TRONCO was established in 1994. We mainly develop and manufacture infrared sensor products in the beginning. Our stable performance built up a good reputation in Taiwan. Thereafter, our product development has begun to extend to automatic-door systems and their peripherals. Currently, our product include: Intelligent Automatic Door System, DC Brushless Motor, Electronic access control system, wireless system and related accessories. Other Businesses include: the development of access control systems, electrical motor manufacturing distribution business. In order to maintain innovation and characteristics in the market of automatic doors field, TRONCO relies on stable professional experience over years, continuously expands product lines to provide customers more system services and product options. Before TRONCO establishment, we had had more than three decades of practical experience in the field of construction engineering; currently, we are one of the best application vendors of integrate systems. As one of the professional automatic doors family, TRONCO sees the responsibility of maintaining product quality and keeping reliability of reputation. How to provide the most advanced products and excellent service will never change and always be the highest standard of TRONCO. In technology development, Tronco often cooperates with international companies, exchanging technology and experience with international manufacturers, absorbing advanced technology and innovative ideas around the world, supplying our customers apart from other suppliers of goods and services. In the future, we will continue to enhance our professional skills and work hard on offering good after-sales services. With a faith of never giving up, we create demand-oriented products so that customers can be satisfied and happy. We also hope to become customers' first choice of automatic-door consultant.


Featured Products

CSmini2-S72 Automatic Sliding Door (2019 TAIWAN EXCELLENCE) EN16005

The CSmini2 sliding door system is the industry's unique integration of microprocessor controller and advanced motor technologies that is true to our innovation-driven philosophy. Unlike conventional systems, its extra-compact chassis houses microprocessor servo controllers with all the advanced settings you will ever need to best suit your business application, such as travel distance, door opening/closing speed, graduate delay in between speed differences – five variable resistors bring about all the tweaks for superior operability and user experience. 10cm thin and compact chassis resonates with European architectural aesthetics, giving a simple and elegant impression, thanks to its high-strength aluminum alloy structure. On top of state-of-the-art mechanical engineering and unrivalled performance, high scalability for adding peripheral safety devices such as access control, anti-crushing beams makes CSmini2 the best automatic door system. CSmini2 is CE EN16005 standard compliant, and is qualified by SGS for 3 million time operations durability as well as TUV quality inspection - it is nothing but best-in-class. Safety focused, innovation driven, and green minded best describe CSmini2 which is developed with fast deployment, intuitive operability, easy maintenance and the environment in mind. Website Facebook Instagram Youtube

SW30 Series Automatic Swing Door (2020 TAIWAN EXCELLENCE) EN16005

SW30 Series intelligent automatic swing door system incorporates microprocessor servo controllers that give the benefit of precision door position control and smooth noise-free operation.  As a green-minded electric system, SW30-L2/SW30-E1 uses it features high-efficiency power supply units (PSU) with stand-by power consumption at just <0.5W, offering the superior energy cost-effective automatic door solution. Safety features are top priority of TRONCO product development.  With the built-in obstruction detection feature, a light touch on the doors during shutting action activates instant safety measure that pulls the doors open and avoids physical hazards. SW30 Series intelligent automatic swing door system also supports a wide variety of peripheral safety devices and access control systems to make up a higher-grade intelligent safety solution where customers see fit. SW30 Series intelligent automatic swing door system has multiple signal for adding peripheral devices to suit different user scenarios.  Add-on mode selector is available for complete solutions that address specific environment and infrastructure requirements. Rooting in our customer compassion philosophy, fast deployment, intuitive operations and good serviceability are ultimate objectives of TRONCO product design.  Maintenance, for example, is equally important for an exceptional customer experience.  SW30 Series intelligent automatic swing door system features easily-accessible modular design whereby components and cables are neatly organised inside the thin and compact chassis while LED indicators help identify signals and system status. is also digital add-on controller supportive for greater accuracy in parameter tweaking. Website Facebook Instagram Youtube

