Formosa Electronic Industries Inc.(FEii) founded in 1983. Formosa is one of the public listed companies in Taiwan, and is devoted to producing top quality battery modules. -Main Product: Energy Storage System/EV Battery Pack/Power Bank/ Wireless Charging/Single & Multiple Battery Pack. -Recent key projects: Energy Storage System and EV Battery Pack. -Service: •OEM/ODM professional manufacture OBM:FEII •Product Liability Insurance: 10,000,000 USD

IE Co., Ltd. was founded in the Republic of China in the early years of the Republic of China. In the early days, it was mainly engaged in distribution and maintenance of Japanese brands (such as Kubota, etc.). It was officially transformed into a manufacturing plant in the Republic of China in 88 years. It produces its own brand “Ninong NICHINO”.

With more than 36 years experience in manufacturing various permanent magnets and magnetic tools in Taiwan, the "MAGTECH" is one of the best partner and reliable maker in magnetic industry field. From R & D to manufacturing and marketing, from magnetic units to finished products, MAGTECH has a full manufacturing process. Our products are marketing in worldwide over 65 countries and get the reputation from all users. Contact us today. Main Product: Permanent Magnets (NdFeb, Ferrite, Alnico, SmCo, Rubber and Plastic magnets etc.) and Magnetic Applied Tools (Magnetic holders/hooks, Magnetic bars, Magnetic trays, Magnetic rollers, Iron-chips separators, Magnetic separators etc.)

LightSPA is a Top Beauty Functional Clothing Brand in Taiwan. LightSPA patent hexagonal weave fabric has the functions of UV protection, skin beauty and moisture-wicking. Product categories include jacket, hat, arm sleeves, umbrella, shawl and face mask. 100% MIT, quality assurance. Certified by SGS,TTRI & OEKO-TEX Standard 100.

Shangjan Industrial Co.,Ltd was established in 1988 , and its own brand “PERFECT” produced around 10 years manufacture from Taiwan . Led the major counters of stainless steel pot with more than 20 years of experience , produce all kinds of pots , non-stick pots, insulated cups ,stainless steel appliances etc .Strictly quality control ,ISO9001 certification of the factory and most of the products had been passed the inspection of SGS.