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GINDA NEW-TECH CO., LTD is a company founded by the founder Chang Jui-Lung in 2014 in order to promote bicycle safety brake system. Mr. Chang Jui-Lung is a physics teacher at St. Dominic Catholic High School in Kaohsiung in Taiwan. Hearing the feedback from colleagues, he analyzed the accident of the bicycle rollover with a purely physical structure, and calculated the safest braking method. In order to achieve the best braking efficiency, Mr. Chang spent six years developing a variety of methods to automatically generate the braking time lag and the distribution of the braking force, and eventually invented a brake system with the safest braking technique and the shortest braking distance.


Featured Products

Double Combined Breaking System (DoubleCBS)

The double linkage safety braking system (That is Double Combined Braking System, DCBS for short) is really a unique design different from CBS. DCBS still has the effect of interlocking the front and rear wheels when braking, but it has added a unique time difference design to ensure that riders always brake the rear wheel first, and then the front wheel in a single braking action and to keep the braking force ratio of front to back as the golden ratio 7:3. Since this design can achieve this effect only with unilateral braking, we have installed the same brake design on both sides!  That is what Double Combined Braking System is.