We design hardware, software and mechanism in house. It is a very important ability to make a smaller, solid and waterproof product such as motorcycle computers. A reliable ATV/Motorcycle/Scooter computer has 3 key points besides accuracy the basic request; they are noise immunity, anti-vibration, and waterproof.

ACON, Advanced-Connectek Inc. A listed company at Taiwan's TAISDAQ was founded in 1986 to develop and manufacture innovative electrical and electronics connector products worldwide. In 2000, ACON started design and production of all the fiber optic components in house. This includes the connectors, adapters, ferrule and all the plastic parts. We are also able to customize the patchcord with different connectors or adapters based on our customer needs. In 2007, ACON became a LC licensed manufacturer, one of the 28 companies in the world. Our production is fully ISO certified and maintains the highest quality of products which can rival the Japanese competitors. In December 2017, ACON becomes ACON Holdings and created a subsidiary ACON Optics Communications to focus on expansion of our communications products with our customers. We aim to provide our customers with a very competitive price for a high quality product and welcome any projects to develop new products with them. ACON OPTICS Communications will aim to be your reliable partner and assist you in creating your solution of the future.

ACON, Advanced-Connectek Inc. was founded in 1986 to develop and manufacture innovative electrical and electronics connector products worldwide. Today, the company is rated among the leading manufacturer of I/O connectors and 3C peripheral electronic components including Connectors for PC & peripheral/Communication/Consumer Applications; Micro Coaxial/Customized Cable Assemblies;Antennas;Power Runner;Optical Active/Passive Components;LED Lighting Products. ACON research and development has established connectivity strategies to address high-value product applications and in doing so is delivering reliable and versatile connector solutions to the entire product portfolio. These offerings consist of rectangular shaped such as, USB, MniUSB, HDMI, and Micro USB. Management set its goal to build the ACON brand a household name in I/O applications. In addition to being an OEM/ODM manufacturer, ACON has been active MEMBER in international standards associations and contributes significant design concepts to set standards of future connectors in applications. Its latest effort has been done in establishing the Micro USB 3.0 specification from zero base to the full specification of 1.0 nowadays at the USB Trade Association. ACON’s mission is to provide comprehensive services & interconnect solutions to our customers and partners in the US and around the world. Growth demands continued innovation of key connector technologies and to address this criteria, ACON management now has up-graded our mission to expand market/customer needs in developing optical components and related state-of-the-art Broad Ion-Beam Deposition technologies. New products in the pipeline include optical connectors and related components such as ferrule and patch cord, DWDM thin film filters, transceivers, coupler, isolator and others. For ACON's customers, professional services are provided including the use of EDI link to build up an effective logistic system and to reduce the response time. What's more ACON's complete test capability – is presently over 90 percent of the tests are fully exercised in-house. ACON management team has committed to drive its company to become a technically-advanced, market-focused, customer-oriented and innovative company in the electrical/electronic and optical connector and components in the world -- TO GROW AND SUCCEED WITH ACON!! Vision To become a truly international electrical and electronic connector manufacturer, well recognized by peers and distributors alike. To earn customers' trust and recognition trough stellar service and adding values. To satisfy expectations of employees and shareholder by maintaining growth and profit - we believe these two parties deserve such financial rewards. Mission To uphold our leading product position in I/O applications, while developing Board Mount and Telecomm, market segment. To develop and manufacture new and reliable products meeting market needs. To build core technologies in Product Development and Manufacturing that outperform our peers. To train and brew an effective management team with abilities to cope with challenge from the rapidly changing electronics industry / market.

BESTAK SELF-ADHESIVES INC. recently according to European system has designed two updated production line and developed special machines for self-adhesive stickers. Our General Manager Mr. Su has more than 30 year’s experience in this field and especially for R&D and production technology. He understands the printing character very well, so he always can offer better printing effect to the subcontractor and increase the production efficiency. We are confident of our product innovation, new product development and specially customer-made products.

