The Super Micro Mass Research and Technology Center in Cheng Shiu University is the first certified Dioxin Laboratory in Taiwan. After 19 years of stable development, it is now playing a pivotal role as a frontrunner in ensuring safety in the sectors of environment and food. The center's key fields of investigations include air, water quality, soil, industrial waste, food, emerging contaminants, drugs, and doping in sports. It possesses laboratories with world-class and cutting-edge instruments and equipment with which it provides professional and highly effective chemical analysis services. In the last decade, the center’s total funding from industries, governments, and other academic institutions reached a lump sum of 68 million US dollars. In 2018, it received follow-up funding from the Ministry of Education. Recently, it was upgraded from “Super Micro Mass Research & Technology Center” to " Center for environmental Toxin and Emerging-Contaminant Research" (CENTER) with about 141 faculty members. The center continues to develop advanced analysis techniques and participate in multinational, inter-universities, and cross-discipline cooperation to solve emerging issues in the fields of environmental pollution and global food safety. The University has built a unique and iconic CENTER with support from many sectors and institutions.

PM2.5 Control Consortium is run by professors from four universities, including National Chiao Tung University, National Central University, Ming Chi University of Technology and Yuanpei University of Medical Technology to assist its members to develop air pollution monitoring and control technologies and expand the environmental market in Taiwan and around the world. Close collaboration among members and professors and experts of the Consortium is encouraged to advance technologies applicable in the field and generate economic benefits for the environmental industry.

With nearly 50 years of experience, Phihong is a leading global power supply manufacturer and recognized as a reputable brand by customers globally. Phihong strives to design innovative products while maintaining superior quality and safety standards. With an eye toward the international trend of environmental protection and carbon reduction, Phihong has successfully developed a family of highly-efficient EV charging products: DC charging modules, auxiliary power, control & supervisor unit (CSU), discrete type DC chargers, integrated type DC chargers, moveable DC chargers, portable DC chargers and AC chargers and wall-mounted and post type AC chargers for EV buses and EV passenger cars. Phihong Technology has successfully established a comprehensive operation model that integrates diverse products and services, including research and design, manufacturing, marketing, and services. Whether in public construction projects or implementing the island-wide charging station project in Taiwan, Phihong’s corporate social responsibility covers green energy and environmental protection. In order to establish a more convenient charging environment, Phihong has also sought strategic partnerships with clients to leverage the company’s years of experience in the EV industry to aggressively plan and build charging stations in construction projects across Taiwan so that vehicle owners have a comprehensive and dependable charging network.

Tron-e started in 2011 with the introduction of lithium ion battery materials and gradually evolved into a manufacturer of electric buses and autonomous vehicles. Our experienced R&D team has a broad range of knowhow, from battery materials to battery packs, with patented liquid cooling system for a longer product life, battery management system, electric bus chassis solution, reliable 9m/12m electric buses, and innovative 4m/6m autonomous vehicles, optimal energy storage system. Furthermore, Tron-e can provide fully customized products depending on the customer’s requirements. Within a few years, Tron-e became the largest EV bus supplier in Taiwan with over 50% market share. Tron-e has established our branches in Singapore, India, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia supporting our partners for biddings across the globe.

Voltronic Power Technology Corp. was established in 2008 with a professional team, over 20 years of experience in dealing with ODM power products. Headquartered in Taiwan, Voltronic Power is committed to providing high quality products and services to meet diverse customer requirements. With the same diligent customer-oriented spirit, Voltronic Power is dedicated to continuously designing, manufacturing, marketing, and introducing a complete line of UPS products and PV inverters to the demanding power market.