Expert in nutrition fermentation, the largest professional fermentation factory in Asia Founded in 1981, Biozyme is the No. 1 enzyme brand. We own the largest professional fermentation factory in Asia. We devote ourselves to microbial nutrition and advocate that the secret of life and health comes from the nutrition of the earth. Biozyme buys fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers, choosing only the best quality of raw materials. Not only that, Biozyme uses the exclusive patented MFS™ ""Microbial Fermented System"" to deeply extract the nutrients from fruits and vegetables. We insists on ""providing for the most important people"", producing the most natural and true beauty from nature. Biozyme is ISO, HACCP, TQF and HALAL certified, we are also awarded with the national quality SNQ certification for 8 consecutive years, and has been ranked first in the Enzyme category by Common Health Magazine Reader Trust Brand Survey for many years. In order to promote high-quality products all around the world, we also provide OEM services. We have professional R&D personnel and nutritionists to help clients develop their dream products that meet market needs and with theoretical convincing selling points. Together, let’s show the beauty of enzymes to everyone!

Chen En Food Product Enterprise Co., Ltd experience of running over 30 years, shipping to more than 60 countries, it has cultivated our sensitivity about the hand-shaken beverage. We have a good grasp of mixing ingredients like tea, powders, tapioca boba, and syrups, therefore, we can provide custom-made recipes and products. Our core materials of bubble tea: Tea(black tea、green tea、oolong tea、pouchong tea、tea bag)、Concentrate & Fructose(Honey、fructose、 flavor syrup、fruit juice concentrate)、Fruit Jam(Fruit Jam、Frozen juice)、Topping(tapioca boba、Nata de Coco Jelly、popping boba topping、sweeten bean、aloe vera)、Drink Powder(fruit drink powder、non dairy creamer、jelly powder、coffee powder). As a """"Bubble Tea Expert"""", we invested hundreds of millions to establish """"TACHUNGHO SMART FACTORY"""", which occupies 6,878 square meters to enhance the quality of bubble tea industry value chain, strictly control food safety, satisfy domestic and global market requirements. Our new factory has FSSC 22000, MUI certifications as well as HACCP, SGS, and D-U-N-S, TÜV Rheinland Certifications, and also earned the Golden Stone Award which represents the architecture is environmentally friendly. Besides, we build the food safety certification, quality inspection system especially the professional R&D laboratory with Class 100,000 clean room to offer safe, sanitary, and stable products. Chen En owns the experienced & professional team and our tutors just serve and teach you exclusively in the drink-making course. We provide amazing service from the knowledge of materials, store planning, menu designing, strategy marketing, and beverage promotion. Your dream of store opening will become true in your country through Chen En's experienced and professional assistance and service.

Creation Food provides products that range from: culinary, baking, beverage, coffee, fresh produce (vegetables), cleaning supplies and wine and sake. Our brands include: Lian, 璞珞咖啡 Coffee, and other major imported brands. Some of the products provided are: cheese, milk, creamer, whip toppings, fruit syrup, syrups, instant beverage powders, dessert mixes, tapioca pearls (instant boba pearl for bubble tea), sause, dressing, condiments, coffee beans, drip coffee, and much more. More HALAL products to come! ★Be our agent ! We are looking for distributors to represent us and our products in your country. We hope to create a long term partnership with those of you who share the same enthusiasm as we have. Please contact us and join in on the journey. ◆One of the largest B2B food company in Taiwan ◆Total of 3 factories, 2 located in Taoyuan and 1 in Shanghai ◆Over 60 service bases throughout Taiwan ◆More than 300 specialized multi-temperature delivery trucks ◆More than 1,000 innovative and goal-driven employees ◆More than 30,000 clients throughout Taiwan, including major hotels, restaurants, fast-food chains, airlines, cruise lines, high-speed rail services, beverage/coffeehouse chains, patisseries, independent food storefronts and retail channels

We produce different kinds of products containing several natural plant essential oil and hydrosol. Aromas are all distinctive and are not repeated. From cultivating to extraction to blending and production, all steps are carefully monitored. Traceability of products are excellent and our production facility is ISO 22716 approved and gets Halal certification. Meanwhile, we also collaborate with GMP factories to develop local plants’ aroma implications on personal care products. Expecting to make and promote natural non-toxic care products to achieve a new era in aromatherapy.

