Ress Group Co., Ltd established in 1995, owns a number of production-oriented Factories. At the beginning of the establish has been actively engaged in a full range of Taiwan market and expansion the foreign trade of gas appliances. Products : Gas/electric water heater、combi boiler、heat pump、Induction cooker、rice products、squid ink power、Textured vegetable protein、bathroom supplies、 Medical device We provide high quality and technical support,and provide individual product selection and company-specific professional services.

Featured Products

shower chair

1.Easier for omnibeaing shower  , Folding seat & armrest. 2.The two sides can atomize the spray arm to moisturize the skin and heat evenly 3 .The two sides arm have 3gear positions adjustable armrest 4.Shower chairs can provide much-needed stability for elders in the shower 5. Ergonomic back design fit spine curve more comfortable


Stainless steel body Temperature rang :150-190℃ Touch control Power:220-240 V Capacity:8 L

IH電磁爐 Induction Cookers

Glass hob Stainless steel body adjust the power by knob touch control double plate-separately controllable temperature range :60℃-240℃ power:220-240V

IH電磁爐 Induction Cookers

Glass hob Stainless steel housing Adjust the power by knob 1-10 power levels(500-3500 w) 1-10 temperature setting Temperature rang :60℃-240℃ Power:220 -240 V

water heater -water tank

water tank

Electric water heater design 2.easy installation 4.convenience

Cuttlefish Ink

Food raw material come form Penghu TAIWAN

squid ink powder

Squid ink powder with the noble blood, squid ink powder has no artificial pigment and antiseptic,With which it definitely reaches up the highest position by its healthy physique The main product is the fresh squid ink water pocket makes the squid powder after the processing Like most products marketed as “Squid Ink” our Cuttlefish Ink is actually made from the ink of the cuttlefish, a close relative of squid which produces ink with a more pleasant

Fuli Rice cracker(Original flavor-vegetarian)

Fuli rice,it’s made with puffing process instead of deep fried,preservative free ,it is suitable for everybody and baby with new teeth , extremely good for health.

Fuli Roll Cracker

100% Fuli rice,it’s made with puffing process instead of deep fried,no chemical additives ,it is suitable for everybody and extremely good for health , especialy during the teatime.