Started over four decades ago, COMEUP instituted the Flexible Manufacturing System in conjunction with Mori Seki Japan. This emphasized process controls at each step in the manufacturing process to assure high quality of each product component. The COMEUP approach to process and quality thinking and execution is evident in the new, multi-floor factory. This vertical factory design increases control, efficiency and lines of communication compared to the typical single floor sprawl. The result is employee exposure to all product process stages and an engagement in quality output. This is especially important with critical components, such as motors. Unlike other brands, COMEUP designs and manufactures their motors in their own manufacturing facility. This makes for perfect integration with the gear train and the COMEUP patented Cone Brake Structure. COMEUP makes 70% of their components in-house. COMEUP has TÜV Nord ISO 9001:2008 certification for quality management. COMEUP also has the CE making for product safety requirements. And certain products meet the IP68 International Protection marking protected from immersion in water with depth of more than 1 meter; ATV/UTV winches have EEC Directive 97/24/EC Chapter 8 from RDW-Netherlands and hydraulic winches are compliant with SAE J706 per TÜV Rhineland. COMEUP products are distributed in more than 60 countries on 5 continents. We provide standard products as well as products designed specifically for OEM applications. We provide OEM products to companies such as Toyo Koken KK Japan, Furakawa Co Ltd Japan, Planeta Hebetechnik Gmbh in Germany and Miller Industries - U.S.A. Plus offroaders around the world rely on our standard recovery winch products to get back home.

DaJie Company, founded in 1973, selling products worldwide by own brand “DA JIE”. DJE was specialized in heating forming products, manufacture of Electrical Heating Upsetter Machines and resistance welding equipment, such as spot welding machine, seam welding machine and customization for automobile, water tanks, other metal industries. DJE products occupy52%market share in Taiwan market, and exported over 70 countries in global market.

Formosa Electronic Industries Inc.(FEii) founded in 1983. Formosa is one of the public listed companies in Taiwan, and is devoted to producing top quality battery modules. -Main Product: Energy Storage System/EV Battery Pack/Power Bank/ Wireless Charging/Single & Multiple Battery Pack. -Recent key projects: Energy Storage System and EV Battery Pack. -Service: •OEM/ODM professional manufacture OBM:FEII •Product Liability Insurance: 10,000,000 USD

Htc vacuum has a large manufacturing factory and equipment qualified to provide original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with customized, integrated vacuum coating chamber solutions for customer requirements. Htc vacuum, Large scale factory can provide large-scale equipment, high precision, high-quality thin film vacuum coating process equipment offers thin film solar cell, LED industry, Touch flat panel display, semiconductor, optoelectronics technology industry requirement. Htc vacuum has a large manufacturing factory and equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with customized. Professional Services in vacuum coating chamber, thin-film vacuum chamber, large vacuum chambers, semiconductor, solar photovoltaic, touch panel industry precision machining needs of large equipment and components. Htc vacuum local manufactures processing and assembly in the ground and cooperate with international companies ODM & OEM, provide clients with design service to expedite their development schedule and help them create better product profits as well as greater market shares.

Leadrank Co., Ltd. established in 1990, specialize in grinding, polishing, cutting, drilling, deburring tools, is a professional manufacturer of diamond grinding wheel, CBN wheel and Aluminum oxide and Silicon Carbide wheel. Our business model "Quality is the foundation and the service ensure development." We provide the principles of "excellent quality, best prices, excellent service" and implementing the customers. Main products: (I) Diamond wheel, CBN wheel, Cutting disc, Core drill, Oil stone, Internal grinding, Diamond dresser, Diamond burr, Diamond file, Diamond brush, Diamond paste, Diamond powder, Diamond belt, Diamond film, Diamond pad, Diamond fiber stones, Diamond plated thread wheel, Diamond plated thread internal point. We have new "HYBRID" bond wheels for tungsten carbide mills on CNC 5 axis machining. We have good honing sticks in meal or resin bond. (II) Aluminum oxide and Silicon Carbide wheel, Surface grinding, Tools grinding, Cylindrical grinding, Centerless grinding, Mounted point, Cutting wheel, Sponge wheel, Polishing resin stone, Natural stone, Polishing resin wheel, etc... Apply to: Diamond wheel & SIC wheel: Tungsten carbide, ceramic, quartz, glass, wafer, graphite, gemstone for grinding, cutting, drilling, polishing, buffing. CBN wheel and Aluminum Oxide wheel: High speed steel HSS, hot and cold working steel SKD11, SKH, SCM, stainless steel SUS, Titanium SUH, cast iron. For grinding, cut off, drill, honing, polish, buff. In addition to the above, we also customize for customers' demands and provide all kinds of product information and technical advisory services. Leadrank based on reliable quality, equality and mutual benefit, timely delivery and reasonable prices to serve our customers throughout. We welcome the mutual cooperation. We will spare no effort to meet your requirements. Select "LEADRANK Co., Ltd" to create a win-win situation. For more detailed information, kindly visit another website below: https://diamondtool.en.taiwantrade.com/ For more product information, please find the E-catalog: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sdqZBgIJZKXxGqa2Sr0hKwwvTi2A0vo7/view

