ADD STONE is Aberdeen Decoration Co.,Ltd own brand, Aberdeen Company from Taiwan. We have ADD STONE Faux-Stone Coating factory and ADD STONE Faux-Stone Wall Panel spraying factory. Aberdeen, the Granite City, also known as Silver City. Take with its deep meaning of beauty and the way of company development to name our company. ADD STONE integrates the constriction market and developed the stone paint system of water-based environmental protection, high degree of simulation, simple process and weather resistant. We also develop professional stone paint spraying technology, providing several composite materials to achieve the imagination of stone paint. ADD STONE is one of the thinnest, the lightest, the softest, the most economical and the most environmentally friendly granite coating. At present, there is no any product which can compare with us in the world. We believe that ADD STONE can change the aesthetics of the interior and exterior walls of the world and it can reshape the infinite possibilities of innovation in the building. Create a kindly city for the earth with the innovative Eco-friendly coating Start with green and environmental protection and carry the coating dream of founder, we hope to do our best to create a nice planet of Earth. From the triple-win perspective of human health, construction site safety and environmental friendliness, the environmentally friendly water-based coating ADD STONE is developed by our own brand has created a highly simulated, colorful, simple process and durable faux-stone coating system. We have a professional R & D, production and marketing team, combined with skilled coating application masters, laying a solid foundation. The faux-stone coating production technology, which has been brewing for many years, has integrated the coating needs of the construction market; the continuous optimization of spraying technology has solved various spraying problems for manufacturers in Taiwan.

Beso Vida, Spanish term of “kissing life”. In the face of different forms of life, we respect and treat inclusiveness; gaze at the beauty of nature in a humble heart, and longing to live in balance with it. We are committed to innovation, detailing, choosing pure materials, careful design & thinking, returning to a simple and gentle nature, avoiding unnecessary waste of resources and production processes. We expect ourselves to continue to create simple and practical products to accompany you, so that enjoying the beauty of life, environmental protection and using products with peace of mind is no longer out of reach!

Bintronic Enterprise Co., Ltd was founded in year 1989, the head quarter located at Gangshan, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. We have specialized skill in wireless control and Radio Frequency Identification professional system for more than 30 years and also registered at OTC GISA (Stock Code:7541) in Taiwan. Totally integrate with R&D, production, sale and service as a service chain to our customers. Manufacturing and selling remote system for door &window, motorized curtain, smart curtain smart home system and so on. We were approved with many international certification such as CE, FCC, NCC, ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems and acquired more 80 kinds of patents. Our products are applied for commercial and home space and best-selling more than 30 countries in the world and bring a smart, comfortable and safe high-quality life people to our customers.

BUILD RAY Co. Ltd. Ltd. Is located in Taichung City, Taiwan since year 1998, who is one of leading suppliers in manufacturing, developing, researching for foreign branded clients…. Our main markets are in Europe, Southeast Asia, United States, Japan, South Asia markets etc....... Our main products including Fitness (Home gym, Rawing machine…), Fitness accessory (exercise wheels, hand grip, jump rope, weighted training products, hula hoop, dumbbell, push up, resistance tubes, door exercise, bar exercise, aerobic step, stepper, rowing machine…) yoga, pilates (yoga mat, yoga ball, yoga roller, yoga block, yoga strap,yoga bloster, yoga elastic band, yoga bag, yoga stretch board, yoga set, pilates ring, pilates mat…), Healthy care products (vibration machines, massage rollers, massage bars, body slimmer, twister board) Sport training products (basketball, soccer…) Stretch, core training products (balance boards, stretch bords…), and Ballet training products recently etc… Many our products are patented worldwide ! We are keeping developing newest products by our R&D team to benefit our clients ! Till now, we have more than two thousands products, and keeping developing new products. Except our R&D team, we also have our internal Designers to create the packages, Such as color box, poster, user manuals…. For our clients, all these designing are free of charge for our clients. With above professional teams in manufacturing, and designing, researching, we do would like to benefit our clients to work with us !

King Slide was founded in 1986 and has been involved in innovative designing and manufacturing from electronic and industrial equipment to various fine furniture applications. The core business focuses on industrial rail and rail kits providing great solution for rack mount servers, industrial computers and accessories as slide and hinges applied in the hardware of OA furniture, fine furniture kitchen. King Slide is well-known for its high quality, innovative and customized slide designs backing up with several certifications such as ISO/9001/14001, RoHs and OHSAS18001.

We are a company that is dedicated to bringing inspiring and innovative next-generation building materials to lead the trend of cost-effective and environmental-friendly building materials solutions in the world.