Dong Yuan Rice-Husking Factory originated from Er-Lun Hsiang, Yunlin Hsien, an area in Taiwan well known as """"Granary of Taiwan"""". With its great location on the south bank plain of middle Zhuoshui Stream, the quality water from Zhuoshui Basin, plus the unique, fertile, black alluvial soil, then an exceptionally high-quality rice was bred. The rice produced here in the early time was deeply fond of by Japanese Emperor, and therefore was highly famed as an exotic Ponlai Rice from Taiwan. Established since 1972, Dong Yuan Rice-Husking Factory has now gone through over four decades with tens of years of experiences in bringing forth new rice products. In 1981, the brand """"Dong-Sheng""""was first created for producing small packages of rice products. Then the business brandname """"Sweetrice"""" was created in 1992 so that our factory has entered a new era of rice industry since then. The rice producing/marketing special district of """"Dong Yuan""""Rice-Husking Factory was further formed in 2002 by contracting with specialized farmers, and combining modern technologies and professional farming, so that manufacturing and purchase are all based on contracts with contemporary technology and professional farming methods. We have a strict monitoring of all procedures from breed selection, farm management to harvest in order to ensure the quality of our products. In addition to using native species for cultivation management and unified seedling management, the special district also fully controls the application of pesticides and fertilizers in each farm. Each farmer is instructed by the experts in recording field cultivation and rice produce traceability. Meanwhile, each crop of rice has been examined on its eating quality value and freshness of rice quality, also the ranks of purchase, drying(thermostatic drying), storage(in low temperature and refrigerated), husking, packing and sales have all been done to make sure that the rice planing is safe, has a stable quality and is 100% of rice from Taiwan. In 2008, Dong Yuan was officially certified TAP(Traceability Agricultural Product). It also passed the CAS Excellent Food Verification and ISO22000/HACCP International double Verification which is now considered as the most recognizable food safety control system. In 2010, it won the National Top ten classic Good rice Award affirmation, and in 2012, it won Merit Rice Production and marketing professional Area Award. In 2017, we created the new brand """"First Rice Field"""". The First Rice Field brand of products are guaranteed with 100 % non-chemical ingredients and were made from pure and clean Taiwanese rice. The most unique products are rice crackers, rice sticks, rice biscuit, rice waffle, ten-grain rice coffee and rice bran panna cotta. We made the creative and unique combination of various products with the locally made rice with great quality. """"City Rice Sticks"""" got the 2018 Yunlin Top 10 Gifts. """"Dancing kungfu Top Aromatic Rice"""" is nominated for the 2018 Taiwan Fine Rice Award. To respect different sorts of food cultures, we actively want to promote Taiwan rice culture and have acquired the Halal Certification since 2019.

On October, 2018, we started the farm out of our love of this land and motivated by the idea of concern-free produce; we successfully built the Taiwan`s first and only – All Organic, 20.5 acre production cluster. And hopefully to deliver our passion for preserving nature to the consumers. We seek the highest quality and at the same time adjust production capacity to ensure free of gap, all year delivery. As a result, we are able to meet our clients` request on stable shipment and quality standards, reaching 70% domestic market share. At Dragon-lili Farm, we plant, harvest, pack and ship. Handling all the way from top to bottom of the supply chain, ensuring both quality and efficiency. We also introduced automation equipment to facilitate both smoothness and speed of the process, as well as the consistency.

Flavor Full Foods Inc. was established in 1983. We have been researching sesame for half a century. We have grown from a local family workshop to a professional sesame related products manufacturer with several world-class well known certificates of food safety management systems such as ISO, BRC, SQF, KOSHER and HALAL. With years of experiences and improvements, we have changed the traditional production technology into the modern production technology with business model technique to achieve and share Flavor Full Foods products across the world.

Green Strong is a manufacturer for making functional and nutritional food/drink in Taiwan, we can offer the OEM/ODM services for customers

Hi Duo Biotech business is limited company focus on quality and meet customer needs. In addition to self-demanding control, but also through the ISO22000, HACCP, Halal certification and insurance products, Accident liability insurance 30 million, to protect the interests of customers. The company’s products for food and beverage industry and tea path. Such as concentrated fruit juice seasoning syrup, powder pudding, high mountain tea, creamer, powder round hot pot soup and other items.


Hi-Q; FucoHiQ; FucoBeauty ; FucoPets

Hi-Q Marine Biotech International Ltd. was established in 1998. Hi-Q stands for high quality products & services. Our marine biotech business consists of Marine Biotech Health Product & Beauty Series – Low Molecular Fucoidan. Health Ingredient and Supplements (HALAL Certified) 1) OLIFUCO (Oligo Fucoidan Powder) ; for immunity support, Sports performance and anti-aging 2) FucoBalan- Laminaria Japonica extract ; for anti-obesity, liver and cardio health, Lipids metabolism 3)Hi-Q Oligo Fucoidan (Dietary supplements) Hi-Q’s Marine Biotech Health Products Department –We have strong Research & Development (R&D) cooperation with the Taiwan government agencies – the Council of Agriculture (COA), TFRI and the foreign governments, the professionals in medical science, food science and health care for developing the best Fucoidan functional materials & ingredients from Taiwan, for natural health and skincare products. Hi-Q Oligo Fucoidan (Low Molecular weight (500-1500Da) Fucoidan, a sulfated polysaccharide- mainly contains (fucose), extracted from natural marine brown seaweed for natural health care & skin care products.

We have 73-year professional producing experiences of edible oil also we have successfully exported our products to 12 countries. Our products have passed 3 kinds of Halal food certifications and many international awards. We cooperate with Taiwanese government, promote contract farming with local farmers and dedicate our healty and extra virgin oil products to more international markets.

Pao-Can Biomedical Co., Ltd., established in May 2011, obtained ISO22000, HACCP, HALAL and other certifications and dedicated to the food multiprocessing and product design from Taiwanese agricultural crops and Chinese herbal. The main products include health food and bagged-tea product, beverage, and cuisine products.

「Global Tea & Beverage Material Leading Manufacturer」 Founded in 1991, started from wholesale and retail, selling tea, fruit juice and concentrated juice. Has been a supplier of tea beverage materials for nearly 30 years, cultivating countless outstanding elites and establishing two professional exquisite tea material factories.. Has assisted countless international famous chain brand headquarters to grow and establish the leading position in the international tea supply. Certification: FSSC 22000、ISO 22000、HACCP、HALAL、FDA、TUV、TAP、TOC

2020 RESS starts to export the Muslim food, the product by Islamic law, all foods are considered halal, or lawful, except for pork and its by-products, animals improperly slaughtered or dead before slaughtering, animals slaughtered in the name of anyone but Allah(God), carnivorous animals, birds of prey, animals without external ears(some birds and reptiles), blood , and foods contaminated with any of these. products : Gas/electric water heater、combi boiler、heat pump、Induction cooker、rice products、squid ink power、Textured vegetable protein、bathroom supplies

In the past, everyone’s stereotype of candied fruit was very sour. The salty and sweet is very delicious, but when using a toothpick, it sticks to the hand and sticks to the mouth, which causes inconvenience. Shuntai candied fruit is packaged one by one, and can be eaten after opening the package This kind of candied fruit is not sticky and sticky. It is delicious and takes it with you. You can't put it down. The Story of Flower has five different flower flavors including lavender, lemon balm, rose, osmanthus, chamomile, etc.

For the founder of《Brown sugar best select》, brown sugar means the unforgettable ""grandma's love"". His grandma taught him ""the altruism"" and ""the social responsibilities"" by her actions, which makes him feel obliged to introduce Taiwanese brown sugar to the world. 《Brown sugar best select》 follows the traditional processes, the ancient 3 steps to test the quality of brown sugar, which are smelling, observing its form, and tasting. We integrated the processes into modern manufacturing and quality control. Our products of the traditional brown sugar series receive affirmation from several international certificates. We provide the best products not only in Taiwan but also to the whole world. In the future, we will follow the concept of handmade and are looking forward to using brown sugar instead of sugar, breaking the limits of cooking, passing the warmth and the love of family forward, from an attitude of the art of living.

Taiwon Food—Expert of Vegetarian agri-product Development and Integration. As the awareness of vegetarianism grows, food options catering to vegetarians are still limited in Taiwan. To benefit his mother, his wife, and many other fellow vegetarians with more choices, Taiwon Food's founder, Mr. Chen, decided to start this vegetarian food company, devoting to supporting and spreading such a green movement. With 30 years of industry experiences, a great passion for creating quality food, and close collaborations with local farmers, Taiwon Food strives to increase the value of Taiwanese agri-products and deliver healthier food options. "Professional Skill, Healthy Ingredients, Innovative Attitude From Farm to table, Taiwon Food carefully guards each process for you." Main Products: Green Banana/Taiwan Produce Powder/Seaweed Sandwich Crisps/Vegetarian Dressing & Condiment/Instant Beverage.

Established in 1973, Young Sun Foods Co., LTD is specialized in frozen vegetables and fruits, especially edamame, providing top-quality products around the world. Straight from our farm: All ingredients are processed within 6 hrs from harvesting to completion.Product management: Fully traceable products, insourcing farms, strict chemicals usage management and microbiology examination guarantees top quality and safety. Experienced team: Over 40 years of experience in exporting frozen foods to Japan and many other countries worldwide.

ZIH MAO Enterprise Co., Ltd. has engaged in the manufacturing of starch and the nature polymer modification for different industrial applications over 30 years. In food application, modified starch is mainly used as a thickener, adhesive and quality improver in the food industry. Its applying range includes: tapioca balls, deep-fried powder, thick soup, sauce seasoning, biscuit, candy, baking, dairy products, noodles and rice processed products, frozen food and beverages etc. Our starch food additives have passed the TFDA product manufacturing license, ISO: 22000, HACCP and HALAL certification. In addition, our food products have registered the US FDA Regulation 21, allowed exporting to the US market. Except for the above certifications, our company also has formal laboratory and measurement equipments, such as Scanning Electron Microscope, Rheometer, spectrophotometer, molecular weight detector and other basic inspection equipment. Therefore, we can provide the customers with diverse customized products, and simulate their production process in our lab then integrated with our R&D experiences to give all the client’s a total product and process solution.