Our company is a leading manufacturer of Permanent Ferrite Magnets and NdFeb Magnets in Taiwan. The Permanent Magnets that we produce include Ferrite Magnets, NdFeb Magnets, SmCo Magnets, Alnico Magnets, Plastic Magnets, Rubber Magnets, Minus-Ion Magnets, Bio-Magnets, and Magnetic Holder & Applications & Energy Converter etc. Magtech provides not only cost-efficient magnets also magnetic products like magnetic rubber (rubber magnets) and more. Our production line comprises a variety of magnets and related items. For instance, the flexible magnets offered by Magtech are integrated magnets created by mixing ferrite magnet powder and rubber. They can be seen widespread in commercial or advertising usages available in rubber magnet sheets, strips or rolls by extrusion process. In 1997, an affiliated company named "Leap Tong Industrial Co., Ltd." was established, to handle health care products, rubber magnets and magnetic jewelry. The competitive price, punctual delivery and quality products are the main policy that we always follow. So, we have the confidence to be the best suppliers among your partners. Details on products information are available upon request.

MAXIMUM ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. was founded to set up a factory in Tainan, Taiwan in 1978 by several Taiwan experts in the electronic industry to produce temperature controller and thermo-couple. Our products are highly evaluated in Taiwan and in more than 100 countries all over the world. In 1988 due to the enlarging size of the domestic thermo-couple market, our company launched another branch, More Shine Electronic Heat Co., Ltd., which produces all kinds of thermo-couples and probes, serves as an agent for Japan companies to import materials from Japan. In 1989 we further expand our production base to Southeastern Asia and set up a factory in Thailand, a move which have gained admiration from local electronic and machinery industrialists. In 1994, following the increasing number of our foreign clients and the expansion of our product lines to industrial controller appliances, refrigeration and air conditioning parts and tools, we launched another branch, Maxthermo-Gitta Group Corp., to be in full charge of our export business, and another new brand, MAXTECH. We also have permanent show rooms in the Taipei World Trade Center to display our various products to our international clients. In 2001 Maxthermo-Gitta launched another R&D department to develop PID thermo-controller, PLC and HMI. Due to the increasing needs from our international markets and Chinese markets, we also set up a factory in Shanghai for some product lines, to offer better price to our clients all over the world. High quality, good service and low price are the three principles that lead to what we are today, along with the support from our customers. Our company has endeavored to meet the needs of our customers, and will go on providing the best service to our clients all over the world. With every effort that we have made, we believe that our customers will trust us with MAXIMUM confidence.

PUMA sells and produces all type of Air Compressors, Air Tools, Pressure Vessels, and related accessories / spare parts worldwide. In 1979, we integrated the Air Compressors “Power Source” with the Air Tools / Accessories “Diversified Application”, resulted in an integral air system and earned the title “AIR CENTER”. PUMA established United Management, Research & Development, Marketing & Sales 3 major centers and production department in 1996 to become the global supply chain. With the effective application of PDM, SCM, GLM, CRM , ERP management systems, we are determined to achieve the company’s diversified and comprehensive business philosophy. Following the market trend and increasing demand of precision-based Industrial Air Compressor, PUMA has designed and developed a range of low-vibration, low-noise, high performance and microcomputer controlled, frequency converted (VSD, variable-speed drive) Piston, Screw and Scroll type, Oil Free as well as Oil Lube air compressors application for Medical / Food / Chemical Industries. PUMA sustains on research and innovation, also masters on the high quality products and efficient management as core strategy competitive ability. To compete in the global market, we have obtained the ISO 9001 / 13485, CE / REACH, UL, CSA certificates, Taiwan Excellence Awards, pressure vessels certified by ASME, many multi-countries’ patents and trademark registration.

