Give people the enjoyment of designing and improving their lives!

Taiwan in Design is a major project organized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). The exhibit demonstrates the strength of Taiwan's value-added design products and stimulates the interest of the international trade market.

The exhibit establishes the theme "enjoy design, enjoy life", by presenting selected pieces of superior design and creative products. It has received global design awards from iF, Red Dot, Taiwan Excellence, GIA, Tokyo Design, and others. These Taiwanese manufacturers demonstrate how Taiwan can transform life inspiration into product value and enhance the beauty of life. The work on display shows that creative design can combine characteristics of traditional culture, science and technology, and environmental protection.

A sort of plain and least sophisticated tone awarded by great nature, just like the people living on this land, diligent, resistant, simple and kind, is about to revive the long-forgotten memories. The 80s saw booming exports of towels when one after another plant working round-the-clock for the promising Taiwan Economy Legend. It was then CHAR WIE received an order from the Buddhist religion: The masters were looking for towels of pure raw materials and by the least sophisticated process without any chemical agents. Only for the insignificant quantity and irregular requirements plus selected raw materials, the first thought was to reject the order that could mean major effort and loss of money, eventually, the order was taken thinking of the responsibility and love for the community. In 2010, in response to the global call for carbon reduction, CHAR WIE launched its Dye-Free Towels to the Taipei Textile Show for the first time, when the green products planted by the Buddhist Religion caught the eyes of all attendants to the event. Later on, Dye-Free became the brand for Dye-Free towels introduced in the market, where Taiwanese-made low-carbon products made its name and paid way to the effort waged for sustainable growth of the earth. A naïve and smiling face reflects happiness just like having dye-free products. We like to invite you to caring happiness with us as we appreciate the great nature for everything it creates as we enjoy the happiness defined!

EXTRA BLEND, we are a licensing agency and creative incubator who represents high-profile artists and illustrators from over the world. Inspired by sharing a love for art and design, we connect visual creations with Licensees and manage some of the significant and recognizable collaborations to the marketplace. EXTRA BLEND provides a full range of creative services, including illustration licensing, commercial design, merchandise development and exhibition. With our services, we strive to deliver with one on one assistance and help business shine in the marketplace.

"iThinking" a creative design brand from Taiwan where all products are designed and manufactured; focus on the emotional connection for people-things, people-people, people-the environment. Emphasize the affinity and practicality of the products showing, providing outstanding quality and amusing life experience. “Design with the home in mind” is the fundamental concept of iThinking’s brand management. Convert ordinary objects into commodities that are both soothing and stress-relieving, full of life, sentiments, sensibility and comforting qualities upon the warm household atmosphere that are created at will through assorted with plenty of colors.. The design scope of “iThinking” covers all possible improvements and realization of self-value from the individual-home daily,office affairs, society-the environment. The nature creatures as the prototype combined with practical functions to create emotion-related daily necessities. Consumers can feel the beautiful, new & amusing life through the natural atmosphere created by these products directly.

MARBILLUM strongly connect Taiwan's materials, local resources with excellent craftsmen to produce high-quality products. Facing the worldwide challenges, MARBILLUM wish we always show the best of Taiwan advantages. When square footage is limited at home, everyone wish a smart storage solutions to present themselves a nice lifestyle. Most of the solutions seems focus on ideas of hidden those small pieces, which sometimes not yet enough for consumers to seek stylish way. Marbillum very experienced in materials of marble and steel for storage, houseware and stationery category. Our in-house designer expertise is to create beautiful designs by mixing multi-materials, not limited marble and steel. MARBILLUM hope to make storage at home no longer just storage, but also presents an aesthetic statement in luxurious way.

