Biotegy Corporation Ltd

1. Medical devices commercialization catalyst platform
2. Puriposh, skincare brand
3. Biotegy is an innovative platform focusing on design, development and pilot manufacturing for medical technologies.
Developing natural plant extract skincare products based on scientific validations.
Accelerating innovative product developments based on scientific validation
Hsu-Wei Fang/ Founder

Landseed International Hospital

The Best Choice for Global Patient

1. One-Stop Medical Services:
◎ Medical Consultation & Planning
◎ Outpatient, Emergency, Admission & Physical Examination
◎ Translation, Visa Processing, Accommodation & Transportation

2. Value-added Services:
◎ Direct Billing
◎ Integrate Taiwan's Top Medical Resources
◎ Tele-Consultation
◎ Medical Tourism Projects
◎ Emergency Medical Transportation

3. Center of Excellence
◎ Advanced Physical Examination
◎ Noble International Ward
◎ Cardiovascular Center
◎ Sports Medicine Center
◎ High-End Technology Sleep Center
◎ Cancer Center
◎ Spine Center
◎ Diabetes Mellitus Integrated Medical Care Center
◎ Nephrology Integrated Medical Care Center
◎ Behavioral Therapy Center for Tourette's Syndrome
◎ Neuroscience Center

Landseed Global Patient Care
TEL: +886-3-4941234 ext.4933
LINE: peterylin

National Cheng Kung University Hospital

National Cheng Kung University Hospital (NCKUH) is situated in Tainan City, a beautiful city with a large number of cultural properties and historical heritages. The approval for the establishment of the hospital was granted in 1988 and we have been accredited as a Medical Center since 1993. NCKUH provide medical, educational and research services with a history of excellent achievement and endeavor to provide comprehensive and heartwarming service to the public. With 34 clinical departments we provide not only high-quality of emergency, inpatient, outpatient and health examination services but also the tertiary care for emergent, critical, complicated and rare diseases.


The "PULSE HEALTHCARE SYSTEM" physiological signal detection equipment developed by SANE HEALTH ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. has been continuously developing and improving new technologies for 15 years, and is the leader in global meridian detection technology.
The whole machine "Pulse HealthCare System"; is developed and manufactured in Taiwan, using the world's leading bio-electromagnetic wave induction key patent technology, It senses the strength of electromagnetic signals from various parts outside the body to determine whether the circulation is smooth, and the detection process will not interfere with the original physiological condition of the human body.
This advanced technology replaces the traditional conductive and intrusive resistance detection technology, greatly reducing the interference, errors and operational difficulties of detection, Reliability (stability) and validity (sensitivity) are the highest.
Currently sold in 22 countries, it is suitable for a wide range of preventive medicine, health care and other purposes such as academic research, product sales, home health care, etc., and is the best scientific identification equipment for Chinese medicine.