Our company, TaTung Aluminum Co., Ltd was established in 1969 at Taiwan for which have been specialized in the manufacturing of aluminum extrusion door and window products for more than 50 years. We have extrusion and cutting machinery, coating & painting plant include assembly lines that can produce and offer customers the aluminum extrusion door & window, curtain wall and big glasses door products completely all from our company. Our patented products design is very beautiful & elegant that got IF design award. We also joint ventures and technical cooperation with Japan Sankyo Alumi as well which the latest STG series of Sankyo aluminum doors and windows were introduced very successful. In addition, we made Nano-Coatings technology development cooperation with ITRI(Industrial Technology Research Institute) as well and we are the first company to pass high weather resistance aluminum test in Taiwan. We are ISO company that have CNS, Nano, TAF, PVDF certificated and also include the Green Building Material of 870/1270 series as well. The core business of TaTung is expected of "first-class team, first-class talent" and “Do the best to make your family better. " are the motivation for TTA’s group to work hard. So in order to conform to the trend of the market and manufacture high-quality products, we well-planned in the equipment renewal and purchased inspection equipment to improve the water tightness to 1500pa and passed NCKU sound insulation test above level 35..etc We have professional R&D team that can do OEM/ODM for customers to complete their products range and we look forward to providing customers with the most advanced and high-quality services and being a sustainable business.

1955 - "Ta Ya Enterprise," the Company's former entity, was founded in Tainan City. 1967 - Changed name to Ta Ya Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd., and began production of magnet wires in addition to high-voltage rubber-insulated cables. 1986 - Relocated to the current address at Kuan Miao Dist. With a headquarter in Taiwan, Ta Ya has since begun constructing production facilities in China and Vietnam. In the last 60 years, the Company was fortunate to have a team of employees who worked diligently with mutual benefit, and who are constantly exploring and seeking diversification into new businesses. Despite being a 60-year old business, Ta Ya continues to move forward and expand into the world. The Company has given its logo a complete new design, presenting the name Ta Ya with a metallic, copper-ish color in addition to the traditional red to symbolize sustainability and the Company's specialty in metals. The pen stroke resembles the figure of a dragon with its head turned back, which implies respect to our legacy. The group has adopted the brand value of "Sustainability through Technology," and the new logo provides Ta Ya with a new corporate image, one that includes tradition and modernism. The brand logo is designed based on the name TAYA. It features a single stroke turning and twisting to resemble the shape of a rising dragon. The use of red symbolizes Ta Ya's transcendent spirit, while a copper-ish color was added to stress the Company's specialty in the cable business and its emphasis on innovation. Chinese characters in the logo were printed in black, and have been refined and adjusted into a style that is exclusive and most appropriate for our image as a modern, professional business.

Founded in 2002, over the years Unicare’s reputation has built on our constant research and development on skin care products. In addition, Unicare has been maintaining close partnership with the up and down- stream manufacturers, government agencies, and the biochemical research center. The common goal of these partnership is to redefine and level up the cosmetics industry. In accordance with numerous successful companies in Taiwan, Unicare assist many international renowned cosmetic companies in manufacturing and product designing. Unicare not only has accumulated expertise in manufacturing multiple patented products, but also has developed broad experience in a variety of manufacturing procedures under ISO 22716 certification. Moreover, Unicare has also professed in designing products adapting to various channels and specific requirements of our clients in order to assist them in the development of new markets or brands. Our current products have been distributed in the department store, salon, OTC, TV shopping, e-commerce platforms, mail orders, direct sales, etc. In this volatile market, Unicare is committed to provide high-quality products, professional research and development on skin care products for our clients. Due to this modest commitment, Unicare has been constantly gaining and wining our clients’ support and trust. Finally, We are proud to say that Unicare is creating new history every day!

WELL established in 1980, has been one of leader manufacturer of High Voltage transformers in Taiwan. Later on, expanded its production capacity and have built subsidiaries in Vietnam, manufacturing finished products for worldwide markets. Such like Insect Killer, Infrared Heaters and Security Alarm Watch-Dog. etc. With strong & excellent R&D team, helps customers to find the solutions for the value-added products. Experience and skilled production team have enabled us to earn ISO 9001:2000 , worldwide safety certificate and RoHS Compliant. Well is also a precision metal working experts, equipped with the advanced stamping facilities, provide design and development in mold-making.