Chi Yueh Enterprise Ltd – A Reliable Orchid Supplier in Taiwan Chi Yueh is located in Pingtung since 2002, our production and researches come closely to market trend and demand. Each year we supply about 4 million plants to over 26 countries over the worldwide. Chi Yueh is dedicated on breeding selection, cultivation, pest control and virus detection aiming to provide various Phalaenopsis orchids with high quality and reasonable prices to meet expectation from different customers. Capacity and product range - Our professional laboratory, as the most advanced cleanroom laboratory in Taiwan, produces high quality of tissue plants for local business and export. Our capability is looking at 18 million plants a year after expanding our second floor in laboratory. - The main structure of our glass greenhouse is made of steel, and applied with precise automatic control system on orchid cultivation, which is stronger than traditional greenhouse. Cultivation area is over 40000 square meters. Chi Yueh is proud of our professional customer technique support and customized service. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Chiao Puh Agriculture Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 and run a business in Vietnam for 28 years. It has invested in orchid-related industries for 15 years and has 3 production bases and wholesale centers in Vietnam and sells approximately 600,000 orchids annually. The main business items include agricultural materials, flower materials, greenhouse equipment, media agency, and orchid sales. Recently, an agency application center for orchid variety rights was established in Vietnam.

I Hsin Orchid grower’s service center, predecessor of I Hsin Biotechnology Inc. was established in 1978 by Mr. Jian Ching-Hsien. The company became a global famous supplier of Phalaenopsis plants. Furthermore, I Hsin has set up a branch in North California (24000m2) USA as it’s overseas distribution center and headed for its new era of globalization center and headed set up another branch in Southern California, (17000m2) USA in order to increasing the diversification and satisfying customers need. Objectives To be an honest, professional, innovative and world-wide Phalaenopsis supplier. To create more Phalaenopsis variety with good quality to meet the many and varied requirements of the customers. To provide customers with quality products at reasonable prices to help them gain a competitive advantage in the market. To offer tailored products as per customer’s need and thereby becoming a solid partnership relations with the customer. Service Items Flasks./ Providing services of micro-propagation of clone and seedling flasks. / Providing high quality of flasks Phalaenopsis plants/ Providing high quality of phalaenopsis at different pot size and specification. Flowering plants./ Providing blossoming phalaenopsis with assorted colors and varieties. / Providing blossoming phalaenopsis in ceramic pots with delivery service in the local market.