Logistics industry is frequently confronted with pain points such as low utilization of storage space, inefficient sorting of goods and high labour costs. The problem of huge quantity and difficult manual picking brings great challenge to the accuracy of delivery. iAmech provides AS/RS, high speed sortation system, and unmanned material handling system, providing a full range of intralogistics solutions for different enterprises. Helping our clients winning different markets by fulfilling orders quickly and correctly.


Featured Products

Narrow Carrier Cross Belt Sorter

Narrow carrier design reduces the size of the original carrier area and allows more flexibility in the allocation of different materials Moreover, narrow carrier design enhances the overall sorting efficiency significantly.

Shuttle Satellite ASRS

It has vertical conveyors at the front of the racks to transport goods to each level,  where the main carrier at each level operates in the aisle transporting the satellite shuttle with a pallet load to the assigned location, and the shuttle goes into the racks to move the goods accordingly.

Box Shuttle ASRS

The Box Shuttle AS/RS has lifts at the front of the shelves to transport goods to each level, and the high-speed shuttle in each level of aisle puts away and retrieves goods to ensure order picking, manufacturing procedures and real-time inventory.  A new generation of intelligent AS/RS with high-speed shuttles operating in each layer that can reach speeds of up to 200m/minute, shortening picking times and moving frequency.  The shuttle is an intelligent system that can be programmed to realize tasks such as retrieval, delivery and storage, and communicate with the WMS to achieve automatic identification and fast access. 

Smart Picking Cart

It is able to plan the optimal route and process multiple orders at once, enabling simultaneous picking operations at multiple stores, reducing the walking distance for pickers and improving operational efficiency. Intelligent operation interface, intuitive picking operation, no need to be skilled to achieve zero error in picking.  Integrating accurate weight inspection system, providing weight quality assurance function, weighing range: 0~30Kg, weighing accuracy up to 0.5g.  We are able to customize the size of the cart according to client's product and space requirements.

Automatic Labeling System

The system scans the goods barcode (1D/2D/RFID), compares it with the database system in real time, and then automatically generates the corresponding product label, and proceeds with the labeling process quickly.  Up to 1000pcs per hour, which is 3 times more efficient than manual labeling.  It is able to automatically detect goods of different heights and materials and accurately label them, streamlining the labeling process. 

Intelligent Autonomous Lift Truck

In order to provide the maximum operating capacity, the configuration of internal components is optimized to strengthen the body structure, parts, and protection for operating habits to enhance the safety of the warehouse and moving operations..  Load capacity up to 2000kg, suitable for transporting various kinds of pallets, greatly reducing the operator's labor intensity.  Our modular design enables quick installation, simple disassembly and easy maintenance.

Lifting AGV

Lifting AGV has active lifting platform which can automatically lift goods with forward, backward, rotary movement. It is designed for lifting up shelves or heavy-duty goods to make it great for use in narrow aisles.   The maximum lifting weight is 300KG, the fastest travel speed is 1.5m/s, and the parking accuracy is less than ±10mm. When AGV has reached its minimum battery level, it will complete its assignment and automatically position itself at an available charging station. 

Conveyor AGV

With programmable navigation to flexibly set up and control the travel route, our high-speed and high-precision conveyor AGV allows auto navigation, obstacle avoidance, safety function and so on. 

Circular Cross Belt Sorter

Circular cross belt sorter line can be equipped with two zones of input and sorting ports, making it a large-scale, high-speed sortation system suitable for large spaces.  The system is also equipped with a re-circulation function, so when the sorting port is full or the system recognizes an abnormal situation, the goods can be repeatedly recirculated on the equipment for confirmation, or it can be discharged directly into the error port and wait for the operator to handle it. 

Stacker Crane and Shuttle ASRS

Optimize the use of vertical space to realize high-density storage locations. With stacker crane & shuttle as the core equipment, the stacker crane transports shuttle with pallet load to the designated location and the shuttle goes deep into the shelves to access and move the pallet goods, to achieve fast access operation.