From its Sanskrit origin, Karma primarily means “action.” Karma is an eastern philosophy that emphasizes that individual actions determine the future consequences of the individual- “what you give in life, you will get in return. ” We named ourselves Karma because we want to bring positive energy into the lives of all Karma wheelchair users. We understand that losing mobility is a scary life challenge, but as long as we strive and spread positive energy, we will overcome our challenges. We believe hard work and a positive attitude will bring good things. For us, because of “Karma,” we take action to help people with disabilities. We do our best to provide quality products to fit everyone’s need and to help them lead a fulfilling life, regardless of the disability. The word, “Karma,” reminds us not to be idle, but instead take action and make a positive contribution to people’s lives. Please contact Souvik Banerjee for more information. Souvik Banerjee | Product Manager souvik.banerjee@karmahealthcare.com +919830148783


Featured Products


The eFlexx (EFL) is a foldable power wheelchair that can fit into the trunk of a sedan. This power chair is ideal for users who live in an area where wheelchair accessible transportation is not readily available. The battery is in compliance with UN38.3 regulation, which makes it the perfect power chair for travel overseas.

Ergo Stand Power Standing Wheelchair

The Ergo Stand (KP-80) is a compact and fully powered standing wheelchair designed for your budget. The front-wheel-drive provides agile control for the chair to navigate indoor and outdoor environment. It comes with the innovative S-Ergo seat and a wide range of power backrest angle adjustment.

Morgan Kiss electric wheelchair

The Morgan KISS (MGN-KIS-T/MGN-KIS-TR/MGN-KIS-TRL/MGN-KIS-TRLLR) is a high-performance mid-wheel drive power base that provides excellent ride comfort. Its compact frame design makes the chair a good choice for everyday use. Morgan KISS is a highly configurable seating system that offers various power positioning functions such as power tilt and power recline. It is an ideal chair for individuals looking for a custom-made seat or has progressive diseases.


Agile It’s all about performance, comfort, and style. Meet Agile (AGL), the new standard for transferring wheelchairs. Improved from the tested ECON series, Agile not only inherited its multi-adjustability but also evolved to provide a wider variety of options to serve each individual’s needs.

Manual Wheelchair- VIP515

The VIP 515 (KM-1520.3T) is not just a lightweight folding wheelchair, it is a revolutionary designed tilt-in-space wheelchair (with a tilt range of 0 to 35 degrees). Carried by exclusive gas struts using an intelligent center-of-gravity weight shifting technology, it maintains stability while the chair is tilted.

Ergo Lite

Weighing only 8.5kg, the Ergo Lite is KARMA’s lightest attendant-propelled wheelchair. The compact design is ideal for wheelchair users who need a simple, lightweight wheelchair for short trips. It is equipped with KARMA’s unique S-Ergo seating system.


"Ergo Live" is a slim, elegant and innovative wheelchair. It’s designed for those who have good taste, which provides four core concepts: the S-ergo seating system, multiple adjustments, and optimal performance, even more, it has patents. With nearly 30 years’ R&D experience and user experience feedback, “Ergo Live” focuses on the active wheelchair market, the unique designs are depicted as follow: 1. The S-ergo seating system: The revolutionary S-ergo system is the world’s first s-shaped ergonomic seating design according to the body curve, which is capable of simultaneously relieving pressure, adjusting and stabilizing seating position and reducing downward sliding. 2. Multiple adjustments: Adjustable rear axle position, backrest height & angle, seat height and multiple choices of seat dimensions are available to fit personal requirements. 3. Optional performance: The lively rear-wheel features lightweight and improved propelling performance, with the 5'' aluminum rim caster further enhances Ergo Live performance. 4. It has the patents on side frame and cross brace design. With other features such as: - Rear Axle Position: Standard/Prudential/Active - Backrest angle sets: 85 degrees angle - Active/ 90 degrees angle - Standard/95 degrees angle - Comfortable - Quick release rear - Wheel: Lightweight and improved propelling performance. - Supplies seat upholstery and pads treated with AEGIS microbe shield to reduce stains and odor. Furthermore, “Ergo Live” is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, the load could up to 125kg but 20% lighter than the traditional products, which make caregiver and the user himself both easier to travel everywhere and enjoy the sunshine alone with their “Ergo Live”, which is beautiful, but undoubted strong. This wheelchair’s every detail is designed earnestly to fulfill the user’s needs.