Pai Pen Pro International Ltd. was founded on Mar. 22, 2013, created because we are trying to complete their dream of writing taste with luxury items and bring the dialogue between writing & art of jewelry into people's daily life. Make each one filled with the soul of writing & & art of jewelry each day. Makes people own the imagination to pursue the art & dreaming temptation, then complete their deep creation. Life should be good like writing, typing, flying…etc. Each one can be an art designer of his life and the creator of his dreaming soul. To enjoy life . The Pure, The Simple , The Fountain pen. And doing branding jewelry stationery which include the jewel perfume stationery/ jewel writing instrument and jewel necklace…..etc. We also create and develop new & creative products. Work with Italian designers and surely Chinese & Taiwanese designers. Our main purpose is to create the suitable jewel & comfortable plush items which make people really "Enjoy" creative items and "Enjoy" easy life. Suitable Jewelry items are focusing on "Noble" but not so "Expensive" items which people can really enjoy Jewel items and bring jewel to their life. Through natural power of agate jewel connect our power space around us and also reduce the impact of radiation factors. Also can have creative jewel designs at same time. Like Jewel stationery, Jewel USB, jewel perfume necklace….etc. All are waiting for you to experience. The refill of the pen is refillable and the same as perfume necklace. Surely, all purposes of refilling are for "Environment-Protection" and the only one "Earth" where we live and next generation "survive". Please join us for Protecting the only "Earth" Now. Web site or Exhibition is the first contact between both of us. For any new inquiry, please feel free to let us know. We are ready to serve you, like quotes, samples and even good service of your order delivery details. We are great to know you and eager.

Rice Ear Ltd. cultivates faithful doer spirit and co-creation culture. Key activities are “Design- Brand-Marketing W.W.” and 100% Made-In-Taiwan. Branding “LUFTQI” brings “Wellness on the go”. Features of team members are cross-domain, high-mix experiences, and highly emphasis on individual value and long-term enterprise value.

SomeShine was founded in 2019 with a mission to provide founder’s baby daughter an excellent sleeping quality all night. The creation of our brand is inspired by the interesting things we find in our daily life, each light is transformed by innovative ideas with the assurance of quality control and unique design. Our team is backed by a brilliant team that has been designing and manufacturing baby and kids LED night lights for over 10 years. SomeShine leverages this experience to keep designing product that create “SOMESHINE in your daily life”. We’ve been devoting ourselves into exporting our products to the world. With the efforts of the brand team, you can already see our products in Europe, Asia and America. As a household brand for parents, we understand that you are looking forward to a brand-new life with your newborn baby. Every SomeShine product can make your kids room decoration fun and warm, accompanying your little ones to their dreams every night. With caring and love, we as parents too wish to “Creating SomeShine Around Your Life.”

TAGather Goods is a fashion accessory brand founded by a New York Architect from Taiwan. After living in London and New York for close to 10 years, he returned to his home country and established the brand in 2016. Through discovering high-potential daily materials and applying representative city colors, he aims to create design that is not only bold but also ultra functional. We understand a world traveler like you may have a full schedule, with our bags, while being busy you will be able to stay stylish easily and Travel with City Colors!

Taiwan designer’s craft jewelry, INTZUITION, was founded in Taiwan in 2015. Contemporary artistic jewelry expounds the concept of sustainable lifestyle with intuitive Self-consciousness, for discovering the true meaning of wearing. Using recyclable e-waste precious metal with no electroplating applied; each piece is made with traditional craftsmanship in Atelier INTZUITION. Its’ design theories are often based on modern oriental Zen and Feminism. Their designs can be found in different countries/regions including France, United States, Japan, mainland China, Hong Kong.

Xin Li Kang invests in integrating components with mold, motor design, 3D image drawing, sample a die-made packaging, coordinated process services of production and marketing. We also provide OEM and ODM services to a similar company. In 2006, about 100,000 of the SUPERMUM food processor have been worked off in-home shopping channels. In 2008, Our business has been extended to Shenzhen China as a foreign-fund enterprise in China, we established the CHEN PIN TECHNOLOGY (SHEN ZHEN) CO., LTD., and promoted our products to China.