RS Series Rolling Shutter

TRONCO develop and design the new wisdom of ultra-fast 3-5 seconds full open automatic rolling shutter. It has stressed the shuttle speed and is he typical products which designed for those who need ultra- high-speed rolling shutter. We have accumulated many years of research and development of intelligent automatic door system and production experience. We have adopted international standards on production specifications and requirements in the door of power, control, transmission, security, etc. Successful engineering performance and quality make us become the first in our industry and get cooperation from many listed companies, builders, hospitals, public works and large-scale pieces of case. TRONCO ultra-high-speed automatic rolling shutter use brushless DC motor international professional. It is environmental protection, low temperature rise, low noise and high efficiency. We provide customizable exclusive drive system and design requirements to make the rolling shutter operate in stable. We also provide intelligent AI control system and a number of anti-collision safety system pinch function and to follow the needs of the external peripheral products for rolling shutter and then lift the automatic rolling shutter system functions. Website Facebook Instagram Youtube

RV Series Revolving Door

TRONCO RV Series is in the top of automatic doors. With the progress of the development of the automatic door industry, material structure of high strength, durable, simple design with a wide choice of surface treatment which gives the building boutique-like texture. Therefore, more and more buildings are using the automatic revolving door, and widely used in government agencies, commercial buildings, hotels, department stores, hospitals and other areas. It is an important element to enhance corporate image. TRONCO RV Series automatic revolving door has a spacious entrance with beautiful arc shape. When there are people in and out of high traffic, it can disperse the crowd smoothly, and create a better experience both in use and visual. Broad and flexible design, customized service, the perfect combination of design style, with a variety of safety devices to avoid trapped, caught. It also can connect with variety of external emergency switch. Door rotation speed can be adjusted depending on environmental conditions, and more functional and flexible system that can meet all the needs. Website Facebook Instagram Youtube

SG Series Sliding Gate

The gate plays an important role of the safety and practicality of the building. Whether in the community entrances, industrial or commercial establishments, the quality of the gate is able to add luster to the whole building. TRONCO developed flexible automatic gate systems and provide complete solutions for buildings. The systems operate easily with different constructions, door weights and places. According to design requirements, door weight can be up to 1000 kg or more. Also, the systems can be in keeping with designers' ideas to create all kinds of styles. TRONCO Sliding Gate System could be installed easily and maintained quickly, and it has powerful extensions such as access control systems and safety equipment such as card readers, sensors, safety beams, etc. It is widely used in mansions, science parks, factories, schools and other places. Website Facebook Instagram Youtube

HS Series Heavy Duty Sliding Door

Tonnage automatic sliding door system is a professional automatic system for special applications, which is usually used for automatic access system, such as anti-radiation for hospital, nuclear and atomic proof, and large-scale stainless steel door and so on. Tonnage automatic sliding door system has much stricter standards for power system, control system, drive system and safety. TRONCO, who has accumulated many years’ experience in R&D and manufacture in this field, is one of the rare firms that can manufacture tonnage automatic sliding door systems and has participated in countless construction projects; we have won a good reputation in this field. TRONCO HS series tonnage sliding door system has professional drive system especially designed for tonnage door, which can ensure the stable operation of door. The control system is intelligent and there are various anti-door strike modes available; accessories can also be installed to add to functionality according to requirements. The system, equipped with DC brushless motor which is developed and manufactured ourselves and is heatless, noiseless and efficient. All the parts for the system are modular in order to make the installation and maintenance conveniently. All the parameters can be configured according to clients’ requirements. From tonnage automatic door properties, TRONCO learned that security and stability are important and indispensable elements for tonnage automatic doors. Therefore, TRONCO developed transmission exclusively for tonnage automatic doors to make the door operates in stability. In addition, with our thoughtful design, we set aside wires for accessories, so lots of time and effort can be saved when there's a need to add to the system a power supply, access control unit, etc.   Because of the heavy weight of tonnage door, the acceleration of gravity of door leaf is enormous. If the design is defective, collisions may occur between door leaves and people, from the door's failure to brake in time, or the power transmission system will break easily. This system can make the AI motor slow down to make sure the door move at a steady speed and to prolong the lifespan of the system. Website Facebook Instagram Youtube

FD Series Automatic Folding Door

In a narrow and there is no extra space when the doors flinch, FD Series is an ideal solution. When the automatic folding doors open, it needs only 1/4 of the width of the channel for the depth of the doors. For different door width, the automatic folding doors ensure the maximum use of space that it could be used in hospitals and public places widely. The dust-proofing seal of doors makes door closed tightly, it can preventing the loss of air flow effectively and it helps to achieve the effect of carbon reduction. Automatic folding door system offers a high standard of reliability and safety. It can continue to monitor the channel space, when case of the obstruction, the doors can be stopped automatically and using safety beam. For those who with limited mobility is security and a complete solution. Website Facebook Instagram YoutubeFD Series

