SWAP electric vehicle

公司英文簡介(150字以內) AHAMANI is one of the world’s leading electric motorcycle manufacturers with head quarter located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. We had significantly contributed to innovating the path for sustainable mobility within the past two decades. Signature product line, SWAP electric scooters, are designed, engineered and manufactured with masterly craftsmanship in Taiwan. A SWAP electric scooters stand for Great Performance, Fun Ride and Reliable Quality. Uniquely designed Battery Management System (BMS) empowers SWAP electric scooters to reach up to 6KW of performance. The lightweight Lithium-based batteries and brushless electric motor provides SWAP riders with an astonishing acceleration and driving quality especially for hill climbing conditions. All parts in the vehicle were well designed and made with passion, good care and focus, as we know that even one tiny part will influence the quality of the whole vehicle. To understand Indian market, Ahamani has spent more than 2 years in market researching in India. We understand the demands of Indian market, such as temperature and rough roads issues. Exclusively designed 4KW and 6KW brushless motor powertrain and the patent chassis, built up SWAP with great acceleration, excellent torque, and long durability. Meanwhile, the Ahamani unique LFP battery packs is the most safe battery packs with fast charging solution. Ahamani with strong confidence provides the total solution for 2&3 wheels electric vehicle for Indian partners.



FAE founded in 1993 and is a fast growing semiconductor distributor & solution provider in Taiwan, China & Hong Kong. We provide comprehensive product lines to satisfy the needs of its customers from different market. We are also a proprietary agency for a wide variety of world-renowned electronic products, providing customized technical support and services that are highly trusted and acclaimed by our customers and suppliers.

Company Profile Founded in 1981, The company grew with a strong R&D background, and the whole team is committed to staying at the leading edge of the Auto-ID and POS technology sphere. Product Line We provide full-range product lines that cover most POS application solutions: POS terminals, Barcode Scanners, Receipt Printers, Barcode Label Printers, Magnetic Stripe Card Readers, Customer Displays, Touch Screen Monitors, and many other POS peripheral devices. ISO 9001 / 9002 Certified Manufacturer Our products are designed and produced under stringent regulatory requirements and supervision. All of our products bear major international safety standards such as CE/FCC and CB. Our factory is operated under an ISO 9001 system and is regularly audited on an annual basis.


Link Fiber with Ficer

Ficer is a professional Fiber Optical Transceiver, Cable, Component & Equipment supplier in Taiwan since 2005. The core team members of Ficer have been devoted to Fiber Optics & Telecommunication industry for more than 10~30 years. Our features are strong technical support, excellent quality, high compatibility and good with customized solution. With various Fiber Optical product lines, Ficer supports customers win business in OEM / ODM, System Integration projects and E-commerce platform. We always believe “Customer Win First” as our top mission and support customers link Fiber with Ficer!

Logistics industry is frequently confronted with pain points such as low utilization of storage space, inefficient sorting of goods and high labour costs. The problem of huge quantity and difficult manual picking brings great challenge to the accuracy of delivery. iAmech provides AS/RS, high speed sortation system, and unmanned material handling system, providing a full range of intralogistics solutions for different enterprises. Helping our clients winning different markets by fulfilling orders quickly and correctly.

With nearly 50 years of experience, Phihong is a leading global power supply manufacturer and recognized as a reputable brand by customers globally. Phihong strives to design innovative products while maintaining superior quality and safety standards. With an eye toward the international trend of environmental protection and carbon reduction, Phihong has successfully developed a family of highly-efficient EV charging products: DC charging modules, auxiliary power, control & supervisor unit (CSU), discrete type DC chargers, integrated type DC chargers, moveable DC chargers, portable DC chargers and AC chargers and wall-mounted and post type AC chargers for EV buses and EV passenger cars. Phihong Technology has successfully established a comprehensive operation model that integrates diverse products and services, including research and design, manufacturing, marketing, and services. Whether in public construction projects or implementing the island-wide charging station project in Taiwan, Phihong’s corporate social responsibility covers green energy and environmental protection. In order to establish a more convenient charging environment, Phihong has also sought strategic partnerships with clients to leverage the company’s years of experience in the EV industry to aggressively plan and build charging stations in construction projects across Taiwan so that vehicle owners have a comprehensive and dependable charging network.

Founded in 1995, Sinpro Electronics has been committed to designing, producing switching power supplies. Sinpro Electronics is a professional switching power supply manufacturer. We offer ITE, Medical, Industrial power supplies, DC/DC converters, chargers, LED driver and multi type power supplies to mating with adverse environment.

Voltronic Power Technology Corp. was established by Alex Hsieh. Mr. Hsieh’s professional team has over 20 years of experience in DMS (Design and Manufacturing Service) of power products. Headquartered in Taiwan, Voltronic Power is committed to providing high quality products and services to meet diverse customer requirements. With the same diligent customer-oriented spirit, Voltronic Power is dedicated to continuously designing, manufacturing, marketing, and introducing a complete line of UPSs, inverters, and solar power products to the demanding power market. To meet customers’ demand with sufficient production capacity, we have expanded to 3 manufacturing factories. Our R&D center colocated with manufacturing for efficient operation. We have solid and richly-experienced engineering teams dedicated to product development. Voltronic Power guarantees reliable product development and consistent manufacturing quality, from raw materials to finished products, and it deeply respects its delivery deadlines. Voltronic Power is a truly remarkable company, with a strong history of service, innovation and growth. Voltronic Power’s professional team is ready to start a new chapter in the global power market. http://www.voltronicpower.com