DaJie Company, founded in 1973, selling products worldwide by own brand “DA JIE”. DJE was specialized in heating forming products, manufacture of Electrical Heating Upsetter Machines and resistance welding equipment, such as spot welding machine, seam welding machine and customization for automobile, water tanks, other metal industries. DJE products occupy52%market share in Taiwan market, and exported over 70 countries in global market.


Featured Products

Automatic Nut Feeding Welding Machine

Resistance Spot Welding Machine is especially for Manufacturing Auto Parts 1. Two stage stroke switch 2. High-performance air compression components  3. The accuracy for vertical and horizontal fixed position of upper and lower electrode 4. High conductivity secondary re-circuits 5. Micro-computer precision controller 6. Sold frame structure

Steel Roll Double Rolling Joint Welding Machine

1. Machine Specification (1) Column type hydraulic clamp mechanism (2) Column type hydraulic cutting mechanism with two pairs blade (3) Coil steel locate guide mechanism (4) Adjustable edge guide mechanism (5) Hydraulic circulation cooling device (6) Adopt linear slides for module move (7) Operation by safety push button (8) Full set MIG welding device (made in Japan)

Air Butt Welding Machine

1. Welding Items: General hardware, butt welding iron bar, car accessories, stainless steel bar, steel rim & bar, galvanized steel sheet, able to butt weld various metal. 2. Specifications of Butt Welding Machine (Model: DJ-B)

Double Columns Multi-point Welding Machine

1. Machine Specification: (1) Pressurized cylinder: 8 sets (2) The lower electrode movement: hydraulic system (3) Machine Width: 1500 mm 2. Cooling System: (1) Internal cooling (2) Machine cooling circuit: about cooling water 120L/ min. 3. Control System: (1) Attached multi-stage constant current control box DJ-A-30 (which includes multi-stage discharge tempering function) (2) Touch human-machine interface (HMI) (3) PLC programmable control (4) Manual/ auto mode

Friction Welding Machine

1.Heating and forging with a higher axial force applied. 2.High-speed rotation from two sides to pressure and to make two workpieces tightly jointed. 3.For connecting different materials, for example: gear shaft, piston rod, torsion bar, tower bar, CNC cutter holder, engine valve, transmission shaft, accelerator parts...etc. 4.Specification of DJ-AGF  

Next-generation power-saving and high-efficiency seam welding machine

1. Create Value with Innovative Technologies     The welding current meets the certification of main vehicle manufacturers and ISO standard; Enable clients to elevate the welding quality and reduce power consumption.  2. Elevate the CP Ratio over Efficient Modularized Design and Cost Control     Apply the efficient modularized design, in the prospective of fitting the various machine models and it can fast respond client’s tailor-made and quick-repair requirements. 2.1 Modularized parts and built-in special alarm function:       30 built-in memory conditions for the varied welding currents corresponding to different products, and easy to collect data for database. Low current at current compensation, low-temperature, SCR-trigger fault or control chip error will trig the alarm system. In case the fault causes machine shutdown, client can follow the error code to replace the fault parts quickly. 2.2 Easy for repair and production; with cost-deduction favor:Reduce 20% parts amount than the former generation’s products. The intelligent control system is designed into two control module boards, which can save repair cost. 3. Humanized op. Interface 3.1 Use LED display brand and button functions are fully compatible to the machine’s operating sequence; the buttons and colors are easy to understand. 3.2 Reduce welding hazard:       The full-cover acrylic door can avoid the error-touch and sustain the reliability of op. panel. 4. Green Product’s Design 4.1 Meet CE safety standard : anti-electric-shock for entire machine. 4.2 Over 95% parts can be recycled. 4.3 Varied-frequency-control transmission system: apply the VFC transmission system to replace the traditional oil pump; no oil pollution, low noise and power-saving. 4.4 The seam welding electrode is made of Cr-Mo alloy steel, which has thermo-resisting and low-wear character, and will extend lifetime for three times.

Generation High-Efficient Knife Shank Upsetter Machine

Generation High-Efficient Knife Shank Upsetter Machine: a. Save more power, efficient, quality & reliable. b. Production grow & cost down. c. Module design: precise and multi-function.Generation High-Efficient Knife Shank Upsetter Machine: a. Save more power, efficient, quality & reliable. b. Production grow & cost down. c. Module design: precise and multi-function.

New Generation High-Efficient Condenser Welding Machine

New Generation High-Efficient Condenser Welding Machine uses to make metal parts related to food, water, medical, energy, transport, etc. ; customized features: 1.1 Quality: Multi-function design aims at weld sealing & look. Quality-weld of metal as electric part, pump impeller, copper, aluminum, silver, etc. 1.2 Customized: Customized design is fast mold-changing and mold-sharing with precision; applied for patent (107-013B). Weld time increase competitiveness & 10-time productivity; occupy 45% less space. 2. Human Factors Engineering: 2.1 Work-efficient: no standby time, easy material loading & mold-change, high production. 2.2 Visual Interface Design: Digital work interface and of Ergonomics; lower fatigue & raise production. 3. Expert Engineering & Function: 3.1 Save 30% power compared to laser welding. 3.2 Wiring design is dust-proof & reliable. 3.3 Can work with robot to achieve no-human production. 4. Green design: 70% iron & 25% copper in body; recyclable and meets EU RoHS.

Automation Loading & Unloading Upsetter with Robotic Arm

1. Create client's work-values by innovative technologies     The old manufacturer for valves by steel bars, cut to the required sizes, which are wastes time and material. DJE innovative electrical upsetter machine instantly heats up the steel bar head, which is about 50% diameter of the valve-head, and forges it into the valve-head size; products made from it have better strength, wear-resisting and lifetime. Features are: a. Controllable: the innovative operating interface and digital display are easy to operate. b. Economic: about 50% materials saved; avoid 2nd machining and waste time. c. Automatic: self-developed robotic arm replaces manual operation; capacity is up for over 50%; 80% manpower saved. d. Easy to learn: humanized control system with clear data display, enable operator to learn/ operate easily.  e. Differences: provide the fast customized services. f. Module's configuration: brief and convenient in assembly and maintenance. 2. Safe-secured design over international codes: Quality system passes ISO 9001 and CE certification.

Automatic Air Pressure Vertical Seam Welder for SS Water Tanks

DJ-WT5 & DJ-WT8 are the seam welders in the full line equipment for making stainless steel water tank. Welcome to download our ss water tank full line equipment catalog to know more about this series of products.  Full line equipment for making stainless steel water tank includes:  DJ-WT1 Trimming Machine for top & bottom cover DJ-WT2 Punch Press for Top & Bottom Water Outlet DJ-WT3 Top Cover Handle Spot Welder DJ-WT4 Body Position Spot Welder DJ-WT5 Air Pressure Vertical Seam Welder DJ-WT6 Air Pressure Multiple Convex Line Roller DJ-WT7 Single Ridge Roller Machine for Bottom Edge DJ-WT8 Air Pressure Horizontal Seam Welder DJ-WT9 Automatic Stand Winding Machine DJ-WT10 Tank Stand Cutting Punching Machine