ACON, Advanced-Connectek Inc. A listed company at Taiwan's TAISDAQ was founded in 1986 to develop and manufacture innovative electrical and electronics connector products worldwide. In 2000, ACON started design and production of all the fiber optic components in house. This includes the connectors, adapters, ferrule and all the plastic parts. We are also able to customize the patchcord with different connectors or adapters based on our customer needs. In 2007, ACON became a LC licensed manufacturer, one of the 28 companies in the world. Our production is fully ISO certified and maintains the highest quality of products which can rival the Japanese competitors. In December 2017, ACON becomes ACON Holdings and created a subsidiary ACON Optics Communications to focus on expansion of our communications products with our customers. We aim to provide our customers with a very competitive price for a high quality product and welcome any projects to develop new products with them. ACON OPTICS Communications will aim to be your reliable partner and assist you in creating your solution of the future.


Featured Products

MPO Connector & MT Ferrule

Meet IEC61755-3-31 Grade B Standard Low insertion loss, 0.35dB Max Trapezoid spring enhances mechanical performance Available to support 40G/100G/200G Various boots are available for MPO connectors

LC alignment Connector

Allow precise alignment of ferrule for Grade A patchcord. Easy to adjust ferrule concentricity to reduce insertion loss. Tool-less matching alignment adjustable type. Adapting for random mating occasion.

LC Mini Connector_25mm

World compact BTW LC with 900μm mini boot. Connector is half the length as compared to standard LC. Short boot design to save space for adapting small cassette. Remarkable increase in space on the back end panel.

LC Inner Shutter Adapter

One-piece molding case, without welding. Compatible with SC adapter footprint. Protect eye exposure from laser light. Block out external dust for interior protection. Internal shutter easy for insertion and extraction of  LC connector.

LC 8 port adapter

Maximizing space constraint One piece housing design without welding point Snap-in connector design Precision mechanical dimensions Reduces assembly time and simplifies training Reduces maintenance and creates high optical performance

LC Mini Connector_32mm

Rectangle flange design to avoid the rotation of ferrule Short boot design to save space for adapting front panel cabling. Special hook-lock design to secure connector structure.