounting and Laminating Films; We accept OEM or ODM contract orders. IPC unique adhesive technology creates innovative and premium products with the quality assurance of being "Made in Taiwan". With 25 years of professional experience and strong R&D team ensure new and innovative products. Work together with customers for the contract projects to enhance the relationship. We pursue excellence to consistently and reliably provide customers with goods and services that meet specification, delivered on time and that are cost effective.

Juang Jia Guoo Co., Ltd abides by the highest business philosophy of "Never Stop Thinking as to kindness boomerang and actively implements quality and safety policies for customer satisfaction. Moreover, our team encourages new and sustainable innovations, provides high quality and professional services to our customers. We cherish our achievement in this industry as we head towards the "Asia Pacific No. 1" vision.

Norm Pacific specializes in the manufacture of home appliances such as dehumidifiers, and air purifiers, heaters, DC fans and motors. We utilize the rich resources and hi-tech talents in Hsinchu, the Science City of Taiwan, to provide comprehensive services in product development and manufacturing and keep up with global customers. We have been working on air treatment products for more than 30 years and our core value lays on the innovation and integration of mechanism, components and electronic control technology. Since 2005, one of our breakthrough products, desiccant dehumidifier, a dehumidifier without compressor, was launched worldwide. This type of dehumidifier is particularly popular in Europe, Japan, and North America. More and more international home appliance brands entrust us with new products design and manufacturing to date, we have served more than 100 international home appliance brand customers.

Ress Group Co., Ltd established in 1995, owns a number of production-oriented Factories. At the beginning of the establish has been actively engaged in a full range of Taiwan market and expansion the foreign trade of gas appliances. Products : Gas/electric water heater、combi boiler、heat pump、Induction cooker、rice products、squid ink power、Textured vegetable protein、bathroom supplies、 Medical device We provide high quality and technical support,and provide individual product selection and company-specific professional services.