ACON, Advanced-Connectek Inc. was founded in 1986 to develop and manufacture innovative electrical and electronics connector products worldwide. Today, the company is rated among the leading manufacturer of I/O connectors and 3C peripheral electronic components including Connectors for PC & peripheral/Communication/Consumer Applications; Micro Coaxial/Customized Cable Assemblies;Antennas;Power Runner;Optical Active/Passive Components;LED Lighting Products. ACON research and development has established connectivity strategies to address high-value product applications and in doing so is delivering reliable and versatile connector solutions to the entire product portfolio. These offerings consist of rectangular shaped such as, USB, MniUSB, HDMI, and Micro USB. Management set its goal to build the ACON brand a household name in I/O applications. In addition to being an OEM/ODM manufacturer, ACON has been active MEMBER in international standards associations and contributes significant design concepts to set standards of future connectors in applications. Its latest effort has been done in establishing the Micro USB 3.0 specification from zero base to the full specification of 1.0 nowadays at the USB Trade Association. ACON’s mission is to provide comprehensive services & interconnect solutions to our customers and partners in the US and around the world. Growth demands continued innovation of key connector technologies and to address this criteria, ACON management now has up-graded our mission to expand market/customer needs in developing optical components and related state-of-the-art Broad Ion-Beam Deposition technologies. New products in the pipeline include optical connectors and related components such as ferrule and patch cord, DWDM thin film filters, transceivers, coupler, isolator and others. For ACON's customers, professional services are provided including the use of EDI link to build up an effective logistic system and to reduce the response time. What's more ACON's complete test capability – is presently over 90 percent of the tests are fully exercised in-house. ACON management team has committed to drive its company to become a technically-advanced, market-focused, customer-oriented and innovative company in the electrical/electronic and optical connector and components in the world -- TO GROW AND SUCCEED WITH ACON!! Vision To become a truly international electrical and electronic connector manufacturer, well recognized by peers and distributors alike. To earn customers' trust and recognition trough stellar service and adding values. To satisfy expectations of employees and shareholder by maintaining growth and profit - we believe these two parties deserve such financial rewards. Mission To uphold our leading product position in I/O applications, while developing Board Mount and Telecomm, market segment. To develop and manufacture new and reliable products meeting market needs. To build core technologies in Product Development and Manufacturing that outperform our peers. To train and brew an effective management team with abilities to cope with challenge from the rapidly changing electronics industry / market.