"The world’s most exquisite good in the world, Sunrise will pack it for you." Sunrise Package Co., Ltd. has been in the jewelry window display and jewelry packaging industry around 35 years. As a leading company in Taiwan, we emphasize the quality and design a lot and have launched so many exclusive products. That’s the reason why we earn lots of luxury brand clients’ trust and honorably become their reliable long-term partner. We’ve also extended our business to 35 countries since 1998, and build stable steps to become a world- wide packaging design manufacturer for the enhancement of a variety of merchandise including jewelry, watch and luxurious products. “We don’t satisfy until you do; we are not successful until you are.” If you have any comment or question, please feel free to contact us! Email: Line ID: sunrisep Wechat: sunrise_tw Whats app: +886974199530 Skype: pack.sunrise

Tenon was founded in 1979 in Taiwan by Mr. Chang, with the goal of “creating musical instruments that are both playable and affordable.” After 10 years, Tenon began building an instrument factory to further enhance its production capabilities. In 1999, a crucial milestone was achieved with the establishment of Tenon’s own brand, Château. The inspiration for the name of Château comes from Mr. Chang ’s hometown, which is pronounced similarly to the French word “Château” (the English meaning is castle). He not only hopes to evoke nostalgia for his hometown through this name but also to convey that Château's instruments, specifically saxophones, are as long-lasting as castles. Château saxophones are handcrafted from beginning to end. Every process – from shaping, soldering, buffing and lacquering, to assembling – is completed under strict quality controls in our factory. Therefore, Château's saxophones have many great features, such as precise intonation and superior resonant and pure sound. One of the most important aspects is that they are durable. In addition, we also developed our Chateau guitar and expanded the production line to include acoustic guitars, electric guitars, and ukuleles. Today, Chateau guitar continues to select suitable and high-quality wood to make guitars as well as to sustain market trends. Château saxophone (Chateau guitar) is committed to excellence, unique style, innovation, and constant improvement in quality. You will find Château saxophones (Chateau guitar) can give you much more than you expected!

Established in 2005, is well known as a Taiwan-based professional acrylic houseware and kitchenware products supplier of great quality. Our products are made of high quality acrylic material and look like crystal shine and also with a variety of shapes and color printing designs. Customized products are also welcomed. Our main products are including water jugs, tumblers, water bottles, salad bowls, candy boxes, plates, canisters, trays, sugar pots, juice dispensers, dust bins, oil bottles, etc. We constantly develop and launch new products with excellent quality and competitive prices to meet customer’s demands.



Ying Yeeh Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1945. We are a manufacturer and exporter in Taiwan for more than 70 years. Mainly produces and sells cat, dog, rat, rabbit, pigeon and poultry peripheral products. We hope to provide professional pet knowledge and provide a fan platform to introduce and promote our MIT high-quality goods. [Acepet] With 70 years of product manufacturing experience, it is a high-quality pet brand that was born to create a good living space for hairy kids. Adhering to the three business concepts of quality, integrity and service, we create a better living environment for hair kids. All the product research and development are co-operated by product designers and graphic designers in Taiwan. With the expertise of each position and the experience of raising pets, we can develop better pet products that meet consumer and pets’ needs.

For more than four decades, Yung Chia Furniture Co. Ltd. (YCFCL) has been committed to excellence in Furniture design, Manufacturing, and After-sales service to our clients across Taiwan and the world. Established in 1980 by Mr. Chen Yung Chuan, we provide fabricated metal products, Fibre-Reinforced Plastic (FRP)-made dining seating and FRP beam seating for the Food & Beverage and Healthcare Industries. Our products are not just restricted to these industries only and we also cater for clients across various industry types. Our company produces Classroom table & chair, Lecture / Auditorium/ Arena Seating, Beam Seating, Dining Seating, Conference table and customized metal component. Products are carefully engineered and customized to meet exact client specifications. We also design and produces knock down furniture for overseas clients. By pursuit of nothing less than excellence, dedication and client satisfaction, we owe a major part of our success to our loyal customers where we have consistently maintained status of being Taiwanese top metal furniture manufacturers since the 80’s. We were awarded with an Honorary Senior Membership Title by Taipei Metal Furniture Commercial Association “TMFCA” and were also presented with an award of excellence company by our local government which was solely attributable due to a consistent delivery of high quality products and services over a period. We were awarded with an Taiwan Best Manufacturer Title by Taiwan Best Manufacturer Committee “TBMC” on 2018. We take great pride in our product and sales services at competitive pricing. Our product designers, production, logistics, and service personnel are a highly competent and a motivated team. Due to their sincere efforts, we have been able to deliver our products within set contact time frames. Today we proudly stand by our company’s motto “We make the comfort”. Visit our website for more information: