Cheng Hsin General Hospital

The Heart Team led by Professor Wei Jeng is undoubtedly “the trademark” of Cheng Hsin and has long been internationally recognized as an assembly of top-notch cardiologists and cardiac surgeons. For our clients at risk of cardiovascular disease, the Heart Team has designed a special set of thorough check-ups, combined with 24/7 tele-health monitoring services, to guarantee that future medical interventions, whenever required, will be most promptly and successfully performed.
Moreover, as a leading General Hospital in Taiwan, Cheng Hsin also offers comprehensive medical care by a strong team of physicians specialized across multiple fields. This enables clients to access a full range of medical services and provides the opportunity to consult with specialists regarding their individual health and disease concerns so that they receive the most comprehensive and professional medical care. At Cheng Hsin, you will find medical solutions not available elsewhere.

Changhua Christian Medical Foundation Changhua Christian Hospital

Be Our Guest for Smart and Friendly Healthcare at CCH, Taiwan
Changhua Christian Hospital (CCH) was founded in 1896, now is the biggest health care system in central Taiwan, having more than 4,000 ward beds and over 8,500 employees serving in 9 branches and cooperative hospitals. CCH has been awarding with lots of national and international accreditation such as JCIA, CCPC, TUV, CAP, AAHRPP, FURCAP, SNQ, etc.. CCH also founded the first intelligent and green hospital in Asia which has transformed traditional hospital workflow and provides superior medical care.
The main theme of the CCH booth exhibition is “Be Our Guest for Smart and Friendly Healthcare at CCH, Taiwan “which will be focused on CCH core values, patient-centered care, and specialties. The anticipation outcome not only to establish the collaboration with medical providers in foreign countries but the strategic alliance with different sectors to achieve the best and smart health care.
Potential cooperation items: smart hospital, friendly international referral service, and special medical services such as liver transplantation, IVF, VIP health examination and management, diabetes health e-Hospital, breast cancer, minimally invasive surgery, etc..

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou

Chang Gung Medical Foundation is a non-profit medical organization established in 1976 by Yung-Ching Wang and Yung-Tsai Wang brothers, founders of Formosa Plastic Group, they are a tycoon in the global petrochemical industry as well. The medical foundation is named after their father, Chang-Gung Wang, which is established in order to improve the medical standards of Taiwan, cultivate excellent medical care personnel, and provide the best medical service to patients. It is currently the largest and most complete medical service system in Taiwan.
Chang Gung medical foundation contains 8 hospitals located in Keelung, Taipei, Linkou, Taoyuan, Yunlin, Jiayi and Kaohsiung; it serves approximately 8.2 million outpatients, 2.8 million inpatients and 160 thousand surgical patients every year. The entire system owns over 10,000 hospital beds, 1 in every 3 Taiwaneses has been treated at Chang Gung. Besides, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital is also the hospital treating the most foreign patients in Taiwan, over 30,000 patients from all over the world take a special trip to Taiwan Chang Gung Memorial Hospital to receive medical treatment every year.

Buddhist Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital

On August 13, 2000, Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital opened to the public. In Taiwan, Tzu Chi has built hospitals in Guanshan, Yuli, Hualien, Taipei, Taichung, Dalin, and Douliu. Dalin Hospital is a Regional Teaching hospital with a capacity of 920 beds.

Our international patient services team provides comprehensive and personalized coordination services for hundreds of patients all over the world who choose Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital for their specialized medical care and treatment.

Leading specialties in our hospital are in the treatment of dyschromia, the surgical treatment of spinal disease, and in the area of Knee Health Promotion Option (KHPO) of the Arthroscopic Cartilage Regeneration Facilitating Procedure (ACRFP).

We treat dyschromia, an immune-related skin lesion, by an immune modulation medication - a breakthrough medical treatment. Our surgical treatment of spinal disease includes patient conditions such as herniated discs, spinal stenosis, spinal deformities, spinal instability, spondylolysis, fractured vertebra, spinal tumors, and spinal infections. For the Knee Health Promotion Option (KHPO), using ACRFP removes the cause of knee osteoarthritis and thoroughly improves the environment inside the knee. After surgery, the knee stops degenerating, the cartilage starts regenerating, and the knee space starts widening with appropriate postoperative rehabilitation.

Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital is a home that brings warmth and relaxation to everyone. When people entrust their well-being in our hands, we respond with love, care, and professionalism.

TaiHao Medical Inc

TaiHao Medical Inc. is an artificial intelligence company founded in 2013, Taipei, Taiwan. Our team consists of experts from multidisciplinary domains including artificial intelligence, biomedical engineering and medicine. The image processing methodology with artificial intelligence is evaluated to be helpful in assisting physicians in breast cancer detection. Our products, "BR-Viewer", "BR-FHUS Smart System", are focusing on breast screening to meet the upcoming requirements. Either for images from handheld ultrasound or ABUS, the corresponding computer-aided system is developed. We aim at being the leader of medical software with whole body health care in the world. Our products are certified and validated for medical use (FDA, TFDA). TaiHao Medical Inc. has obtained ISO 13485: 2016/NS-EN ISO13485:2016 certification and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliance.

National Cheng Kung University Hospital

National Cheng Kung University Hospital (NCKUH) is situated in Tainan City, a beautiful city with a large number of cultural properties and historical heritages. The approval for the establishment of the hospital was granted in 1988 and we have been accredited as a Medical Center since 1993. NCKUH provide medical, educational and research services with a history of excellent achievement and endeavor to provide comprehensive and heartwarming service to the public. With 34 clinical departments we provide not only high-quality of emergency, inpatient, outpatient and health examination services but also the tertiary care for emergent, critical, complicated and rare diseases.

Biotegy Corporation Ltd

1. Medical devices commercialization catalyst platform
2. Puriposh, skincare brand
3. Biotegy is an innovative platform focusing on design, development and pilot manufacturing for medical technologies.
Developing natural plant extract skincare products based on scientific validations.
Accelerating innovative product developments based on scientific validation
Hsu-Wei Fang/ Founder

Taipei Medical University

“Putting the patient first” is our motto, because your satisfaction is our highest achievement.

Taipei Medical University’s healthcare system includes a world-class university and six affiliated hospitals: Taipei Medical University Hospital, Wan-Fang Hospital, Shuang Ho Hospital, Hsin Kuo Min Hospital, TMU Taipei Cancer Center, and TMU Taipei Neuroscience Institute. We are one of the largest healthcare systems in metropolitan Taipei with a total capacity of more than 3,000 beds.
TMU Healthcare System delivers a comprehensive and coordinated service by integrating primary and specialty care with research and education. Our affiliated hospitals have all received national and international recognition, including the National Quality Award and accreditation by Joint Commission International, a non-profit organization that sets standards for quality and patient safety at international hospitals.
There are countless patients from all over the world coming to TMU-HCS for the highest quality of care and the most reassuring healthcare environment. Therefore, TMU-HCS is highly regarded by patients worldwide.

The International Healthcare Center (IHC) provides the most efficient appointment services and the highest quality of the professional medical team. A coordinator from IHC will assist you with planning the therapy package which includes medical consultation, teleconsultation, treatment plan, hospitalization arrangement, and a specific translator for better communication. Moreover, accommodation, tour arrangements, and travel visa applications are also available for you or your companion.
The coordinator will keep in touch with you all the time before your arrival to Taiwan till you departure, they will make sure that there is enough support and proper follow-up procedure on your end. It is the overview of how we provide ongoing medical services before and after your return to your home country.

imedtac Co., Ltd.

imedtac Co., Ltd. is the most professional intelligent healthcare system integrator in Taiwan. Our intelligent healthcare solutions can improve patient satisfaction, reduce the workload of caregivers and help to prevent medical errors. The core value of imedtac is to build a point of care platform with fast healthcare interoperability with our medical software team, system integration team, marketing team, professional consultant planning team, and experts with great clinical experience.

We integrate many internet of things (IoT) devices into our fast healthcare interoperability platform that become brand new healthcare solutions. These IoT devices and services like wearable devices, mHealthcare, mobile APP and various cloud services applications has changed the model of healthcare and communication between care givers and patients in Taiwan.

The primary feature of our platform is patient-oriented, all the devices and software can monitor every patient's situation and get a history record. All the tasks will be recorded and sent to the caregiver in charge. The close-loop system helps the caregiver to improve the quality of medical care and patient satisfaction, ease the loading of caregiver and provide the key performance indicators of hospital to the manager.