US Series Automatic Curved Sliding Door

TRONCO US Series has a unique appearance. The dynamic structure with curved metal form makes the door line soft and elegant. It emerged with the building perfectly to create visual design. You will find TRONCO US series often in offices, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets, airports and many types of public buildings. Unlike automatic sliding doors, automatic curved sliding doors move along a curved track. In addition to the elegant and beautiful appearance, they are also functional. They also have double door structure, creating an airtight chamber to prevent the exchange of air indoors and outdoors. That way, they can keep air indoors from leaking out and shut out the noise and dust, thereby helping to achieve carbon reduction and energy saving. TRONCO US Series goes with buildings of different sorts. It provides a full circle, semicircle, arch-shaped curvature of the doors of different styles according to the needs of the building. It brings space design into full play and creates all kinds of arbitrary ideal architectural style. This curved sliding door is a "dynamic structure with curved metal line." Actually it’s a development and transformation to space characteristics of automatic door technology. General automatic doors are of a linear appearance, showing only straight lines. However, with curved doors, their beautiful structure enables the inner space behind the curve to be used. Besides, with straight lines changing into curves, such doors have become aesthetic works. TRONCO US Series uses metal arcs to define space, free from the ordinary look of straight lines. Not only is US series automatic doors but it also contains harmonious rhythms, through which the arcs and straight lines constitute a lively space. Website Facebook Instagram Youtube

TS Series Automatic Telescopic Sliding Door

Telescopic Sliding door gives more than 30% opening width in comparison to a standard bi-parting door. It allows the door system with maximum passage with minimum space requirements. In conjunction with intelligent CS auto control system, TS series adopt high efficiency changeable power supply unit which can input voltage 110V~220VAC and provide extra power source 12VDC/1.5A and 24 VDC/1A to satisfy surrounding electrical requirements of other electrical appliances and no need to purchase extra power supply to save cost and space. TS series uses efficient DC magnetic brushless motors developed by ourselves with low volume, high rotational speed, and low electricity consumption, not giving off heat and never going beyond 50 degrees centigrade. It runs quietly and possesses the functions of overloading protection and automatic restoration. Innovative micro controller comes with built-in self-monitoring ability, which can detect door leaves operating status and corresponding signal. If the door leaves are out of order in operation, micro controller will react via signal window display or emit relevant alarm sound to remind maintenance staff to check door leaves current status, and adopt relevant measurement to ensure safe operation. The system can do logic operation automatically according to the weight of door leaves and factors of the scene after switching on. It can operate itself automatically and does not need extra man-made set-up. This system will also automatically judge whether to send alarm signals in abnormal situations, according to the values of starting operation for the door leaves.  Website Facebook Instagram Youtube

CS1000 Series Automatic Sliding Door

Our CS1000 automatic sliding doors are developed and produced on our own, based on our own 10-year-plus experience of development, manufacture and production of automatic doors, and with users’ needs in mind. CS1000 is used for garage gates, hospital radiation protection doors, warehouse gates, high-tech facilities, wheelchair friendly spaces, security doors, commercial buildings, hypermarkets, ships, etc. With an intelligent microcomputer controller, our CS1000 automatic sliding door system is able to adjust all the door movements such as travel distance, closing/opening speeds, a smooth transition between high and low speeds, etc. In addition, the system can prevent the door(s) from closing on people, quickly close and lock the door(s) in emergencies, and to enhance the safety of the users, be integrated with access control units. The users can use the system for various applications with our assorted external accessories such as sensors, electric locks, access control devices, etc, to secure their place. The system is equipped with an efficient brushless DC motor, and can be used one million times. Through a low-resistance power-transmission system, the motor, which is space saving and has a high RPM and low power consumption, can get the door(s) to move gracefully and smoothly. Also, the components of the CS1000 have modular designs and an LED screen, through which you can easily know the status of the product, making it more convenient to install and inspect the system. In terms of its design, applications, and installation, the system is created with the users in mind. Website Facebook Instagram Youtube